How Can You Raise $1 Billion in Financing for Your Startup?

So you’ve started your business and now you’re urgently in need of $1 billion in financing for your business or project; then what do you do and where do you go to get it?

There are a few simple and easy steps on how to do it fast without breaking your back, which are;

  • “Personable” – use the social media to market yourself and by doing so, be sure to be real, be open, be smart.
  • “Brag branding” – use the social media to brag about your project but do so without spamming your audience.
  • “Value and excitement”- your project must offer value that can excite your potential investor’s appetite.
  • “Culture”- more and more people have money which they want to put it to work, but they will never fund you if they don’t know you, if they don’t trust you, and if they don’t have faith in you. This is where your personal characteristic comes in to play; which your past may define your present value but depends on how you present yourself, it may not hinder you realize future potential.

Simply by doing the above may help you attract potential financiers for your project; it’s always better when they come to you and offer to invest in your project, instead of you going to them.

We’re securing $1.7 billion for our 900 MW CCGT power plant as well as our other industrial projects within the Groot Group ecosystem and we have attracted some of the world’s largest and leading financial institutions and private super-net worth individuals.

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Facebook IPO’s Valuation Gone Bad?

If Facebook is debuting at the valuation of $96 billion, then I presume that they have done the valuation of the Company based on its active users in developed countries especially in the US and the UK. Because most of the Facebook active users in developing countries primarily use Facebook via their mobile phones and have rarely few or no capacity of making purchases by clicking on the Ads found on Facebook; hence there’s a possible lower ROI for the Advertisers targeting Facebook users in developing countries. I just hope that Facebook’s IPO won’t become the largest tech-IPO burst in the history of the US financial market.

Can Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace Ruin Your Personality?

So, you created an account and have a profile on Facebook, Twitter, RentersQ, hi5, Bebo, Laatie, YouTube, Welate, MySpace, LinkedIn or wherever else online, and now what happens?

What is that you generally post on your profile? What kind of stuff do you post for your status update? What kind of groups and fan pages do you select to join? How do you behave online and what else do you do on any of these sites, the social media that you wouldn’t want people to know about you offline?

One thing for sure, and this is for everyone, everywhere, is that you should learn and know how to use social media to advance your career and make your life better; learn how to create and promote yourself by knowing what to, and not post on your profile, so you can one day get your dream job, or get into the college that you’ve always wanted.

In 5 – 10 years, it’s predicted that paper resumes and CVs will be a thing of the past; your online profile will become your real life resume when you apply for any job or to any college. So, remember that anything you post online, whether it’s your status update or those pictures from last night’s clubbing or pool party, the kind of pictures you wouldn’t want your parents, wife, husband, or kids to see, are automatically indexed and archived for search by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Be aware that your next employer and or college admission officer will certainly research you online; and your status updates data, including your posted photos maybe the things that may prevent you from getting whatever it is that you want.

When you go out, there are always those who randomly snap pictures with their camera phones and the next day you log onto your Facebook account, someone has tagged you in a photo, in which you appear in a compromising position, which you had no idea was being taken. So, be accountable for your social behavior online as you do offline.

Just because you hit the delete key on your keyboard doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve actually deleted your previously posted status updates or photos. They are never deleted permanently. Once you post them online, they are instantly streamed over the Internet and Internet search engines automatically index them for future search by anyone, anywhere.

So, be smart, stay informed. Completely fill out your online profile on any social networking site with your employment history as you would do in your resume, just the employer name, your job title, and a brief summary of your job responsibilities. This information will be crucial when you apply for a new job anywhere, because your next employer will likely do a search on you and that would help him or her make a fast informed decision in hiring you.

Use the social media for fun, but at the same time, use it to help advance yourself, your career, and your life; so that you may get what you want one day.

Life is all about competition, and everyone is out for him or herself. Make the social media to best work for you, so you can compete effectively and eventually win.

Welated, a Social App for Social Networks

Welated for iPhonesIn July, I launched Wrisen, a social app for social networks on Facebook, which has so far received great, rave review, and it’s growing faster than I’ve expected.

We’re currently working to launch a full version of the Welated site at the end of August, but the exciting news is about our new social app version of Welated for social networks and iPhone which we are also launching towards the end of August.

We will first launch the Welated app for social networks, specifically for Facebook, and then follow up with the iPhone version.

Welated is a service that alerts users instantly any time their mates cheat on them with anyone, anyplace, anywhere.

Check out Wrisen at and Welated at

Recognize Passed Loved Ones Using Social Media

On July 5th, Ken Morico posted on his K.Mog blog about using social media to recognize passed loved ones, which is very similar to what Wrisen does, and I thought it’s cool to have found his blog today. Here is what he wrote;

“When two people I know died and I witnessed the online support of friends and family that followed, I realized that social media can create a sort of digital cemetery. In real life, visiting a cemetery can be a social activity. With social media Web sites like Facebook, activities like visiting a cemetery can be mimicked.

When you create a Facebook Group, you enable family and friends to share stories, photos, and discuss the deceased person with others. With the United States being so large and people spread out in cities all over the world, it can be challenging to visit a cemetery. Like other tasks with social media, visiting a digital cemetery is very fast. Where else can you visit a cemertery 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Certainly visiting a digital cemetery isn’t scary at night.”

Read more at his blog at And learn more about Wrisen at

Launching Wrisen, a Social App for Social Networks

wrisen logoThis coming Saturday, I am launching Wrisen (, a social app for social networks that lets you create, share, and browse profiles for all your deceased loved ones, family members, relatives, spouses, friends, acquaintances, cohorts, pets, or anyone else you adore and or admire.

Wrisen will initially be available for Facebook, and the iPhone, iPod Touch, and T-Mobile G3 versions will follow shortly.

At the same time, within the next few weeks, I am going to unveil the all new Welated (, a social utility that alerts you instantly any time your mate cheats on you with anyone, anywhere, anyplace.

I’m excited about these two projects, and I thank my developers around the world for working tirelessly in making these projects the best yet.

I am also looking forward to unveil the all newly redesigned Tipmart, and towards the end of the year (2009), and that will complete my innovative properties for the moment.

Ramamia – the Simplest New Way to Privately Share Photos, Web sites, and Events with Families

In my LinkedIn network of connections, there’s a 16-year old Mark Bao, an incredible talented serial entrepreneur but still a high school junior student, whom I met about two years ago on, and ever since, I have come to admire him for his ingenuity and ambition.

He’s the real definition of entrepreneur. He has started several Internet and web application companies and now serves as President and CEO of Avecora.

Recently, Mark Bao and his partner, Jason L. Baptiste, launched a new site, Ramamia, which makes it seamlessly simple for anyone to privately share photos, events, messages, and videos with every family member and friends. I tried it out today, and I found the site to be one of the most eye-appeasing, user-friendly, the site color is great, the user-interface and navigational tools are well positioned; so easy even your grandma can use the site and find her way around.

A gazillion number of new sites is launched every day, most of them are useless and doomed to fail on their first launch, including some of mine, but Ramamia is a unique site that offers a cool breath of fresh air for online social networking, geared for families and friends.

But, don’t just take my word for it, go and try it out for yourself. The site’s sign up process is very simple; all you need to sign up as a new member is to simply enter your last name. No long process of entering tons of mumbo jumbo personal details to register and start using the site. Also, adding your family members to your Ramamia Family Profile is as simple as ABC, and uploading your photos and videos, or creating your events and sharing them among your family and friends are tirelessly simple.

It was recently reported around the web that most social networking sites including Facebook are trying to simplify their signup process for new members. Even last week, Facebook attempted to quietly launch their new sign-up form, which they temporarily flashed on their homepage, with a new user is only required to enter his or her full name to sign up. Ramamia has beaten Facebook to the punch in implementing their easy sign-up process, and this is the same method I am going to implement on my new site, Welated, due to launch by March 2009.

Ramamia is currently angel-funded, but I am not sure yet what is their primary revenue model, perhaps is solely based on paid ads, but the site states that they will soon launch their premium version. The entire Ramamia site is unique, great, I like the site color, and its user-interface is phenomenal.

The only fault I found with the site, is that they don’t use Usernames and Passwords for registered users to login, but at the time of registering with the site, it sends you a nasty long and tedious link to your email, which you have to remember or bookmark in order to login. However, if they can fix their login process, Ramamia is definitely deemed to exponentially grow, as families around the world try to find the easiest and simplest way to share events, photos, and videos online. Ramamia is the new Facebook of families.

Notice: I have no affiliation with Ramamia nor do I have investment interest in Ramamia.