This Could Be the End of Yahoo?

If Yahoo let itself to be acquired by Microsoft, then it will be the end of Yahoo forever, as we know it. Microsoft is good at buying out competitors and kill them instead of growing them. With my short memory, I only remember Hotmail as a better acquisition by Microsoft, but where is Hotmail today? How about Skype? Perhaps, it’s also just a matter of time before Skype also goes under. I don’t remember a company that Microsoft has acquired and made it a success in its market.

And why is Carol Bartz going around ranting Yahoo publicly? That’s not professional. She’s likely killing her chances of getting hired as CEO of another major company.


LinkedIn, the Perfect Acquisition for Yahoo!, AOL, Facebook, or Microsoft?

Why hasn’t Microsoft or Yahoo, not Google, acquired LinkedIn yet? The struggling AOL could benefit from buying LinkedIn too. LinkedIn is a good target right now. Facebook could be a perfect fit for LinkedIn too, just not Google. Google and LinkedIn would be like butter and water, just won’t make a good mix, but its 40+ million professional users could add more value to AOL (as long as AOL changes its name and rebrands) or Facebook (especially if Facebook does an IPO this year), than is for Yahoo! or Microsoft. Facebook will benefit more from LinkedIn, due to LinkedIn’s solid business model of paid fees for value-added membership services for professionals.

The Most Stupid TV Commercials; Nationwide and Microsoft

For weeks now, Microsoft has been running TV commercials, generally promoting the PC. The commercial usually starts with an individual, usually has a young, sort of geeky looking person, out to buy a new laptop.

He or she (they have multiple actors) could be a young lady or guy, who starts out describing what kind of a laptop he or she wants and then the voice-over tells him or her that “if he or she finds that kind of laptop under $1,500…, then he or she can keep it”.

Now, the thing is this; it implies as though all the laptops for sale anywhere are more than $1,500 and that, if he or she’s lucky enough to find one under that amount, then he or she can keep it. And then, to make it even sillier, at the end of the commercial, when he or she has found the laptop she or he wanted, then he or she’s given a stack of bills, as though it’s a reward for finding a laptop under $1,500.

So, my question is; does that mean that there are no PC laptops under $1,500, and if I found one under that amount, then I can keep it, and that you’d reward me? Really a stupid commercial.

The second TV commercial that aggravates me, because it’s really stupid, and they keep running it over and over, it’s by Nationwide. The commercial starts with a woman (a black woman) who talks like she’s running diarrhea. She doesn’t talk like she’s scripted, which may be a good thing, as an indication that Nationwide uses real people, not actors, who say what they really feel about their auto insurance.

Now, this lady goes on, explaining and slowly stating that; “Nationwide has a forgiveness program…, which means, if you have an accident, then Nationwide will forgive you… they will not raise your premium based on your first accident…, because Nationwide….

Didn’t she just say that Nationwide has a forgiveness program at the beginning? Why does she have to repeat and explain her silly-line?

Geico and Safe Auto have some of the coolest, eye-and-ear-catching phrases, TV commercials. Microsoft and Nationwide should may be look up to them and may be, learn from them.

Google Should Aquire Mozilla Firefox

The best business marriage could be forged between Google and Mozilla.

Google is trying to break into the Internet browser business with its not-too long ago launched browser, Chrome. And, Mozilla’s Firefox has been closing in on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which so far has not caused any serious threat to the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla’s Firefox homepage is integrated with Google’s Search as its default search engine, which still doesn’t necessarily make a difference. But, Google can easily break the market barrier, simply by acquiring Mozilla’s Firefox and then integrate its Chrome and Search technology within Firefox.

By doing so, will serious cause competitive efficiency to the Internet browser market, which will greatly best serve and benefit the users.

Apple’s Possible Future Without Steve Jobs

I am not and have never been a fan of Apple or its products, except its stock in recent years, but I like what Steve Jobs did by turning around the company.

Prior to the introduction of its new products such as iMac, iPod, etc, Apple seemed like it was going down the hill. For instance, in December 1997, its stock hit the lowest at $3.28. Most analysts then seemed to have written it off until the settlement of Microsoft’s antitrust case, coupled by the introduction of Apple’s new products; iMac, etc.

The problem that seems to face certain companies is when one solely brands and ties the company to the Founder/CEO, and if something happens to him or her, then it may seem like the company itself may also go down. So, with Steve Jobs, it may look like without him at the realm, that Apple may not do as good, but surely, it will hopefully continue to thrive.

Steve only needs to do what Bill Gates has done, by identifying or appointing his future replacement soon, so that the market can get to know and get used to the person who may replace him some day. Tech Increased My Traffic to Over 410% in 3 Hours

This afternoon, the traffic to my blog,, sky-rocketed to over 410% in less than 3 hours after my blog appeared on “ Tech Linking Blogs section”, in regard to my response posting to “Microsoft‘s Outlines Vision of Pay-as-You-Go Computing”, an idea which I find to be ridiculously amusing, dumb, and ill-conceived.

My blog has never had so much traffic in a single day, let alone in a single month. So, this is soooo cool and awesome…!

Read more about my response to Microsoft’s dumb idea on Pay-As-You-Go Computing.

Big Dumb Idea: Microsoft outlines vision of pay-as-you-go computing and are jointly reporting that Microsoft has applied for a patent on metered, pay-as-you-go computing.

I understand that Microsoft (MSFT), after failing to conquer the Internet and to acquire Yahoo (YHOO), that it is now trying to discover new ways, even the most ridiculous ones that are surely doomed to fail, again, in order to maximize their online revenue. And this one in particular, for consumers to pay per each computer use, is the worst and probably the dumbest, because users will be subjected to paying more unnecessary fees and the majority won’t buy into the plan.

There’s already that 24-hour running, the most annoying TV ad from “Blue Hippo – get a brand new laptop or desktop”. And I am not sure how successful that one has been either.

Update: So, with this new, ill-conceived idea, you as a user, would pick up a computer from wherever, bring it to your home or work and only pay each time you use it. Then will Microsoft become like FedEx Kinko’s, where some users used to go and rent computers billed per each minute of use? This is real dumb! Microsoft just needs to quit trying to exploit revenue online and focus on what they do best or worse, innovative software, and some unique computing peripherals. states that; “Under a Microsoft proposal, consumers would receive heavily discounted PCs, then pay fees for usage. U.S. patent application number 20080319910, published on Christmas Day, details Microsoft’s vision of a situation where a ‘standard model’ of PC is given away or heavily subsidized by someone in the supply chain. The end user then pays to use the computer, with charges based on both the length of usage time and the performance levels utilized, along with a “one-time charge.”

Read more about this at

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