AdSense leaves Google?

Is there any more room in the entrepreneurial world for a well known, well funded, well experienced and respected individual to enter the entrepreneurial world?

Will he be a threat to most of us or an icing on a cake, a blessing in the sky?

Whatever he decides to do will be a monster success. Welcome to the jungle, Gokul!

Gokul Rajaram, a high-ranking Google product manager who helped launch one of the search giant’s most profitable ventures has left to start his own company.

“I’ve been having the itch to do something entrepreneurial for awhile now,” says Rajaram, 33, known by Googlers as one of the “godfathers of AdSense.” “I’m in my early 30s and I have some experience and financial security, so the time felt right.”

“I have some ideas on the consumer Internet side,” he adds. “I’m still trying to flesh that out in the next few weeks. Right now, I’m just trying to get used to not going to work.”

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