How Can You Raise $1 Billion in Financing for Your Startup?

So you’ve started your business and now you’re urgently in need of $1 billion in financing for your business or project; then what do you do and where do you go to get it?

There are a few simple and easy steps on how to do it fast without breaking your back, which are;

  • “Personable” – use the social media to market yourself and by doing so, be sure to be real, be open, be smart.
  • “Brag branding” – use the social media to brag about your project but do so without spamming your audience.
  • “Value and excitement”- your project must offer value that can excite your potential investor’s appetite.
  • “Culture”- more and more people have money which they want to put it to work, but they will never fund you if they don’t know you, if they don’t trust you, and if they don’t have faith in you. This is where your personal characteristic comes in to play; which your past may define your present value but depends on how you present yourself, it may not hinder you realize future potential.

Simply by doing the above may help you attract potential financiers for your project; it’s always better when they come to you and offer to invest in your project, instead of you going to them.

We’re securing $1.7 billion for our 900 MW CCGT power plant as well as our other industrial projects within the Groot Group ecosystem and we have attracted some of the world’s largest and leading financial institutions and private super-net worth individuals.

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My New Book Filled With New Economic Models, Theories, Formulas, and Touching on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Innovation, Leadership and Capital Raising

I’m often asked why am I not writing an Academic Book for colleges/universities.

My answer is; yes, I’m writing an academic book focusing on Economics related issues, but it will not be ready may be for another 2 or 3 years. And yes, I have already been offered a US$1.5 million publishing deal (I announced this on my blog in October last year) by a New York City publisher based on “My Job Multiplier Effect Model“.

In this book, it will be filled with my self-created economic models, and more theories, equations, and formulas. This is based on what I have learned so far by being part of an incredible team that’s doing our Groot Rapid Industrial Ecosystem Development in Namibia, and perhaps I will also touch on introducing a “New School of Thought” based on The 2008 Great Recession (which I dub “Capitalism Transformation”), plus my vast research during my time stay and working in Namibia since August 2010, plus my vast travel around the world, meeting with potential investors, negotiating mega deals and contracts with potential partners, dealing with the hardcore politics of Namibia, meeting and discussing with high ranking government officials, and by developing one of the world’s largest power plants (Sitentu Power Plant), developing Africa’s largest steel mill (Otavi Steel Mill), developing a new township (Groot) from scratch, and more, as well as being often times ridiculed by some news media, and my experience dealing with often times inexperienced news reporters.

The book will touch on self-improvement, personal development, mentorship, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and raising capital/investment based on my experience dealing with investment power houses, banks, and venture firms around the world to raise US$1.6 billion for our power plant, and US$210 million for our Otavi Steel Nanomil.

I believe this Book will be an awesome reading.

ANC Making a Big Mistake by Expelling Julius Malema

This is a very sensitive issue and I believe the ANC is making a huge mistake if it expels Julius Malema from the ANC Party.

It’s a known fact by nearly everyone that the Youths in Africa are the most vulnerable in terms of employment, skills development, and access to socio-economic programs; and each ruling party anywhere in Africa should embrace at all costs to making sure that the Youths are well cared for. Because if you look at the age median of the political spectrum today in Africa; the majority of the voters are the youths, and I am referring to those who were born after 1990. They don’t know anything first-hand about apartheid or colonization, except what they read in history books and hear mythical stories as told by their parents and friends in the streets.

The youths today don’t care about what happened during the apartheid era or colonization; they only care about their cellphones, laptops, cars, tablet devices, connecting to the Web; in short, they only care about money; and I mean “hard cash” and nothing else. Hence any ruling party that doesn’t cater to providing the youths in their country with the much needed resources to put hard cash in their pockets, then that ruling party is doomed and is risking losing the next or next-to-next general election.

As for the ANC, it needs to realize that Julius Malema, regardless of his hard rhetoric and militant tenor, he’s more influential and more powerful than the ANC itself (consider the Hip-Hop group, Public Enermy, in the 80’s and early 90’s, do you know what happened during that time to the US cities of Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, etc. with their militant song; “Fight the Power”?), meaning that if he gets expelled from the ANC, that he’s more than able and capable of creating his own political party and be able to raise enough funds to easily win the next South African Presidential election.

Now, before you say “no” he can’t do that, then look at South African youths; the majority of them are blacks and are unemployed or underemployed and if Malema can put together a powerful and experienced Advisory Committee to court and guide him, so that he can tone down his militant rhetoric and embrace a more softer but still hard-toned down tenor that directly addresses the issues that the South African Youths are facing daily, then this will coin him and guarantee him to win the next South African Presidential Election.

Now, instead for the ANC to expel him, it should consider offering him and putting him in a “Strategic Position” within the ANC Party that will cater to pulling and attracting the angry South African Youths to the ANC Party, and then try to address their issues collectively. However, if they expel him from the ANC Party, because he has criticized President Jacob Zuma, then they are risking losing the next Presidential Election, because the Youths will likely follow him to whatever party he goes.

And in general, African Presidents need to get used to being ridiculed and criticized; this is democracy. Constituencies must have the rights to air their views on the President’s job performances. Criticism and being ridiculed don’t mean disrespectful, it simply implying an unsatisfactorily sentiments due to the President’s job precipitation.

The world has changed; everything in it has changed; politics and business as usual have changed; it’s not the same old principled theories any more. And every leader anywhere should embrace this change; which is the new age of interacted, and a more connected global economy. Political economy no longer has roots; it’s meaningless. Economic transformation is the next wave for Africa’s industrialization as fueled by the passion for Africans to live like other humans elsewhere in the world.

Socialism, Communism, Fascism, etc are dead, even the Soviet Union (USSR) doesn’t exist any more, capitalism has seen its transformation change and chanllenge since The 2008 Great Recession. Now it’s the market-driven-economy which rules and controls this wind of a new change; a world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, iPhone, and more. These platforms have completely revolutionized how things work and are done today; both in politics, business, entertainment, science, and everything else.

The global information in which we live now is on everyone’s fingertips. We are now more connected, more smarter, more informed, more vocal, and more open. The print news media are no longer relevant. Their relevancy only for confirmation of the reported news.

This new global change needs and must be understood and accepted by African leaders who still practice and focus on the old politics, the politics of old dogs fighting for old bones.

This new change needs to ring clear and loud within every ruling party especially in Africa; that the Youths at all costs “must come first”. Because any country that overlooks or underestimates its youths is directly or indirectly doomed to have political fallout and economic demise. And the ANC must consider reinstating Malema right away and find a common goal to best work and reason with him, if they want to win the next Presidential Election.

If ANC expels Julius Malema today, expect a huge political backlash against the ANC Party.

(I wrote this unbiased opinion as an Analyst, not a politician. I hate politics. And, no I am not a supporter of Julius Malema, I think he’s a joke, but I respect him as a human being).

How to Build a $10 Billion Company in 3 Years?

How do you build a $10 billion industrial, non-tech, company in just 3 years in today’s fiercely competitive global market economy?

The formula is simple; do something completely out of the box; something that has never been done before or just take an existing one and improve it to perfection, but do not be afraid of being ridiculed.

Stay focused, determined, hungry and foolish; foolish that you listen to no one who tells you that your idea will never work; remain resilient and passionate about your idea. Listen to their advice and criticism to help you improve your foolishness, but don’t get discouraged; just stay focused and dead thirsty to realize your dream.

Pray nonstop; ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding on how to make your dream the best product in your industry; be faithful and hopeful through obedience.

No one else will do it better than yourself, and if you need assistance, get the best expert to do it for you, but work hand-in-hand with him. You have the vision of how you want it to be, so make it to be better than anything else in the market, and think about its short and long term impacts and effects while you develop it.

Take the risk and accept every shameful and ridiculous thing thrown at you without you losing your cool. Keep doing your thing while they’re mocking you, but in the end, you’d be the one laughing on your way to the bank.

Then later, they’re the first one in line with proposals looking for cash donations from you for their vague and silly nonprofit programs, because that’s their only way to scavenge for cash to fund their personal livelihood.

Never forget those who have helped you realize your dream; do good for them as much as they did for you; but remember those who were laughing and mocking at you but never pity to give them anything. Be vengeful!

Yup, Groot Group‘s valuation is at US$10+ billion, and this is just from the two projects; the steel mill and the power plant.

A privately held startup company, Groot Group has 58 more projects to develop to create sustainable employment opportunities of more than 500,000 direct and indirect new jobs in Namibia.

Groot Group is an entrepreneurial driven company, based on the concept that entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership are the ingredient driving factors for improving, developing and rapidly growing an economy of any country in the world.

At Groot Group, we strongly believe that the government provides security, resources, tools, and procedures for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, but it’s not the responsibility of the government to venture into entrepreneurship.

Innovations (businesses) by entrepreneurs provide the financial support in forms of taxes, levies, and tariffs imposed on sales, imports and exports by the government for the government to meet its operational and social economic programs.

Also employment creation depends on entrepreneurs who develop innovations and establishing businesses that employ qualified and available candidates within the economy.

However, if the government does the opposite; tries to venture out into establishing businesses that directly or indirectly compete with private businesses, then what will happen is a non-optimal functioning, stagnant economy. And we see this a lot in African countries.

History tells us that there has never been a government-owned business anywhere that has been profitable and at the same time; offering the most efficient and best products or customer care in the world. Only the US Postal System has for years worked, but now, it’s in big ruin. The government should and must support viable business efforts by entrepreneurs but it should stay out of entrepreneurs’ way.

Now, get up and go out there and start your own $100 billion business; Mark, Bill, Steve, etc., did it for their Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, etc. No matter how silly your business idea might sound; if there’s someone who wants your service or product, then there’s a market for it; so just go do it.

Namibia, Together We Can Do It; Rapid Industrial Development

We now have Danieli and SMS Siemag powering Otavi Steel, and GE, Mitsubishi, Marubeni, and Siemens to power Sitentu Power Plant.

Working with Namibian entrepreneurs and government agencies, we are bringing some of the world’s largest and best companies, technology, and investment to Namibia to develop Namibia’s economy. Yes, entrepreneurship and innovations are the engine growth for every economy in the world.

I’ve been trying to tell you that our Groot Group has the unique ability and capacity to make this happen; bringing and developing some of the largest projects in Namibia by some of the world’s largest companies and financial institutions, but some laughed at me saying it’s impossible, because they looked at my physical approach and denigrated me simply because may be I didn’t come to you walking on a cloud or simply because I turned out to be black (on the phone I may sound like a white man may be, but what if I was white?). Today, those “some” you are regretting for not working with us.

In Grootfontein, after they didn’t sign the MoU for us to do GTC there, we offered the Grootfontein Town Council for us to buy the land that we were signing the MoU for, we asked them how much they want for it, and the Grootfontein Town Council wrote to us, by snail mail, stating that they will not sell us the land. The CEO and their lawyer informed me on the phone that we go develop it elsewhere, and so we moved on and to a private land, for our GTC development. This could have brought a massive economic development to a dilapidated town of Grootfontein.

We have always been constantly linear on what we say that we can do and what we will do, it may not happen at the time we say will happen due to the scope outside our own control at times. However, now we have two different projects in Otavi (Otavi Steel) and Walvisbay (Sitentu Power Plant) with a combined development budget of more than N$37 billion (N$26 billion for Otavi Steel) and N$11 billion for Sitentu Power Plant).

These are some of the largest projects ever developed anywhere, and they are under way now, right here in Namibia. They are not impossible to develop them, because they have been developed elsewhere before.

These two projects have massive economic tentacles touching nearly every industry, every sector in Namibia, to offer economic development and good sustainable employment opportunities for the Namibian people.

We, as a country, Namibia, all of us, we can make this happen faster if we are working together regardless of our political, tribal, ethnic, and religious differences, we can make this happen for the greater good of Namibia; and our future generation.

It’s not about who or what, the focus should be about what each one of us are doing to help develop Namibia. Our Independence was not as a result from just one individual member but by the heroic efforts of all of us, the Namibians, united as SWAPO members and led by our Hero, Founding Father Nujoma, and we all together have overcome to defeat the mighty South African Apartheid government.

If we are united still, just as we were united then, then no one in Namibia will be going to bed hungry, no one will be with nothing; we can all live the Namibian dream, not just by the 3% Namibians, but all of us, everyone.

This can only happen once we start to believe in ourselves, in our capacity as humans, in our institutions, in our government, in our own people.

I am blessed to have lived my life around the world, but with the little that I have gained in terms of knowledge and experience, academic skills, business acumen, and my connection to the world’s largest companies, I am dedicated to sharing it with you for the greater good of Namibia. We as individuals at Groot Group and partners cannot do this alone, but with you, together, it is all possible.

And, instead of looking and focusing on my claimed past shortcomings, look at my present, because I too don’t look or judge at how you have lived your life, I look at what you can deliver. With me, it doesn’t matter if you only have Grade 5, if you can do something better, then I will work with you. It’s not about your  class, status, education, family background, color of skin, religious or whatever, it’s about what quality you can deliver as an individual.

We can do this together, or we can sit back and just watch life passes us by; always in great need, always in want, always in pain, always in distress, always begging for the world’s aid, just because we refuse to think outside the box and do things that other world’s economies are doing for their own well being.

Why Are Some White Namibians Angry at the Development of Groot?

Gosh, I can’t wait to be back in Namibia. I’m so tired!

Here is the strange thing though; the development of Groot is causing to make some enemies for me within Namibia, while earning high praises outside Africa. Why?

Some black Namibians just have no clue what is or how things are done, and until they see something standing there already, then they are happy but they still have to find some other things to complain. They don’t become the process, instead they stand on the side line with a bottle of Windhoek Lager on one hand while pointing out the wrong things with the other hand, instead of putting down the bottle and get in the process to help make things right; which eventually will help their communities and the country at large.

On the side of the white Namibians, it’s obvious that the large portion of the Namibian economy is still controlled by the whites since the Apartheid era. White Namibians still own most of the larger businesses in Namibia, hence they control most of the Namibian economy. While the blacks are crying foul over the BEE, because they want to be handed things on the silver platter without ever working hard for them.

How can you ever learn how to successfully make it in life, in your life; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, most of the time you are drunk? You get up in the morning, get to work, spend the whole day barely holding on at work, and your boss dare not saying anything to you about your low productivity.

And then after work, you walk to the nearest and famous Kambashu (informal liquor place) to drink your head off; and get home late, and when the kids cry of hunger since you drink up the money, then you wanna beat up your wife. Yes, that’s part of the story for some of the Namibians. No time for self-development so you can improve yourself so that one day you can start and grow your own business.

All in all, who ever controls the majority of the cash flow in the country, controls the economy. Thus the White Namibians control the economy.

But, most of the white Namibians are not really happy about the development of Groot, because of the way it’s. Groot will make them change the way they normally do their business, it will change the way they do things; meaning that they will have to pay more salaries and offer better fringe benefits for their workers than what they normally do now (the law of supply and demand), and if they don’t do so, then the black workers will be able to go elsewhere where they will get better paying jobs.

Furthermore, Groot will bring in more foreign companies, and that’s the competition that the majority of the White Namibians are afraid of; as this will be taking away their beef; digging into their cash cow. So, for them to survive, they will have to beef up their production output, improve services, and product offerings in order to par up with the competition, if not, then they will be out of business.

Basically the entire Groot development will change the entire face of the Namibian economy, which in general is good for the country; consumers, businesses and the government, because it will bring efficiency and responsibility within the Namibian marketplace.

And those that will be really short affected will be the white Namibian business owners because then they will have to change how they do things in Namibia, and that’s more like disrupting their comfort zone of money making pit; which they have been enjoying for many years.

Overall, competition is good for the economy; for an improved customer service, products, prices, and overall; a better developed and more lean country.

The World vs. the US Culture: Are You Getting Confused?

Those who try to mimic the US culture or politics, you may want to do it with a clear understanding so that you don’t confuse your mind, belief and ability to make an informed living style.

In the US, the political sphere is divided into separate groups; the right, the left, and the middle. And then you have the string knots in the middle. Each sphere whether left, right or anywhere else can easily influence how you may see things, from a US perspective.

Such as some of the US news media or TV and Radio commentaries and analysts; they may say or write certain things, such as The News Fox Channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc will likely never to say or air anything that may compliment President Obama or the Democratic Party, since they tend to lean toward the far right.

Likewise, those who lean to the far left will likely never really say anything good about a Republican President or The Republican Party.

Each political sphere tends to fight against (not literally) the other on whatever many different issues. And for you, it’s important to listen, read, and watch the news that are more balanced and objective such The New York Times (if you read The New York Times, you may become smarter, because The New York Times is written scholarly). NPR, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC (financial), Bloomberg (financial), The Los Angeles Times, and a few more that are some of the US news media that tend to be not leaning to either side, and reading them could help offer you how you think or perceive the US culture or politics.

Believe it or not, the US influence is all around us; the products you buy in stores; Coca Cola, Movies, Music, Medicine, Food stuff, Education (Colleges), Technology (Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc). Hence if you aspire to understand your surrounding and environment, it’s best to always know the real truth, and not letting yourself misdirected and or lied to some sources of what you hear, read or watch on TV.

Even this writing, if I am a Democrat or Republican, I can easily try to influence you with my own opinion, and then you may actually believe what I wrote, but it’s just my own opinion.

Be careful of what you feed your brain, what you listen to, what you read, and what you watch can directly or indirectly influence your thinking ability and belief.

Don’t be a moron, read, listen, watch, but decide for yourself what it is that you want to believe.