The Biggest Events of 2008 the World Community Has Ignored

1. The Darfur Crisis – thousands of civilians, women and children, are suffering and most are dying each day, from violence, diseases, and hunger, but no one wants to do anything. The UN seems to have stalled, powerless, or simply doesn’t care anymore, or never cared in the first place. Does China still threaten to veto any UN resolution which could help end the Darfur crisis?

2. The Zimbabwe Crisis – the world community has been barking but not biting at the Zimbabwean government to end the crisis. They want African governments to force Mugabe out of the office, but the fact is this; since Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980 from Britain, Mugabe and his government acted as the guardian and pillar of other African neighboring countries, such as South Africa and Namibia, which helped them gain their independence from the South African Minority Apartheid Regime, thus most African leaders, with the exception to Botswana and Kenya’s opposition Prime Minister, are reluctant to pressure Mugabe to leave the office, because they feel like they still owe Mugabe. In the mean time, the majority of Zimbabweans are suffering. The recent report by BBC News states that about 1,564 people have died in Zimbabwe from Cholera. The country’s inflation is over 231,000,000%, healthcare facilities are non-functional, water in cities doesn’t run any more. Thus the majority of Zimbabweans are fleeing to neighboring South Africa. And what is Mugabe doing? He’s laughing at the West, calling them stupid, probably because they have become idle spectators. Read more at

3. The Somalia Pirates Crisis – welcome to the 8th century Mercantilism, when the Romans and the Greeks used to fight against the pirates, in almost the exact same area off of the coast of Somalia. Did you know that the insurance was invented by a band of British gentlemen in England as a result of ocean storms and pirates against their merchants’ ships to and from the New World? On the coast of present day Somalia, a band of pirates have been capitalizing on seizing foreign ships and cargos in return for hefty ransoms. It was reported that in 2008 alone, they profited over $100 million in ransom payment. What are the world powers; China, US, UK, Germany, etc, doing to end this crazy thing, pretty much nothing. They seem incapacitated by the Somali pirates.

4. Haiti – this is a country in the Western Hemisphere, but it is one of the poorest countries in the world. In November, a school in Haiti collapsed which caused at least 88 school kids to die, with another 150 injured. Not only that the school has caused devastation to Haiti, but many Haitians still live in poverty, and ravaged by all kinds of diseases.

5. The Israel-Palestine Crisis – about 320 Palestinians have died in just less than 3 days as a result of Israel’s all out war against Hamas. Since the recent signing of the Peace deal between Israel and Hamas government, Hamas has been firing rockets inside Israel, killing about 8 Israelis. In response, Israel has waged war against Palestine. Bush has become silent, while PE Obama has been a spectator. Read more at

In all, innocent civilians around the world are dying, children and women are hurting and endlessly suffering. The crisis in the Niger Delta, the Guinea’s recent military coup, coupled by the recent bombing of India’s hotels. Overall, President-elect Obama has a full plate waiting for him starting January 20th.


8 thoughts on “The Biggest Events of 2008 the World Community Has Ignored

  1. nice cut and paste

    I agree with much of what you said


    where you put the topic at hand at 5th most important

  2. Zed, I don’t cut and paste; I write original contents and then make references of the sources. I’d welcome you to direct me and point out the source where you think I copied.

    Again, you, like most other people may think that issue listed at #5 is more important than any other issues listed at #1, or #2, or #3, etc., meaning that you may think that the lives of the people of Darfuris and Zimbabweans are less valued than the lives of the people of Palestine?

    If so, then that’s probably why the world community has been so dank and shamefully quiet on helping to end the Darfur and Zimbabwe crisis, let alone help the Haitians, by not doing much to help end the violence and suffering of all those innocent civilians.

  3. A big part of the reluctance of any country to help in # 1 and 2 is the way in which the world has vilified the United States for its intervention in Afghanistan and particularly Iraq, where Saddam Hussein had killed over 4 million men women and children in his genocide campaigns against the Kurds, Shiite and his wars against neighboring countries since taking power in the 70’s . Why would any country want to risk the same PR disaster by going in and overturning the governments of Sudan and Zimbabwe? And of course, the UN is impotent as usual.

  4. Wow. Could the crew of this relief boat be any dumber? They said that they were told by an Israeli military blockade not to enter because it was a closed military zone…..yet they then tried to out maneuver the military vessels. They are lucky that they were just rammed. they could have blown the boat out of the water if they wanted. If you are blatantly disobeying warnings and military orders then you’re going to get jacked up. Dumb.

  5. How EVIL, Cruel and unhuman do you have to be to kill innocent children in their homes and in schools? How barbaric Israel has become to bombard places of worship? And how stupid Americans have become to be this blind and still support The most terrorist state humanity even known??? Israel is no more than a world “cancer” and if not cured soon will cause a permenant damage to humanity that is going to leave America as a partner in crime in history books!!! How could the Israelis inflict Holocausts on other people when jews themselves have been (or claim to once been) victims of the terrible holocausts????

  6. Just one quick comment; This war is not about Hamas. The west bank, which is void of Hamas is not livving any better conditions. Their ports are totally closed and can only be open when Israel feels like it. There are still invasions, arrests and fire shots fired daily at little kids. But whats new to the Israelis…Oh boy I really hope Ahmadinijad get his nukes and perform that “radio-therapy” to cure this world cancer called Israel.

  7. All you Nazi’s speaking on behalf of Israel, you need to tell me how do you explain the cold blooded killings of children? How do you evil people allow the bombardment of places of worship, schools, bakeries and even the humanitarian-aid ship? I only wish Hitler had bigger ovens. Hitler was right. Carter was right and Mel Gibson was right too.

  8. Israel’s move on Gaza will prove to be a textbook example of tactical military genius coupled with mass media disinformation. “Cast Lead” is a classic example of a well-orchestrated feint. While the rest of the world believes Israel is “quagmire” in Gaza, the long anticipated preemptive strike against the REAL target, Iran’s nuclear faculties, are about to begin. One must ask why the main group of the 25th air wing is not part of this operation. I can only pray for the IAF’s successful operations in the EAST.

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