More Rain in Namibia, Means More Human and Animal Babies, for Namibia?

It’s the middle or nearly end of April, which is almost Winter season in Namibia, but it’s still raining nonstop; and I’m loving this weather. It has even recently made a headline news on CNN, and the CNN Weather Forecast predicts that there’s more rain to come in Namibia.

Now, amid the flood and its devastating effect in the Northern Namibia; there’s some good news for this rain, which is;

Generally, Namibia is an arid desert-like dry country; however, this year’s rain is poised to help change that. As it keeps raining, more and more wild animals and plants will grow and evolve faster.

That’s; the plants and trees will grow bigger and taller as they compete for the best sunlight spots, and their roots will keep growing deeper and deeper into the ground to reach the underground rivers for more water and nutrients. Hence the trees and plants in Namibia will now likely turn Namibia into a rain forest country faster than perhaps previously ever expected or imagined for that matter.

And as the rain continues to pour down; then trees and plants will continue to grow bigger and taller, so as wild animals. They now have more water and food, and when there’s more food for them, so as their mating activities are increasing – hence more baby animals and baby birds in just a few months.

It’s a new ecosystem in the making; more plants, more animals, more birds, and even new animals and birds from elsewhere could migrate to Namibia, hence perhaps more new animal and bird species could be found in Namibia in years to come.

Now, amid the devastating effects from the flood in the North; the rain tends to make more people want to stay in bed longer; and as more and more people stay in their beds, so as more sexual activities among humans in Namibia will increase as well; and so as HIV and STDs. Thus, in about 8 – 10 months, Namibia could experience more human babies; hence an exponential eruption of population increase could take place in Namibia, or perhaps more HIV and STDs infections if they don’t protect themselves better.

All of these could simply mean more unexpected government spending in social welfare programs and services, but not only for humans this time, but also for animals and birds.

And this would cause to change the entire Namibia’s preset National Development Plans and Fiscal Budget for the year 2011 – 2015.

However, above all of that; there’s good news due to the economic ripple effects from the Groot Town Center ecosystem, which when is fully implemented within 3 years, it will be able to aid the government in meeting its social welfare programs and services, more efficiently and perhaps not as much as it would have otherwise if it was never been implemented.

Or perhaps; God simply forgot to turn the rain off for Namibia? And if so, it could rain like this until the next rain season. Then Namibia certainly becomes like the US and Europe. Which is cool in a way.


Fast Forwad; What Would It Be Like, 4.6 Billion Years From Now?

A million years from now, or even a billion years from now, what and how is history going to be written about us, the humans? What’s the earth going to be like, let’s say 10 billion years from now?

Would there be anything left for our children’s children’s future generation? With all the things that are happening everywhere, from global warming, the depletion of ozone layer, the depletion of all the natural resources, from the water in the oceans, the plants, humans and animals, what would be left for the on-coming generation?

What and how is our history going to be written about, 500 million years from now? What’s our excuse for inexcusably messing things up for all the generations and generations to come? How are we going to explain to what we have done to Mother Nature, to everything we govern on this earth?

Some experts estimate the earth to have been formed about 4.6 billion years ago, and from about 250 million years ago, the dinosaurs and other earthly creatures roamed the earth, up to about 65 million years ago, the dinosaurs suffered a major catastrophic distinction, some believes that a large meteorite hit the earth, and that was the cause for a massive distinction to both earthly plants and animals.

About 150 thousand years ago, Adam and Eve were sanctioned to work in the Garden of Eden, and about 4,900 years ago, Moses freed the children of Israel from the bondage of Egypt, and about 2006 years ago, Jesus was born and crucified on the cross, and on the third day, He was risen.

It’s obvious that history is written for every event, whether it is about Abraham, Noah, the famine in Egypt or the freeing of all the Negro slaves in America about 400 years ago. Every year when history is written and all the major events, good or catastrophic, are all noted at the forefront of the “never-to-be-forgotten” page, let it be the crumbling of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, or the end of World War I, II, Cold War, Vietnam War, the Gulf War, the end of South African Apartheid, the overthrow of the Saddam Hussein Regime, or the current Israel-Lebanon War, in every catastrophic event, the lives of hundreds and thousands of people and animals are unreasonably, incomprehensibly wasted. When a 500lbs bomb is dropped anywhere, every living creature in that area is completely and perhaps forever destroyed, and radiation may stay there for years to come, which may cause incurable diseases and illness both to humans, plants, animals and or birds.

What must we be accountable for, we as humans who have, from the very beginning, have been naturally sanctioned to govern this earth and everything in it? What are we doing to help curb and or stop any future devastating global events that may cause the spread of diseases to our children’s future generation? What’s it that we are supposed to do on here, on this earth? Are we to help build or destroy it? What is it? When history is written 500 years from now, what will it be? What will it say? What are we doing to help make our planet, this planet, to be more habitable for our children’s children future generation? What and how will it be, this planet, planet earth?

Aren’t we supposed to be accountable for all that we do now, so that our children’s children’s future generation, anytime from now, whether it’s 20 years from now or 10 billion years from now, will they have playgrounds and backyards, soccer fields and clean ocean water to play and swim in them? What’s it? Why are we like this now? What do we need to change, all of us, whether it’s Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe, or Australia? Are we really doing enough to help secure the future of our children’s future generation? Are we? Are you? What and how?