About Simon

BS, Economics (Ohio State University – Columbus, OH USA); Economics PhD (Candidate); Founder, Chairman and CEO of Groot Systems, and my overall responsibilities include the long-term strategic planning, development, and management of the Groot Industrial Ecosystem in Namibia, which is comprised of multidimensional light-and-heavy industrial projects development, ranging from a 10-million tons of annual output capacity steel mill (Groot Steel), 900 MW combined cycle gas turbine power plant (Sitentu Power Plant), Africa’s largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant (Tses Glass) and more, all specifically designed to rapidly transform Namibia into a first world economy within 10 years. Learn more about Groot at grootgroup.com.

My Favorite Quotations
“Early hardship produces hidden strength”.

“If I have seen further than other men, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants”. Sir Isaac Newton

“If you’re not doing everything needed to maximize your potential is simply because you chose not to.”

“Real peace is not just the absence of war and violence but the presence of justice for all.”

“In Feudalism, money flowed to the power, but in Capitalism, power flows to the money.”

“The African Continent is Not Poor, but Simply Poorly Managed”

My Formula for Success

hi = β1ti + β2ti2 + . . . + β3ti3 + (β1t2pi – β2t3ni) + Ei
[Limitless Possibilities = Productivity + Determination + Resilience + Risk Tolerance + (Persistence – Procrastination) + Other Factors]

My Vision
To develop innovative products and solutions that help make a great impact in the lives of people in the world.

Quick Facts

– Entrepreneur
– Economist
– Analyst
– Strategist
– Business Consultant
– Audio Engineer
– News Junkie
– World Traveler
– BS, Economics, The Ohio State University
– Ph.D (candidate) Economics and Finance

Personal Interests

I have high keen interest in entrepreneurship, philanthrocapitalism, political economy and macroeconomics, political and financial analysis, international affairs, experimental economics, econometrics, economic development, market research, business development, marketing, and branding, business modeling, motivational speaking, sound recording and engineering, TV, film and music production, computing, technology and web development, traveling, reading, financial market and investing, current events, news, and politics.


I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the world’s largest campus, and one of the finest research universities in the world, The Ohio State University and I’m currently studying towards a Ph.D in Economics and Finance.

What’s Economics?
It’s the science that observes and records the actual human behaviors in the production, exchange and consumption of wealth – Arthur

Audio Engineering and Music Production

FOH Sound board

FOH Sound board

I have over 20 years of professional experience, I was hands-on trained in Denmark, South Africa, the UK, and USA, by some of the best sound engineers in the world, with the help of some really good people, in Denmark, USA, UK, South Africa, and Namibia, and I have a certificate in sound and music production (engineering, recording, mastering, and studio troubleshooting and maintenance)  from the world renown school for the recording arts, The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio USA.

I’ve had a chance to work with the best people in the world, doing live concerts with some of the biggest names, from MC Hammer, Seal, U2, to Paul Simon, live TV news and interviews with the greatest personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Sam Nuyoma, George Bush Sr., and in-studio music production projects.

In the early 90s, I paved a way for a group of then young teens, which include Martin Morrocky (“The Dogg”, Namibia’s multi-award winning musician, producer and actor) and his sisters Diamond, Magano, and brother, Doe, by introducing them to the world of music and taught them how to sing and play music from my then 3-bedroom house in Okuryangava, Katutura, Windhoek, Namibia.


I am the founder and CEO of Leticia Industries Ltd. I’m also the founder of Welate, a service that alerts you in real-time if your mate cheats on you with anyone at a anytime, anyplace, anywhere. I have three U.S. patent pending, with each of these represents significant milestones for my ingenuity. I have a vivid passion for helping the less fortune and those who crave to achieve their very best.


I am CEO of Groot Systems, a world-leading infrastructure company focusing on developing and managing self-sustained advanced industrial ecosystems and system dynamics for the slow-developing and stagnant economies.


I was born on October 10, 1970 in Oshimwaku, in Namibia under the South African apartheid system, where the majorities were oppressed and denied equal rights by the minorities, and I worked really hard in primary and secondary school with one goal; to help improve the quality of my family’s life.

Fueled by passion to explore beyond the norm and exploit whatever challenges life has to offer, after high school, I left Namibia and came to the USA to pursue my dream. As it might be known by some, that for someone to come to America from most developing countries; must be one of the four things that someone either has to;

1. be prominently wealthy
2. be academically smart
3. has a family member(s) or friend(s) in the USA with lots of money, or
4. a refugee.

For me, I fell under #2.

Thus, after high school, I went to further my education in the US, but unfortunately, my scholarship got cut off, so I didn’t finish college, but I refused to fail, and with the help of some great people, I went on to do other things; fueled by my passion to excel and succeed, I fortunately fell into the world of TV, music and film production, I became a sound engineer, working on many films, music recordings, and TV production, and ended up with NBC.

I bought my first 3-bedroom/2-bathroom house, and adopted my oldest daughter, Maria, before I turned 21, and my second 6-bedroom/5-bathroom house at 22. I had my daughter, Leticia, before I turned 23, and left NBC at 23, co-built a recording studio in Dayton, Ohio at 23, founded Simok, Inc. my first company at 24, and my second company, Kapenda Corporation, at 25.

Simon KapendaAs a sound engineer, I engineered several TV news interviews including with Elder Pres. Bush (41) (USA), Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (Britain), Former President Sam Nujoma (Namibia), Former President Nelson Mandela (South Africa), and a photo-op with Queen Elizabeth, dining at Buckingham Palace dinner hosted by Queen Elizabeth, working on numerous concerts with Seal, MC Hammer, Paul Simon, U2, Lucky Dube, and more.

Nearly for the past 22 years, I’ve made and live in the U.S. as my home. My autobiographical, titled “For the Love of My Family”, is in the works and is due to be out soon.



The views expressed on this blog are my personal views and do not necessarily represent or reflect in any way, shape or form those of the companies, groups, and or projects I have developed, founded or which I am employed, serve as director, board member or privately contracted as a consultant.


38 thoughts on “About Simon

  1. Clarence, it’s good to know you and I am here whenever you need me. Just remember, everyone else in the world has a dream, in fact, we all have dreams of things that we want to do in our lives, and the only difference between you and the guy next door is about what you do now, right now, in order to make your dream come true.

    If you sit back and simply say; ” I have a dream”, but don’t do anything to cause your dream to happen, then it will never be, nothing will change, in fact you will still say “I have a dream” 40 years from now, and by then you’ll be sitting on your patio with grey hair.

    What you do now, right now, may cause you to make your dream come true. And you should never let anything, anything, stop you from dreaming but must do everything possible to make your dream come true.

    The sky is the limit of what you can do, and no matter what or how things may look like, you should never give up on doing everything needed to make your dream come true.

  2. Taking action…

    Been doing odd jobs, and making my way this year. Not overwhelmingly successful, but have learned doing my thing is much more satisfying. I now have the opportunity to set up a concert with a limited experienced partner who has the financial backing and enough open mindedness to organize something new here in Nashville, TN. Lucky spot to be in I feel…

    Looking for any advise or direction on the process, your name came up in recommended assistance.

    Thanks for your time, much prosperity to you.

    D Potter

  3. James Tatzu (“moniker”), what are you doing for yourself? Feeling left out? Not given enough opportunities? Stop blaming people for doing what you’ve chose not to; stop blaming the government for not holding your hands to make you do what you supposed to do for yourself. If you want to blame anyone, start with the man in the mirror.

  4. I came here via our shared complaints re: GoDaddy’s practices, but hey, that’s quite a great story of triumph! Best wishes with your studies and family!

  5. mr simon i really want to be like you as my story of life is similar to yours,my parents past away when i was still small boy im the second oldest of six 4brothers and 1 sister before my parents death i and my beloved sister Getrud where schooling in grootfontein we complitated our grade 12 in 2005 as for they money matter i sended my sis to further her studys at pollytech while i was working and attending a advance diploma in IT at a local college.

    she graduated april 2010 from polytechnic,now she got a job in dubai she will be goin september this year and im so proud of her.now i got my other 3 little brothers to help finishing there school as our older brother is not medical fitt he have been on medicine for his intire life.

    im tellin al this becouse i also want to sound engineering like you and i need your help or advice in anyway you can.. like to hear from you soon.

    hophni amalwa

  6. You live a life recreated by your own words…and your virtue is the knowledge that lies deep within you. You basically sound the voice of the African potential. Keep it up and i am right behind you.

  7. yah yo story is exulting sir ;;;;;;;;; mai mission is to go an become a network admistrator in angola after i got my master degree in the polytechnic of namibia. i dont want to depent on some1 on my entire future as i know already about tough life,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at a same tyme my mission is to be a bussiness man through education ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. You ‘re my role model, thanks a million for sharing your autobgraphy Mr. Kapenda. You really insipired me.

    (Simeon Martin a Namibian student studying for a BA in Motion Picture Medium,Media Music Productions and Sound Design.. AFDA CAPE TOWN)

  9. Hi , Your words are beyond encouraging! I am a 28 year old Namibian female in my final year to complete a Btech degree in IT. I have a dream to become the most influential woman real estate mogul in my country. As for taking some action towards gearing closer to my dream, I embarked on getting licenced & qualified as a real estate agent with the Namibian Estate Agent board, which I have successfully passed. Could you perhaps enlighten me on how to get financing from potential investors as this has been and continues to be a great stumbling block. I know that in the US one can borrow from the banks without or at least with minimal collateral simply by indicating the cashflow (positive) that the commercial property would generate. Thank you for your time.

  10. Praise the name of uor Lord Jesus Christ, Now I thak God for your good work you have at your school may God protet your school all the time, and I want to help me because I need to join your school please? all the time pray God to learn Sound. I will be happy when you help and answer me soon, and all your full prograing. God bless you

  11. i think u will be a president of Nambia one day,by chance i find your web through facebook.but your personal interests inspired me,God bless you.

  12. You really inspired me Mr Kapenda, your are my role model i want a life like yours too but i dont know how to do it, i just completed my grade 12 last year…… Pls advise me.

  13. Thanks everyone for your warm comments and feedback. I appreciate it very much.

    @Esau, while I appreciate your view, I am not sure if that’s possible, but I am honored for your views of me.

    @Ero Armas, thank you. Please read as much as possible, study as possible as you can, and participate in programs and events that only serve to help you grow intellectually, for your career.

    Thank you @Lii and Lukoli.

    Please, feel free to email me under my contact page.

  14. hi i am a Namibian,and was very amazed to read the News on the Namibian newspaper this Morning,about a huge investment coming to Namibia.well i will just wait and see,as there were so many rumours about invetsments coming to Namibia and never materialised.for e.g the Northern City that were supposed to be build at Helao Nafidi.(Ohanguena region)

  15. Mr.Simon Kapenda,
    lt is possible for you to move Namibia economy but you need to keep praying to God. God will strengthen you, empower you and give you long life.
    Just see the dream coming to passed. don`t be discourage along the way because you will face big challenges for such as huge project.Namibia is a peaceful country to build and invest on such project but you need a strong team and people with the same spirit to work with you.
    Great to hear from you soonest.

  16. Warm welcome back Mr. Simon Kapenda! Namibia is a country of political hope and therefore you as native Namibian, i have no doubt to credit you for highest ethical manner you’re planning to bring back home. We are struggling to make hands meet due to the lack of adequate investment in the country.
    I take off my hat for you sir and i will never stop asking God to keep you healthy.

    kind regards
    Eliaser Tangi Shipanga

  17. Thank you everyone for your comments, prayers, and encouraging words. I am humbly touched and I feel honored to hear from all of you. Thank you very much, and may God bless you.

  18. Dear sir thank u for thinking of ploughing back in namibia.U r an inspirational figure that nothing is impossibld with god and faith.

  19. Hi , Your words are beyond encouraging! I am a 28 year old Namibian female in my final year to complete a Btech degree in IT. I have a dream to become the most influential woman real estate mogul in my country. As for taking some action towards gearing closer to my dream, I embarked on getting licenced & qualified as a real estate agent with the Namibian Estate Agent board, which I have successfully passed. Could you perhaps enlighten me on how to get financing from potential investors as this has been and continues to be a great stumbling block. I know that in the US one can borrow from the banks without or at least with minimal collateral simply by indicating the cashflow (positive) that the commercial property would generate. Thank you for your time.

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  21. mr simon, i ll definately say god is and has been wonderful for you and everybody around you.
    you are just a wonderful, influential and hardworking person i came across with while am doing some search for my study assignments. it ll be grate if you ll be able to be my mentor in pursuing my career.may god bless you!

  22. Just done with my charted accountancy. Rejected a I.N.R nine hundred thousand joboffer. Planning to start up my own venture . 21yrs n still ticking :p :p . Love the way you carve. adios.

  23. Hi Mr S Kapenda, I’m S April from the south Keetmanshoop, i have found your autography while doing researchers at the public library about big developments & job creations taken place and so i found the tses glass Pty (Ltd) & i’m moved by everything i read here about u, keep it up and thank u now i can & will believe in what i’m capable of,

    my regards

  24. Dear to all people of this world we are in zambia we people who come and join us in our country to help poor people and preach the good new to those who need Jesus as saviour,this is Brather Robby Mukokomi.

  25. Very inspiring bro., and i know that all along u have put God 1st thats why he have blessed u to achieve all of th above,

    For your kindness and humbleness ,long live and God bless u more

  26. True hero mr Simoni Kapenda, may God be wth u at all the time ,u re true leader to develop namibia have hearted namibian yourth changing their lives to hve bread on a gold plate, i,m part of 950 GROOT SAND AND SILCA CHEMICAL ONGWEDIVA, change our lives thanks for develop our country for diferent factories u bring unemployment rates down, much loved my GOD BLESS You simoni kapenda

  27. Good morning Mr Kapenda your history is really inspiration to most of people in the world and is giving more encourage to me and many people in Namibia, most of the people we a dreams but our dreams never due the financial problems. Soo i m one of the employee in your groot chemical silica in Ongwediva , and I am so happy to be part of your company. May the God Almighty bless you mr Kapenda, and increase you more i m happy to be part of this good company. I salute you Mr Kapenda.

  28. Planning my first (fall) medium/large jazz event in Canton, Ohio. Doing research to be sure no stones are unturned. Being an artist myself, I have performed at huge events from Ohio to Switzerland but never planned such an event. Needing some insight and hoping you will help.

  29. Wow. You are so inspirational. I wish to stand out on my own one day. God bless you.

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