The World vs. the US Culture: Are You Getting Confused?

Those who try to mimic the US culture or politics, you may want to do it with a clear understanding so that you don’t confuse your mind, belief and ability to make an informed living style.

In the US, the political sphere is divided into separate groups; the right, the left, and the middle. And then you have the string knots in the middle. Each sphere whether left, right or anywhere else can easily influence how you may see things, from a US perspective.

Such as some of the US news media or TV and Radio commentaries and analysts; they may say or write certain things, such as The News Fox Channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc will likely never to say or air anything that may compliment President Obama or the Democratic Party, since they tend to lean toward the far right.

Likewise, those who lean to the far left will likely never really say anything good about a Republican President or The Republican Party.

Each political sphere tends to fight against (not literally) the other on whatever many different issues. And for you, it’s important to listen, read, and watch the news that are more balanced and objective such The New York Times (if you read The New York Times, you may become smarter, because The New York Times is written scholarly). NPR, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC (financial), Bloomberg (financial), The Los Angeles Times, and a few more that are some of the US news media that tend to be not leaning to either side, and reading them could help offer you how you think or perceive the US culture or politics.

Believe it or not, the US influence is all around us; the products you buy in stores; Coca Cola, Movies, Music, Medicine, Food stuff, Education (Colleges), Technology (Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc). Hence if you aspire to understand your surrounding and environment, it’s best to always know the real truth, and not letting yourself misdirected and or lied to some sources of what you hear, read or watch on TV.

Even this writing, if I am a Democrat or Republican, I can easily try to influence you with my own opinion, and then you may actually believe what I wrote, but it’s just my own opinion.

Be careful of what you feed your brain, what you listen to, what you read, and what you watch can directly or indirectly influence your thinking ability and belief.

Don’t be a moron, read, listen, watch, but decide for yourself what it is that you want to believe.


The Risks for Capturing and Prosecuting Osama bin Laden

Some people including his sons are now questioning why Obama didn’t capture and prosecute Osama bin Laden instead of having him killed by the US Navy Seals.

Here are some of the risks that some people are not considering when thinking about why not capturing and prosecuting OBL.

If he was captured and be tried in any court of law in any country, then that country would have been possibly subjected to severe and ruthless attacks by Al Qaeda members and OBL supporters. Then more lives would have been lost as a result of them trying to retaliate. And no country would have wanted to host his court hearing.

Also, if he was not burried at sea, then his tomb would have become a symbol of those who want to become like him. It would have become a shrine of hate and extremist fanatics. Yes, OBL used his religion to influence and cause the death of thousands of Christians and Muslims alike around the world; hence he has those who support and sympathize with him and those who detest him including some Muslims.

Therefore, it’s better for one man to die, as he did, than to cause more deaths and instability from violent threats to any country that would have hosted his court hearing.

Financially, he already caused a loss of more than $15 trillion in the global economy since 9/11, and more than $3 billion of that went into trying to find him and protect the US against his attacks. If he was to be tried in the court of law, more billions of dollars would have been spent trying to protect him, for his personal safety and for the country that would have been hosting his court proceeding.

Remember, as his people would have tried to free him out, so as many Americans would have tried to kill him, hence more billions of dollars would have been spent just to keep him safe, and his court proceeding would have gone on for years and years, and each second of every minute, money would have been spent just because of him. But now that money would be spent in rebuilding economic infrastructure and perhaps for international aid and humanitarian programs.

But, is the world safer now than when he was alive? Perhaps just 15% safer. It’s too early to tell. Perhaps about two years from now would be different. Also, for now, Al Qaeda should think twice in appointing a successor, because whoever is appointed to succeed OBL, he would be a target of kill or capture by the US Military Forces, and there is probably no one who would want to be in that hot seat.

Thus, eventually with time, Al Qaeda would be a thing of the past. And we all could be boarding our flights without being subjected to extensive screening and searching, just like we used to be prior to 9/11.

Was Osama bin Laden Beaten First by the Navy Seals and Why Did He Hate America?

During the Afghani Soviet War, Osama bin Laden was fighting with the US against the Soviet. He was a CIA, well trained operative, fighting as a Mujahideen, fighting against the Soviet Union, to leave Afghanistan. And America was helping the Afghani rebels, Osama bin Laden’s forces, to rid the Soviet in fear of Soviet Union spreading its influence throughout Asia.

However, after the Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan, America didn’t fully withdraw. Instead, America went and set up its military base in the Arabian peninsula. And according to the Muslim customs, no foreigners should setup military base in the Holy land.

Also, America started helping and supporting Israel against Palestine. And that made Osama bin Laden mad, hence he declared jihad against the US in around 1995 but no one was really paying him any attention.

It’s mostly because of America settling in the Arabian region and its support of Israel that overturned Osama bin Laden to hate America.

As a former CIA operative, he was smart in alluding the US and NATO since 9/11; he made the US search for him in the mountains and caves in Southern Pakistan and the Afghani hills, while he was just less than half a mile away from Pakistani Military Academy living good in a $1 million mansion, and not in a cave with snakes and scorpions.

He was probably like, let them hunt “me” in the jungle, while I am here in a wealthy suburb living good with my family and kids.

But the question is; who paid to build that house, who’s the builder, and how long has he been living there? Well, bin Laden was worth more than $500 million prior to 9/11, so might have paid to have the house built just for him.

The house was built in 2005, so that means for more than 6 years, he was living there while the US and NATO were looking for him in the desert? And at what school did his kids go to?

Looking at the computer screen’s photo of him circulating the Web with a shot above his left eye, it seems like he was beaten first with a butt of the gun on the left eye, before he got shot, but not at point-blank.

Now it’s being reported that he was not armed but put up a resistance. So that means, if he tried to physically fight off the US Navy Seals, then they might have first hit him and then shot him. But by shooting an unarmed man is against the US policy.

I am sure there would be Congressional Inquiry on this one, and the House-controlled Republicans would try to pin it and blame Obama.

Mullah Omar and al-Zawahiri are Next by September 2011

The Taliban’s Mullah Mohammed Omar and Al-Qaeda #2 in charge, Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri, are probably peeing in their pants right now because Osama bin Laden has been killed. So, they need to come out of the holes and surrender themselves to the US so they can be tried in the court of law, or else, they could be next by or before September 2011. Read my previous “near perfect predictive analytical blog post” on the death or capture of Osama bin Laden.

Just as Analytically Predicted, Osama bin Laden is Dead

AGAIN, a near perfect analysis. I’m exactly almost one year late since my analytical predictive article that I wrote and posted in February 2010 stating that Osama bin Laden will be captured or killed by President Obama. Read the article that I posted on my blog on February 15, 2010 for more information.

Libyan War: Welcome to World War Three!

BBC World News is reporting that US President Barack Obama has said he does not rule out arming the rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Now the US is fighting 3 wars; Libya, Irag, and Afghanistan. While North Korea and Iran are trying to find out how they can fit between these wars. In the end, the US is fighting 5 wars, and the US annual spending will skyrocket to more trillions.

The problem now is that the US and allies are at the point of no return. They cannot undo what they have started in Libya. They have to finish it, but it could take two more years of fighting, unless they send in some commandos and just take out Gaddafi as quickly as possible.

But, when it becomes to that part, where the US is fighting North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, this will stretch out the US military resources, and in the end, the US is going to unleash its most powerful and deadliest secret weapons; the unmanned warplanes and robot soldiers, including well-trained and bio-engineered African bees. It could get nasty.

Welcome to the World War Three!