Is There More Room for a New Country Domain Extension (ccTLD)?

You’ve seen different country domain extensions such as .tv, .co, .ws, .cc?

In the US, banks use special identification “N.A.”, such as Chase, NA; PNC, NA; Citibank, NA; etc., with NA stands for “National Association”, to indicate a national bank.

.na is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to the Republic of Namibia.

.na domain names could be branded as “National” to indicate “national” for anything, and can be made available for registration globally through companies commonly referred to as accredited registrars, such as, Network Solutions, eNom, etc.

Any company, organization, or entrepreneur can use a .NA domain for their online branding needs, such as “”, “”, “”, etc.

.na will soon become available for registration worldwide through certain accredited registrars.

The portion of the registration fee for the .na domain name could help generate more than US$3.7 million (N$27 million) per year for the next 20 years, a total of US$74 million (N$533 million), for the Ministry of Education of Namibia that can go toward revamping schools through Namibia.

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My Nonsense Solution Approach for Your Business, Government and Organization

I provide free Meetups on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership development, as well as effective workshops and seminars on how to realize your dream and become your best.

However, if you need a solid and winning business plan or paper work done professionally; I can help you but I no longer do this for free as my time is now crunched.

I’m a neuroeconomist and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of real-life practical skills gained from my business activities in the USA. I also offer consulting services for companies and governments to improve efficiency and productivity in order to realize and attain their short and long-term goals.

I’m part of the leading company and team that’s implementing a powerful rapid economic ecosystem development for Namibia.

Same as in Swaziland, I’m part of the world’s best team that’s crafting an effective plan and solution to help improve the working relationship between the Office of the King and the Parliament of Swaziland in order to implement the development of a powerful industrial ecosystem in the Kingdom of Swaziland.

My practical experience ranges in start-ups, business and product development, predictive (political, financial and business) analytics, mentorship, branding, and web app development.

Thus if your government ministry or agency, organization or business is in need of improving its operations for a greater efficiency and productivity, then contact me today.

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I’m basically part of the group that you’d need and invite in to improve your bottom-line.

Writing is Powerful!

There’s power in writing, and I love writing. I write just about anything, whatever I feel at any given moment, I just write; some of my analytical articles are usually about 95% accurate on whatever I predictive analyze.

A Facebook friend, Jason L. Baptiste, started writing articles about startups and then he got published by online news media, eventually he got a publishing book deal. Through his blogging and writing, it helped him to easily raise $1.5 million in seed funding for his new and hot startup, Onswipe.

For me, writing has helped me tremendously. Because through my Review for Namibia’s Budget for 2011/2012, it enabled me to easily meet with top Namibian government officials as well as aspired top Standard Bank executives to wanted to meet and talk to me.

All in all, it is easily helping us to raise our 20% or N$1.3 billion (US$160 million) in debt funding for our Groot Town Center ecosystem development.

There’s power in writing; writing is powerful. It helps to define who you are; your capacity and ability; your thoughts, belief, knowledge and skills, your intellectual and understanding of subject matters. So start writing.

Read my Review for Namibia’s 2011/2012 Budget article, it’s the most read article on my blog by top officials in the Namibian government.

Don’t forget to attend my 2-day workshop on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Leadership in Outapi on June 17th and 18th, hosted and produced by Namib Computing Academy (Pty) Ltd. Look for ads regarding this workshop in The Namibian newspaper in coming days.

Simon Kapenda: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Meetup Series

My next Meetup Series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership is on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Protea Turinger Hof on Independence Avenue in Windhoek from 16h00 – 19h00. This is something you don’t wanna miss if you’re inspired to do bigger and greater things in your life. Search Facebook for this event to RSVP now. It’s free and is open to the public.

How to Keep Your Job and Get Promotion

Wherever you work, whatever you do; never let yourself to be irrelevant. Meaning that, if you don’t show up for work or don’t complete your assigned task for any reason, that no one will miss you or realize that you are not there or haven’t done your assigned duty; if you find yourself being irrelevant, then the first one to be fired or get laid off will be you.

Always apply yourself to be an important ingredient in everything; so that they just can’t do anything without you.

Getting Back to the Things that I Passionately Enjoy and Love

Since I’ve been out of college in June 2009, I’ve been really trying to catch up on the things that I dearly love doing and “may be” very good at, such as; web and projects development and most importantly; sound engineering and production.

Basically, I’m triple specialized, career wise, in Economics, Sound Production and Engineering, and Web Development.

For the Economics, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the world’s largest and one of the finest universities in the world, The Ohio State University, and for the Sound/Audio Engineering, in which I have over 20 years of professional experience, I was hands-on trained in Denmark, South Africa, the UK, and USA, by some of the best sound engineers in the world with the help of Svend-Erik the Great, in Denmark, and I have a certificate from the world renown school for the recording arts, The Recording Workshop.

For the Web Development, that’s a self-taught speciality, hands-on learned in 1996 from one of the best minds in computer science, engineering, and software development, my best friend, Satya, currently an engineer at AEP.

FOH Sound board

FOH Sound board

I’ve had a chance to work with the best people in the world, doing live concerts with some of the biggest names, from MC Hammer, Seal, U2, to Paul Simon, live TV news and interviews with the greatest personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Sam Nuyoma, George Bush Sr., and in-studio music production projects.

I’m kind of rusty right now in sound production and engineering, since I haven’t been really doing anything big in recent years, as I was busy with my study, but it’s like riding a bicycle, and even technology has changed a lot, I’m a geek, and I am catching up easily.

What’s next for me from here? As I’m working on my post graduate study, which comes first, but in terms of music and TV production, I am developing a reality TV show, see my new production company, Flomon Productions Ltd. For as long as I am healthy and capable, from here on, expect only the best. I am meticulous and a perfectionist, which I find myself taking up more time working on a project because I only want the best on it, and everything else I am doing.

Check out this video from my church that I sound engineered, Pastor Wicker, is leading the song. It is different doing sound for a church service though, than for a live outdoor concert, but I love doing it.

Click here to view and play the video, and another one here, enjoy them.

Feel free to listen or watch more praise and worship videos and sounds on our church’s web site at