Newt Gingrish is a Moron!

Newt Gingrich is a fool; and this goes way back to the late 90’s when he was dead anti-Bill Clinton. And now, after he lost the first 2 GOP presidential primaries, I wrote right after that, that he needs to just drop out of his bid for the GOP Presidential Candidate.

He just doesn’t have the “it” factor – no charisma, no charm, not good looking enough, doesn’t have a good smile, his family is in chaos; basically, he’s not attractive enough to be President of the United States, and these are some of the core fundamental basics for any potential candidate of the US President to have.

Even George W. Bush, who everyone knows he’s a complete moron won the 2000 Presidential Election, simply because he’s got the “it” factor. The American people are mesmerized by those fundamental qualities, then the ability to rule as President comes second.

And after all of this time, now he thinks of quitting the race? What else can he possibly do, since Romney already got the GOP-go?


ANC Making a Big Mistake by Expelling Julius Malema

This is a very sensitive issue and I believe the ANC is making a huge mistake if it expels Julius Malema from the ANC Party.

It’s a known fact by nearly everyone that the Youths in Africa are the most vulnerable in terms of employment, skills development, and access to socio-economic programs; and each ruling party anywhere in Africa should embrace at all costs to making sure that the Youths are well cared for. Because if you look at the age median of the political spectrum today in Africa; the majority of the voters are the youths, and I am referring to those who were born after 1990. They don’t know anything first-hand about apartheid or colonization, except what they read in history books and hear mythical stories as told by their parents and friends in the streets.

The youths today don’t care about what happened during the apartheid era or colonization; they only care about their cellphones, laptops, cars, tablet devices, connecting to the Web; in short, they only care about money; and I mean “hard cash” and nothing else. Hence any ruling party that doesn’t cater to providing the youths in their country with the much needed resources to put hard cash in their pockets, then that ruling party is doomed and is risking losing the next or next-to-next general election.

As for the ANC, it needs to realize that Julius Malema, regardless of his hard rhetoric and militant tenor, he’s more influential and more powerful than the ANC itself (consider the Hip-Hop group, Public Enermy, in the 80’s and early 90’s, do you know what happened during that time to the US cities of Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, etc. with their militant song; “Fight the Power”?), meaning that if he gets expelled from the ANC, that he’s more than able and capable of creating his own political party and be able to raise enough funds to easily win the next South African Presidential election.

Now, before you say “no” he can’t do that, then look at South African youths; the majority of them are blacks and are unemployed or underemployed and if Malema can put together a powerful and experienced Advisory Committee to court and guide him, so that he can tone down his militant rhetoric and embrace a more softer but still hard-toned down tenor that directly addresses the issues that the South African Youths are facing daily, then this will coin him and guarantee him to win the next South African Presidential Election.

Now, instead for the ANC to expel him, it should consider offering him and putting him in a “Strategic Position” within the ANC Party that will cater to pulling and attracting the angry South African Youths to the ANC Party, and then try to address their issues collectively. However, if they expel him from the ANC Party, because he has criticized President Jacob Zuma, then they are risking losing the next Presidential Election, because the Youths will likely follow him to whatever party he goes.

And in general, African Presidents need to get used to being ridiculed and criticized; this is democracy. Constituencies must have the rights to air their views on the President’s job performances. Criticism and being ridiculed don’t mean disrespectful, it simply implying an unsatisfactorily sentiments due to the President’s job precipitation.

The world has changed; everything in it has changed; politics and business as usual have changed; it’s not the same old principled theories any more. And every leader anywhere should embrace this change; which is the new age of interacted, and a more connected global economy. Political economy no longer has roots; it’s meaningless. Economic transformation is the next wave for Africa’s industrialization as fueled by the passion for Africans to live like other humans elsewhere in the world.

Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc are dead, even the Soviet Union (USSR) doesn’t exist any more, capitalism has seen its transformation change and chanllenge since The 2008 Great Recession. Now it’s the market-driven-economy which rules and controls this wind of a new change; a world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, iPhone, and more. These platforms have completely revolutionized how things work and are done today; both in politics, business, entertainment, science, and everything else.

The global information in which we live now is on everyone’s fingertips. We are now more connected, more smarter, more informed, more vocal, and more open. The print news media are no longer relevant. Their relevancy only for confirmation of the reported news.

This new global change needs and must be understood and accepted by African leaders who still practice and focus on the old politics, the politics of old dogs fighting for old bones.

This new change needs to ring clear and loud within every ruling party especially in Africa; that the Youths at all costs “must come first”. Because any country that overlooks or underestimates its youths is directly or indirectly doomed to have political fallout and economic demise. And the ANC must consider reinstating Malema right away and find a common goal to best work and reason with him, if they want to win the next Presidential Election.

If ANC expels Julius Malema today, expect a huge political backlash against the ANC Party.

(I wrote this unbiased opinion as an Analyst, not a politician. I hate politics. And, no I am not a supporter of Julius Malema, I think he’s a joke, but I respect him as a human being).

The Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) .na to Launch for Global Registration

The domain .na ccTLD will soon become available for global registration, and keywords such as,,,, etc., could be awesomely good for online branding.

The abbreviation for “.NA” is branded for “National” as “.WS” is for “World Site”, see for more information.

This could be another “gold rush” in Internet domain names as potential registration customers may be those who plan to use the .na domain names for their online branding need, while some may elect to register certain generic English words as .na domain for their future use.

Of course you wouldn’t be able to prevent domain name speculators from grabbing certain .na kewords as domain names for their domain name aftermarket speculation.

Writing is Powerful!

There’s power in writing, and I love writing. I write just about anything, whatever I feel at any given moment, I just write; some of my analytical articles are usually about 95% accurate on whatever I predictive analyze.

A Facebook friend, Jason L. Baptiste, started writing articles about startups and then he got published by online news media, eventually he got a publishing book deal. Through his blogging and writing, it helped him to easily raise $1.5 million in seed funding for his new and hot startup, Onswipe.

For me, writing has helped me tremendously. Because through my Review for Namibia’s Budget for 2011/2012, it enabled me to easily meet with top Namibian government officials as well as aspired top Standard Bank executives to wanted to meet and talk to me.

All in all, it is easily helping us to raise our 20% or N$1.3 billion (US$160 million) in debt funding for our Groot Town Center ecosystem development.

There’s power in writing; writing is powerful. It helps to define who you are; your capacity and ability; your thoughts, belief, knowledge and skills, your intellectual and understanding of subject matters. So start writing.

Read my Review for Namibia’s 2011/2012 Budget article, it’s the most read article on my blog by top officials in the Namibian government.

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Wanna Get Rich Fast in a Developing Economy? Join a Political Party!

PERHAPS I will never get to fully understand this; small developing economies, mostly in Africa, generally have gazillions of political parties, while large developed economies, generally in the West, have on an average two political party systems. WHY?

Oh, I forgot, no one wants to be ruled by the other; and if you want to get rich fast in Africa, then what’s the best option other than starting your own political party, and then win a few seats in the parliament so you too can enjoy generous luxurious perks generally granted to the MPs?

On an average; such as in the US, if you are not already rich, meaning, if you have not already have made it on your own, chances are that no one will vote for you. You have to be already successful in your personal career and endeavor before you are entrusted to be elected in a general election in order to hold a public office, but only based on your own merit.

Whereas in developing economies, a dead poor someone can simply come from a rural area someone; perhaps with some good government or political connections on the top, then eventually is enclosed within a political party which will likely guarantee his or her election for a public office, and then that’s where he/she will be chopping up the dough.

Because, in most of the developing economies, individual people don’t run for public offices based on their own merit, they join political parties and then they are perhaps appointed to be included in the election. And since only the political party runs, and not the individual person, then whoever is in that party’s election, he or she’s guaranteed to win if the party wins.

Unlike in large two-party political systems, where you, as an individual candidate has to sweat it out, campaigning on your own, until you win the primaries before the party on which you belong can recognize you as their sole candidate in that specific election.

Only your individual merit, not your political party, will get you elected in an office.

Is this the DEmocRACY?

Libyan War: Welcome to World War Three!

BBC World News is reporting that US President Barack Obama has said he does not rule out arming the rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Now the US is fighting 3 wars; Libya, Irag, and Afghanistan. While North Korea and Iran are trying to find out how they can fit between these wars. In the end, the US is fighting 5 wars, and the US annual spending will skyrocket to more trillions.

The problem now is that the US and allies are at the point of no return. They cannot undo what they have started in Libya. They have to finish it, but it could take two more years of fighting, unless they send in some commandos and just take out Gaddafi as quickly as possible.

But, when it becomes to that part, where the US is fighting North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, this will stretch out the US military resources, and in the end, the US is going to unleash its most powerful and deadliest secret weapons; the unmanned warplanes and robot soldiers, including well-trained and bio-engineered African bees. It could get nasty.

Welcome to the World War Three!

Obama vs. Gadhafi and the Quagmire of Britain and France Skywar

A pool of Republican presidential hopefuls have been sprinkling up recently concerning Obama’s authorization to engage in the Libyan’s Quagmire of the no-fly-zone war.

Donald Trump is one of those conservative republicans, who also is considering running for the Presidency in 2012. He too has been very vocal against Obama’s decision to get the US engaged in the Libya’s crisis.

Among the liberal democrats, you have a few such as Dennis Kucinich, who’s also criticizing Obama, and he too is again considering running for the US Presidency. He’s been doing so, running for the Presidency, since the moon moved up in the sky.

Basically, you have more republicans, especially those who are Presidential candidate hopefuls throwing in their say so in order to score political points.

That’s what they do, it’s all about scoring points with the voters.

Amid all of these, let’s look at what happened in Tunisia; the citizens demanded change in government leadership, and the Tunisian President peacefully stepped down. So as in Egypt. In Libya, Gadhafi did the opposite.

As citizens started to get louder and louder, he started shoot-to-kill and firing at them with warplanes, etc. The rest is history.

In the US, the price of oil was approaching $5 a gallon, and that’s not good for the US. Hence Obama had to do something. The US pressured the UN to pass that resolution claiming that Gadhafi is killing his own people, hence he must be stopped.

There are 3 African member countries, namely  Nigeria, South Africa and Gabon, on the UN security council for this year who also voted for the tabulated “no fly-zone” UN resolution; with the majority voted for the “no-fly” zone in Libya to help protect the citizens from Gadhafi’s warplanes. China and Russia excused themselves from voting, this time China didn’t threaten to veto, as it usually does such as the case of Darfur.

Obama and his allies went to enforce the “no fly zone”, but Gadhafi continued to pound his people. So we have the skywar.

All in all, there were people who died in Rwanda, Darfur, DRC, etc., but nothing was done immediately by the international communities in order to help stop those genocides. But for Libya, it’s a different story, perhaps because of that escalation in the price of crude oil.

So, what’s the actual rational explanation for the Libyan skywar and civil war? Should we blame Gadhafi no matter what he has done, or perhaps not has done, for his country during all of his 42 years in power? Or should we blame Obama for going there to enforce that excuse of “no fly zone”?

Which lives are more valuable? The ones for the people of Darfur, DRC, Rwanda, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Iraq, Afghanistan, or which ones?