Where are the Black-owned Engineering Firms for Industrial Ecosystems Development in Namibia?

We’re just coming from our intense technical planning for both @Groot Steel and @Tses Glass, with our Local Project Management team, and I feel really sad; I’m so sad that, as we put in so many hours developing these projects each day, hoping that in the end, we’re helping to economically empower those who have been left out by the wave of lucrative opportunities in Namibia, it’s very sad that in our technical team of engineers, many local partner companies involved, that there’s no single black-owned or operated firm offering technical expertise for these projects, and only white-owned. And this is so sad. It’s just too sad, that money paying for these technical services is flowing from one already-wealthy hand to more other already wealthy hands.

It’s sad that it seems like more black people in Namibia or rather Africa at large, tend to rather more focus on short term goals instead of investing their time and energy in long term visions, such as; projects like these are all for long terms; ranging from 2 to 5 years of just technical planning prior to getting any capital return from them, but black people don’t seem to be interested in that, they seem to be more interested only in such as shebeen business, where you plan and build it today, and tomorrow you’re getting your small change back.

But if it’s like this, then how can an economy can actually develop and prosper? Setting up and building cuca-shops, kapanas, mini-markets, retail stores, lodges, guesthouses, shebeens, shopping malls, etc are not the way to develop an economy. All of these are services which offer no real value; no value-added, no nothing except that you set them up fast just to close them down even fastest if things don’t go as expected possibly due to the severe competition (crowded market), and that these types of service businesses don’t offer sustainable good paying jobs, to the point that the workers themselves who work in these places can actually afford to buy from these services where they themselves work.

Manufacturing jobs offer the best economic value for the workers to support their families, communities, and the country. Setting up manufacturing factories such as steel mills, glass factories, power plants, and other infrastructure projects generally serve as the backbones of economies in the world, everywhere.

Setting up barbershops and street corner shebeens etc offer nothing, not even in the short term, but add more misery (governments must offer more social welfare programs) and poverty to the economy (poorly paid people don’t pay adequate tax to support offered governments’ social welfare programs).

I feel sad that, in a country like Namibia which is in Africa, that only more white companies are involved in offering technical expertise and planning which involves millions of dollars for their services.

Oh, my people, my Africans, when can we move away from the short-sighted goals and look at the furthest years to come; such as planning for the next 25-50 years from now? How can we really make Africa become economically successful, and make it no more politically focused and oriented? A politically focused and oriented Africa will keep seeing more people living in dire poverty, more families living in misery, more people dying, more governments looking for international donors’ bailout, more people living not according to their dreams and wishes but because of rather purposely designed social circumstances.

It’s just sad, too sad.


Forgive but Never Forget – Cassinga May 4, 1978

It was a horrific massacre; more than 600 of innocent Namibian men, women, and children were brutally killed by the South African Apartheid government on May 4, 1978 in Cassinga, Angola. They were massacred not because of any wrong doing but because of their audacity of apartheid, racism, and discrimination intolerance in Namibia.

It was in the morning hours when innocent men, women and children were in the Cassinga camp inside Angola, a place of refugee that they called their home away from Namibia due to severe racial discrimination in Namibia by the South African Administration which only ended on March 21, 1990.

On that day, more than 600 men, women and children were busy with their daily chores and school activities as usual, but then they heard a sound of airplanes, that they all ran outside to glare at the sky thinking and hoping that the planes were coming to deliver bags of food (as usual); they then stood glaring and staring at the morning blue sky as they watched tiny dark objects falling from the planes towards them, but unfortuneately, they were no bags of food but bombs and more bombs delivering an unsuspected and horrific death.

When the tiny dark objects hit and blasted below their feet, they had no were to run and hide but watched as the hatred blaze of fire and bullets hitting and combing through every place of the whole Cassinga camp area, delivering harsh, brutal and hatred death in an instant of a moment.

More than 600 innocent people; women, children, and men died on that day, specifically for me, so that today I’m free to walk at anytime, anywhere in Namibia without being discriminated against because of the color of my skin, race, national origin or political party affiliation. That today, my children and future grandchildren will be able to attend any school of their own choice in Namibia without being subjected to harsh discrimination because of the color of their skin, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or creed.

Those men, women and children, who died on that day, contributed immensely to the independence of Namibia but without ever tasting the fruits of their labor that Namibians are indiscriminately and lavishly enjoying today. Their blood that shed on that day, have brought me my personal liberty and freedom that enable me to travel in and out of Namibia without being subjected to harassment and severe punishment simply because I am black.

Today, I gladly honor and celebrate this day in sadness that, being black in Namibia, that I now have a voice; my civil and human rights to air and voice my personal views without being subjected to censorship and harassment. Today, I am who I am because those men, women and children who died on May 4, 1978 in that horrific and brutal hatred death of an unsuspected instant, just because of their race, skin color, and political belief; today I am doing what I love doing, and it’s because of them; those heroes and heroines, who died on that day in Cassinga and those who survived to witness and tell their stories today.

On that day, it could have been my brother, Daniel Jacob Kapenda, who as a SWAPO Plan fighter died in Katima for the love of Namibia.

May 4, 1978 is the day that should never be forgotten by any Namibian and friends of Namibia, regardless of his or her political party affiliation, religion, race, creed, color of skin, sexual orientation, or gender.

That day, May 4, 1978, is the day that will forever live in infamy. Yes, forgive but never forget!

The only absence of war is peace; let peace prevails!

The World Arm Race vs. The World Peace Race?

Now that India has successfully tested its 2nd long range nuclear missile rocket capable of hitting China, then next is Pakistan. North Korea already wants the same which the 5-permanent members of the UN Security Council already have, the same technological capability.

Israel is in it too, then Iran is drying up to have the same, so as Egypt, then later Senegal and Nigeria will demand for the same ability and so as South Africa. Then soon Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, Australia, even Lesotho, Kenya and Zimbabwe would want the same; later on the whole freaking world would have long-range nuclear missiles pointing at one another but each country with a policy of “no-first-use”, but when one schmuck scientist comes to work drunk and accidentally hit the press launch button, then the missile will hit Israel or China or N.Korea “by accident”, then we will have The First Nuclear Missile World War, then all of us, humans and our little animals all go into oblivion – extinction; then after 1000 years when the nuclear radiation has dispelled just a little, then Dinosaurs come back to life.

What a wonderful recycle? So, what the freakin’ happened to World Peace Race?

Cry, My Beloved Country, Namibia! Where Will Namibia Be in 20 Years?

It’s like everyone is laying asleep under a giant tree and a roaring hungry lion is coming near to devour everyone but no one seems to see the danger.

I have nearly perfectly analytically predicted the death or capture of Osama bin Laden, which I blogged on my personal blog. I have also perfectly predicted the resignation of Former President Musharraf of Pakistan, of which I also blogged on my personal blog.

I also analytically analyzed the War in Afghanistan, of which both CNN and CBS Evening News followed and covered for one-long week based on my analytic blog. I also predicted the firing or resignation of Coach Tressel, Ohio State University’s once-famous Football coach, and very recently, I have analytically predicted the death of Steve Jobs. All these I have posted on my personal blog.

I use analytic and regression formulas (based on Econometric Models) combining advance calculus methods and predictive forecast tools to come up with the end results, a probability of what might become or happen with the issue in question.

And as I analyze and zoom up to 20 years from now; the way the current situation in Namibia, with more and more young people turning to alcohol, more than 50% of kids not graduating from high school, the current graduating students from Namibia’s tertiary institutions are not really graduating, having attained quality education which is in par with the world’s standard (students don’t wanna learn, follow the recent scandal at Unam with students trading grades for sex), all those factors and more; my predictive forecast end results for Namibia don’t look good. I don’t know were Namibia as a country will be in 20 years or less from now. And that makes me very sad.

Because, overall, our current awesome leaders as they get old and some go rest with our God, there might not be anyone to really take over the leadership. To whom can they pass the Torch?

When we were coming up as young people as well as our elders in Namibia under apartheid, our only aim and objective were; Freedom from the Apartheid South Africa. That’s all we cared about and we worked hard and sacrificed to attain that Freedom.

But now, those who call themselves “Born-Free”, those who were born after 1990, I can’t understand where their minds are focused. What are their ultimate goal? Because as I see it now in Namibia, most of them are all hip-hop wannabees, it’s all about alcohol, sex and party. What’s happening with them? What’s happening with Namibia’s youths today?

The only thing I pray for is for God to please help us realize our current development of the Groot ecosystem, so we can help transform Namibia’s economy into a world class developed country with more jobs creation, better paying jobs for the families to have good income so they can perhaps have more time with their children at home. As it all starts at home.

And this has to happen fast. But, developing a country’s economy is not all about setting up buildings and infrastructure, it’s also developing and training the minds of the people of the country so their mental attitude and moral aptitude, spiritual academics can be ready to transform them to what’s being developed. This is partly known as; Neuroeconomics.

Was Osama bin Laden Beaten First by the Navy Seals and Why Did He Hate America?

During the Afghani Soviet War, Osama bin Laden was fighting with the US against the Soviet. He was a CIA, well trained operative, fighting as a Mujahideen, fighting against the Soviet Union, to leave Afghanistan. And America was helping the Afghani rebels, Osama bin Laden’s forces, to rid the Soviet in fear of Soviet Union spreading its influence throughout Asia.

However, after the Soviet withdrew from Afghanistan, America didn’t fully withdraw. Instead, America went and set up its military base in the Arabian peninsula. And according to the Muslim customs, no foreigners should setup military base in the Holy land.

Also, America started helping and supporting Israel against Palestine. And that made Osama bin Laden mad, hence he declared jihad against the US in around 1995 but no one was really paying him any attention.

It’s mostly because of America settling in the Arabian region and its support of Israel that overturned Osama bin Laden to hate America.

As a former CIA operative, he was smart in alluding the US and NATO since 9/11; he made the US search for him in the mountains and caves in Southern Pakistan and the Afghani hills, while he was just less than half a mile away from Pakistani Military Academy living good in a $1 million mansion, and not in a cave with snakes and scorpions.

He was probably like, let them hunt “me” in the jungle, while I am here in a wealthy suburb living good with my family and kids.

But the question is; who paid to build that house, who’s the builder, and how long has he been living there? Well, bin Laden was worth more than $500 million prior to 9/11, so might have paid to have the house built just for him.

The house was built in 2005, so that means for more than 6 years, he was living there while the US and NATO were looking for him in the desert? And at what school did his kids go to?

Looking at the computer screen’s photo of him circulating the Web with a shot above his left eye, it seems like he was beaten first with a butt of the gun on the left eye, before he got shot, but not at point-blank.

Now it’s being reported that he was not armed but put up a resistance. So that means, if he tried to physically fight off the US Navy Seals, then they might have first hit him and then shot him. But by shooting an unarmed man is against the US policy.

I am sure there would be Congressional Inquiry on this one, and the House-controlled Republicans would try to pin it and blame Obama.

Libyan War: Welcome to World War Three!

BBC World News is reporting that US President Barack Obama has said he does not rule out arming the rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Now the US is fighting 3 wars; Libya, Irag, and Afghanistan. While North Korea and Iran are trying to find out how they can fit between these wars. In the end, the US is fighting 5 wars, and the US annual spending will skyrocket to more trillions.

The problem now is that the US and allies are at the point of no return. They cannot undo what they have started in Libya. They have to finish it, but it could take two more years of fighting, unless they send in some commandos and just take out Gaddafi as quickly as possible.

But, when it becomes to that part, where the US is fighting North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Libya, this will stretch out the US military resources, and in the end, the US is going to unleash its most powerful and deadliest secret weapons; the unmanned warplanes and robot soldiers, including well-trained and bio-engineered African bees. It could get nasty.

Welcome to the World War Three!