Where are the Black-owned Engineering Firms for Industrial Ecosystems Development in Namibia?

We’re just coming from our intense technical planning for both @Groot Steel and @Tses Glass, with our Local Project Management team, and I feel really sad; I’m so sad that, as we put in so many hours developing these projects each day, hoping that in the end, we’re helping to economically empower those who have been left out by the wave of lucrative opportunities in Namibia, it’s very sad that in our technical team of engineers, many local partner companies involved, that there’s no single black-owned or operated firm offering technical expertise for these projects, and only white-owned. And this is so sad. It’s just too sad, that money paying for these technical services is flowing from one already-wealthy hand to more other already wealthy hands.

It’s sad that it seems like more black people in Namibia or rather Africa at large, tend to rather more focus on short term goals instead of investing their time and energy in long term visions, such as; projects like these are all for long terms; ranging from 2 to 5 years of just technical planning prior to getting any capital return from them, but black people don’t seem to be interested in that, they seem to be more interested only in such as shebeen business, where you plan and build it today, and tomorrow you’re getting your small change back.

But if it’s like this, then how can an economy can actually develop and prosper? Setting up and building cuca-shops, kapanas, mini-markets, retail stores, lodges, guesthouses, shebeens, shopping malls, etc are not the way to develop an economy. All of these are services which offer no real value; no value-added, no nothing except that you set them up fast just to close them down even fastest if things don’t go as expected possibly due to the severe competition (crowded market), and that these types of service businesses don’t offer sustainable good paying jobs, to the point that the workers themselves who work in these places can actually afford to buy from these services where they themselves work.

Manufacturing jobs offer the best economic value for the workers to support their families, communities, and the country. Setting up manufacturing factories such as steel mills, glass factories, power plants, and other infrastructure projects generally serve as the backbones of economies in the world, everywhere.

Setting up barbershops and street corner shebeens etc offer nothing, not even in the short term, but add more misery (governments must offer more social welfare programs) and poverty to the economy (poorly paid people don’t pay adequate tax to support offered governments’ social welfare programs).

I feel sad that, in a country like Namibia which is in Africa, that only more white companies are involved in offering technical expertise and planning which involves millions of dollars for their services.

Oh, my people, my Africans, when can we move away from the short-sighted goals and look at the furthest years to come; such as planning for the next 25-50 years from now? How can we really make Africa become economically successful, and make it no more politically focused and oriented? A politically focused and oriented Africa will keep seeing more people living in dire poverty, more families living in misery, more people dying, more governments looking for international donors’ bailout, more people living not according to their dreams and wishes but because of rather purposely designed social circumstances.

It’s just sad, too sad.


I’m sorry; but I love writing!

My biggest problem that I have and it’s getting me in deep and big trouble is that I write; I love writing just about any thing and everything; issues that I care about.

I should never have studied Economics because now I understand a little about how the world works, and hence I write what and how I feel about certain issues, and that’s a big problem to some, if not many people.

I’m sorry; but I love writing.

I can’t write about “flowers are red, and the sky is blue”. I’m sorry, I tried doing that, and I just can’t get no satisfaction in doing so.

I only want to write about how I understand and perceive whatever is happening around me.

I don’t write in support of any one or anything, I just write; critic and analyze world’s events, current news and events, politics, finance, entertainment, economics, etc., basically, the things that matter to me dearest, and to me alone.

We all have our own different opinions on how we see and understand things. We all see and perceive whatever issues depending on how we independently see and understand certain things. And we all have our own God’s given way of articulately express ourselves in whatever ways and methods, how we perceive and understand whatever is in our surroundings.

And for me, I just like writing. If I was a singer, then perhaps I could write and sing songs, but I’m not that, I’m just one who finds pleasure in expressing my views through writing. But I am not a writer, writer per se; I’m not a professional writer, and my writing should never even be regarded as factual or let alone be regarded as significant because they are just my private and independent opinions only backed up by own academic understanding, wisdom, and knowledge.

I don’t write to influence anyone, or let alone cause to change anyone’s mind. I just write. I write and publish my own writings on my personal blog, which so far has been seen by more than 117,000 people, who by my own views; they must be lost when they surf to my blog to read, if any, my blog articles.

I’m sorry; but writing is my hobby. It helps me relax, it helps me tell myself how I feel, it helps me to speak to myself when i have no one else to speak to. Yes, I promised to turn down my writings, I promised you that i will keep it low and down, but this is like telling myself to stop drinking water.

I hope you understand. Again, I don’t write anything as a politician, but as an unbiased analyst, and I don’t write to favor anyone or anything; I just write whatever it is as how I see it.

Kapenda Media Group, an Umbrella for Some Cool Web Properties


kapenda_media_groupSince I graduated from The Ohio State University in June 2009, I kept myself very busy, working and organizing some of my web properties under one umbrella, Kapenda Media Group.

I still have almost two years before I go back for my post graduate study and in the mean time, I will be busy doing what I love; having fun with my family while creating and growing some of the most innovative web tools and applications.

Kapenda Media Group, Inc. (KMG) is a premier media company dedicated to developing, managing, and marketing a diversified portfolio of web properties, mobile and social applications that are poised to efficiently provide indispensable information, entertainment, and communication services for people around the world to help them enjoy happier and more productive lives.

KMG is building one of the most innovative and comprehensive broad arrays of web properties, proprietary data tools, social and mobile applications for use by anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, which consist of:

  • Welated, LLC (www.welated.com), a mass social media that alert users in real-time if their mates cheat on them with anyone, anytime, anyplace.
  • Wrisen, LLC (www.wrisen.com), a social application for social networks that lets users remember, honor, and cherish their passed loved ones and pets.
  • RentersQ, LLC (www.rentersq.com), a rental predictive intelligence tool that lets landlords and tenants around the world efficiently share rental history reports and information.
  • Tipmart, LLC (www.tipmart.com – relaunching), a localized reverse auction platform making it easier for anyone to buy and sell almost anything, anywhere.
  • Zemuse (www.zemuse.com – coming soon), a social platform for anyone to buy and sell original compositions and theme sounds for Radio Ads, Films, and TV shows.
  • African Prince (coming in October 2009), a mass unscripted reality TV show offering exhilarating and breath taking dramas and cool prizes.
  • Jetie (www.jetie.org – coming soon), a mass platform that enables high achievers and professionals share their life and work experience with grade students anywhere.

Welated, My Current Project, My Best Yet

In just a few days, I am going to unveil my latest work, Welated, at www.welated.com, which will alert you instantly in real-time if your mate (friend or spouse) cheats on your with anyone at anytime, any place in the world.

The system uses analytical algorithm to follow your mate’s every personal love affair with anyone, anywhere, then it alerts you, so you can make an informed, smart choice.

I am really excited about it and I hope it can help make a difference in your current or future social relationship.

Below is the screen shot for the Welated homepage. Visit the site, sign up, and take a test drive. It’s fun, free, and easy to use. Please let me know what you think about it. I deeply and greatly value your sincere opinion and feedback.


Does the buying of a crib cause the birth of a child?

Please post your comment with your assumptions and or hypothesis to the following question?

“Does the buying of a crib cause the birth of a child?”

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see that question, and what is your logical fallacy, if any, to that question?

Creative thinking intended.

Big Dumb Idea: Microsoft outlines vision of pay-as-you-go computing

CNN.com and CNET.com are jointly reporting that Microsoft has applied for a patent on metered, pay-as-you-go computing.

I understand that Microsoft (MSFT), after failing to conquer the Internet and to acquire Yahoo (YHOO), that it is now trying to discover new ways, even the most ridiculous ones that are surely doomed to fail, again, in order to maximize their online revenue. And this one in particular, for consumers to pay per each computer use, is the worst and probably the dumbest, because users will be subjected to paying more unnecessary fees and the majority won’t buy into the plan.

There’s already that 24-hour running, the most annoying TV ad from “Blue Hippo – get a brand new laptop or desktop”. And I am not sure how successful that one has been either.

Update: So, with this new, ill-conceived idea, you as a user, would pick up a computer from wherever, bring it to your home or work and only pay each time you use it. Then will Microsoft become like FedEx Kinko’s, where some users used to go and rent computers billed per each minute of use? This is real dumb! Microsoft just needs to quit trying to exploit revenue online and focus on what they do best or worse, innovative software, and some unique computing peripherals.

CNN.com states that; “Under a Microsoft proposal, consumers would receive heavily discounted PCs, then pay fees for usage. U.S. patent application number 20080319910, published on Christmas Day, details Microsoft’s vision of a situation where a ‘standard model’ of PC is given away or heavily subsidized by someone in the supply chain. The end user then pays to use the computer, with charges based on both the length of usage time and the performance levels utilized, along with a “one-time charge.”

Read more about this at CNN.com.

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