The 5 Secret Factors to Winning the Amazing Race Reality TV Show

CBS Amazing Race TV show

The Amazing Race reality TV show is one of the best, and most entertaining TV shows, whose grand prize is one million dollar.

But there are only five secret factors you need to embody in order to win The Amazing Race reality TV show, and these are; 

1. Body
2. Mind
3. Spirit
4. Luck
5. Beauty 

Body – you have to be able to physically compete; by completing several physical activities which require you to be able to run, jump. climb, and move around. So, if you are out of shape or flat-out fat; flabby, then The Amazing Race show is surely not for you. 

Mind – you have to be able to mentally outsmart your competitors; by sometimes being able to mathematically, scientifically, geographically, or otherwise employ your educated guess to out maneuver your fiercely co-contestants. If you are scholarly dumb, failed at all your ABC reading and 1+1 math classes, then The Amazing Race TV show is definetely not for you. 

Spirit – you have to be able to spiritually maintain composure, patience, be calm, and be sportsman like in order to be able to get along with your co-contestants and not freaking out each time you lose a task, like how Ericka Dunlap was freaking out each time she and her husband Brian Kleinschmidt lost a task in the Amazing Race Season 15. If you are maniac and crazy derange, who can’t compose your spirit to help you relax and calm yourself down when things don’t go the way you want them to, then  the Amazing Race is dead-right not for you. 

Luck – you simply need luck to complete all your tasks before everybody else, and that makes you the winner of the Amazing Race show and the million dollar prize. 

Beauty – if you are not good-looking enough, I mean if you are not tantalizing gorgeous, meaning if you are just plain symmetrical ugly, then forget it, you will never win any reality TV show, anywhere. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit here. I just added this #5 factor just to list 5 and not 4 secret factors to winning The Amazing Race TV show. 

Generally, you can look any way you are and still win any show. But honestly, can you really win a reality TV show anywhere, if you’re generally just plain ugly, I mean if your physical appearance is just not attractive, I mean, you never had anybody complementing how you look, beside your mom? 

So, if you are even slightly thinking or planning on trying out for The Amazing Race reality TV show, you MUST make sure you are amusingly amazingly blessedly endowed with all of the above listed 5 factors, with the exception of #5, but then again #5 could be an advantage too. 

Bonus – now, go and get ticked off at, express and share your flurries of frustration or happiness about how your man or woman drives you insane or excites you. It will make you feel a lot better.


Getting Back to the Things that I Passionately Enjoy and Love

Since I’ve been out of college in June 2009, I’ve been really trying to catch up on the things that I dearly love doing and “may be” very good at, such as; web and projects development and most importantly; sound engineering and production.

Basically, I’m triple specialized, career wise, in Economics, Sound Production and Engineering, and Web Development.

For the Economics, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the world’s largest and one of the finest universities in the world, The Ohio State University, and for the Sound/Audio Engineering, in which I have over 20 years of professional experience, I was hands-on trained in Denmark, South Africa, the UK, and USA, by some of the best sound engineers in the world with the help of Svend-Erik the Great, in Denmark, and I have a certificate from the world renown school for the recording arts, The Recording Workshop.

For the Web Development, that’s a self-taught speciality, hands-on learned in 1996 from one of the best minds in computer science, engineering, and software development, my best friend, Satya, currently an engineer at AEP.

FOH Sound board

FOH Sound board

I’ve had a chance to work with the best people in the world, doing live concerts with some of the biggest names, from MC Hammer, Seal, U2, to Paul Simon, live TV news and interviews with the greatest personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Sam Nuyoma, George Bush Sr., and in-studio music production projects.

I’m kind of rusty right now in sound production and engineering, since I haven’t been really doing anything big in recent years, as I was busy with my study, but it’s like riding a bicycle, and even technology has changed a lot, I’m a geek, and I am catching up easily.

What’s next for me from here? As I’m working on my post graduate study, which comes first, but in terms of music and TV production, I am developing a reality TV show, see my new production company, Flomon Productions Ltd. For as long as I am healthy and capable, from here on, expect only the best. I am meticulous and a perfectionist, which I find myself taking up more time working on a project because I only want the best on it, and everything else I am doing.

Check out this video from my church that I sound engineered, Pastor Wicker, is leading the song. It is different doing sound for a church service though, than for a live outdoor concert, but I love doing it.

Click here to view and play the video, and another one here, enjoy them.

Feel free to listen or watch more praise and worship videos and sounds on our church’s web site at

What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

Images via

Images via

Ellen Degeneres is a brilliant comedian and a good actress, but what experience in music does she have for her to be a judge on American Idol?

Oh, I forgot, she once produced an album for Bruce Springsteen and Lil’ Wayne. Well, I can see her being a judge elsewhere though, may be for the Amazing Race, oops, that doesn’t have judges. 

How about on America Got Talent? That would have been best for her to judge all those wonderful and talented contestants. But, American Idol? Have Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell gone completely insane?

I’m glad that Paula Abdul has left the show; she has become irrelevant, to the point that she was no longer any use to the show, but to replace Paula with Ellen? She’s is a great comedian but this would be the wrong show.

Great, now the American Idol show has three male judges, what a bipartisan panel…! It would be even better if Perez  Hilton joins the cast of Simon, Randy, and now Ellen, I mean, that would have helped equalize the gender issue.

African Prince, the New Reality TV Show

African Prince - the reality TV show
African Prince – is a reality TV show that I’m creating and will be working on as soon as Welated and Wrisen are fully operational, which should be in the next two weeks.

This show will be fun, entertaining, tantalizing and heart throbbing. As a sound engineer, who has spent years in music, TV and film production, I want to do something I know very well and enjoy the most, and this is it, it’s going to be fun…!

Just stay tuned, more info will follow soon.

Launching Wrisen, a Social App for Social Networks

wrisen logoThis coming Saturday, I am launching Wrisen (, a social app for social networks that lets you create, share, and browse profiles for all your deceased loved ones, family members, relatives, spouses, friends, acquaintances, cohorts, pets, or anyone else you adore and or admire.

Wrisen will initially be available for Facebook, and the iPhone, iPod Touch, and T-Mobile G3 versions will follow shortly.

At the same time, within the next few weeks, I am going to unveil the all new Welated (, a social utility that alerts you instantly any time your mate cheats on you with anyone, anywhere, anyplace.

I’m excited about these two projects, and I thank my developers around the world for working tirelessly in making these projects the best yet.

I am also looking forward to unveil the all newly redesigned Tipmart, and towards the end of the year (2009), and that will complete my innovative properties for the moment.