The World’s Most Exciting of the .na TLD Registration

You’ve seen different country domain extensions such as .tv, .co, .cm, .de, .ca, .ws, .cc, etc.?

“National” – .na will soon become your “National” primary identity, the URL for all your online branding need, for just about anything national, anywhere.

“North America” – if you do any kind of business with anyone in North America, then .na will become your “North America” primary identity, the URL for any kind of businesses, services or products that you offer to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the continent of North America.

“European Union” – .na will become anything and everything “National” and “North America”, as .eu is what anything and everything “European Union”.

The .na domain will soon become available for registration by anyone, worldwide through certain accredited registrars.

.na is the country code top-level domain for Namibia. More info about the .na domain can be found at


The Top-Level Domain (ccTLD) .na to Launch for Global Registration

The domain .na ccTLD will soon become available for global registration, and keywords such as,,,, etc., could be awesomely good for online branding.

The abbreviation for “.NA” is branded for “National” as “.WS” is for “World Site”, see for more information.

This could be another “gold rush” in Internet domain names as potential registration customers may be those who plan to use the .na domain names for their online branding need, while some may elect to register certain generic English words as .na domain for their future use.

Of course you wouldn’t be able to prevent domain name speculators from grabbing certain .na kewords as domain names for their domain name aftermarket speculation.

Is There More Room for a New Country Domain Extension (ccTLD)?

You’ve seen different country domain extensions such as .tv, .co, .ws, .cc?

In the US, banks use special identification “N.A.”, such as Chase, NA; PNC, NA; Citibank, NA; etc., with NA stands for “National Association”, to indicate a national bank.

.na is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to the Republic of Namibia.

.na domain names could be branded as “National” to indicate “national” for anything, and can be made available for registration globally through companies commonly referred to as accredited registrars, such as, Network Solutions, eNom, etc.

Any company, organization, or entrepreneur can use a .NA domain for their online branding needs, such as “”, “”, “”, etc.

.na will soon become available for registration worldwide through certain accredited registrars.

The portion of the registration fee for the .na domain name could help generate more than US$3.7 million (N$27 million) per year for the next 20 years, a total of US$74 million (N$533 million), for the Ministry of Education of Namibia that can go toward revamping schools through Namibia.

Visit for more information.

The Next Best Thing, Yet to Come, It’s The Next Biggest in Social Media!

For the past 3 years while finishing up my study at OSU; I was also busy working on setting up my start-up Kapenda Media Group, and developing some small but really cool web tools such as; RentersQ (, Wrisen (, the newly finished (, the soon to be launched Laatie (, Welated (, and more.

I’m not going to create any more new web tools, instead, I will now focus on growing them. But the whole deal behind developing these tools was, to gain more traction with social media. Because, I have a project that I came up with in 2004, has been under my desk for all this time, but when it is done and launched, it will be bigger than the much-anticipated Google Wave, bigger than YouTube, and bigger than Twitter (yes, I’m not kidding). It’s the next Skype of social media, and Skype currently has over 500 million users worldwide.

It’s the kind of the web tool that will change the way you and your family watch web videos and play music online. And I have a great and talented team of developers in Russia working on this project.

So, be prepared to have more fun and the best experience in social media. Look out for this new platform. It’s going to be the Biggest and the Best Thing in Social Entertainment Media. It will be ready for private beta use by mid 2010.

Now, please go check out my new tool, at and please let me know what you think about it. And yes, now that you ask, I need funding for this project. So, contact me., Washington Post or WordPress?

Most large companies have already snapped domain names that either directly or indirectly reflect their company or brand names.

I never thought that giant publishing companies such as The Washington Post would not have done the same thing with the domain,

To my surprise today, I only stumbled upon, as was displayed on the WordPress Homepage platform, yes, as you can see, I use for my blog, but who would have guessed that actualy owns the domain, and not The Washington Post?

So, that means if I want to go to The Washington Post web site, I have to type in That’s too long. How about The New York Times, at least they own, that makes it easy.

If you are large company as you claim to be, get the domain, all of the domain names, that either directly or indirectly reflect your company name or brand name. Make it easier for us, the consumers, to easily find you.

Is Webware Walking in the Shadow of TechCrunch?

Every hour of each day, other than, BBC News, Yahoo News, and the New York Times, I have to peek at TechCrunch and then Webware to get my hourly up-to-the-minute news on any new and upcoming technology and web companies.

However, for the longest now, TechCrunch and Webware have been more like, following each other on what each one reports, with TechCrunch always leading the way, while Webware seems to only peek at what TechCrunch has to report and then they come up with the same news reporting on the same subject.

I am not saying that Webware plagiarizes TechCrunch, but it gets really boring to have the two tech news venues that I have come to like and admire always reporting on the same subject, different written style but on the same topic. TechCrunch will have a story on a certain subject and then an hour or a day later, Webware will have a story on the same subject that TechCrunch has just previously reported.

Have the tech news stories suddenly become so rare that Webware always seems to be walking under the shadow of TechCrunch?