Latest Update:’s Shady and Unethical Domain Names’ Renewal Process

The following is my latest update on my two previous posts regarding’s possible unethical European domain name expiration and renewal procedures.

Since my last update here, I have had numerous email exchanges with an executive from, trying to amicably negotiate with in regard to their European domain name unethical expiration, renewal, and cancellation procedure. And, after numerous email exchanges, finally agreed to give me back, two of my domain names,, and, by renewing them for additional two years at no cost to me. But there are other .DE domain names that I have lost because of their renewal procedure.

The way registers and manages European domain names, such as, .de, etc., it’s like having a retail store that you own and manage, and your livelihood depends on your retail store’s revenue. However, your retail store’s landlord, who after you’ve signed a one-year lease, always comes to your store, once a year, at least 60 – 90 days before the end of your lease agreement, asking you to pay for the lease term, and if you decide to wait until the actual due date of your lease agreement, then your landlord instantly locks up your retail store, closes it down, and redirects your customers to the landlord’s store elsewhere, leaving you to lose business as your customers are redirected elsewhere.

And, that’s exactly how operates when coming to registering and managing the European domain names as I have it explained here. Also, you may want to read here what other customers are saying about similar problem with

I have written to several times, but with no amicable solution. And some of my requests are for GoDaddy;

– To instantly change its policies and procedures for its European domain names’ expiration procedures, invoicing and renewal process, and not to ever redirect expiring domain names for any customer to the GoDaddy’s parking pages with paid advertisement.

– To stop cancelling domain names from its customers account prior to the actual expiration dates.

– To adopt similar industry domain name expiration and renewal standard such as that of Yahoo! Domains’ expiration and renewal procedure, that GoDaddy must only cancel any domain name from any user’s account only after the actual expiration due date. And if for any reason whatsoever, that is unable to do so, then it must stop registering European domain names, directly or indirectly.

– Not to deactivate, cancel and then forward or redirect any expiring or expired domain names for any customer to any of the GoDaddy’s parking page with or without any paid and or sponsored advertisement.

– To publicly announce, by whatever form of written public announcement, such as a press release or posting on GoDaddy’s official blog, that has agreed to make changes to GoDaddy’s Universal Terms of Services in regard to its expiration, invoicing, and renewal procedures for the European Domain Names, and that GoDaddy will no longer cancel and redirect expiring or expired domain names to GoDaddy’s parking pages with paid or sponsored advertisement.

– To offer a discount price of $9.99 per each European Domain name for any and all of GoDaddy’s past and current customers, who may want to purchase any new European domain name through

I have a long list and I am still collecting names of those, anyone, past or current customer of, who have been affected by’s European Domain Names’ expiration and renewal procedure as explained above for a possible class action against So, please get in touch with me the soonest.

Advertisements’s Shady and Unethical Domain Names’ Renewal Process

If you own a domain that you’ve registered through, then you’ve probably been invoiced at least 60 days prior to the actual expiration due date of your domain name. They usually send you two or three more invoice reminders thereafter, inviting you to renew your domain.

However, if you fail to renew your domain per invoice at about 40 days prior to the actual due date of the expiration, then GoDaddy simply cancels your domain, and you can no longer renew it, and then GoDaddy immediately forwards it to GoDaddy’s own parking page with paid advertisement.

That’s nearly 40 days prior to the actual due date of the expiration of your domain name. In doing this, GoDaddy does two things; they redirect your site traffic to their own parking page, and then capitalize from your traffic from the paid ads on their parking page.

Is this really an ethical business practice? Even if their Universal Terms of Service dictates so, does that really emphasize good business ethic? How about ICANN’s gTLDs terms of service for registrars’ business practice? Terms are just written terms, which can be changed and revised at any time to suit the targeted consumers. So, GoDaddy can definitely revise their universal terms of service, if they want to, except that they have purposely set their domain names’ renewal process in order to cheat and steal from us, the consumers.

Yahoo Domains serves me the best. They invoice me several days prior to the due date of my domains’ expiration, and then they follow up with a few reminders, at least two or three more, so as, but Yahoo does not deactivate the expired domain names for another week, and then they give me another chance to renew my deactivated domain, before they completely cancel it. And when they simply cancel the domain, they don’t forward or redirect it to their parking page with paid ads, unlike

Last week, TechCrunch published an article on how GoDaddy warehouses expired domain names, read the article here, but a few days later, after the community negatively reacted to their shady tactics, GoDaddy immediately closed down their business division which was tasked to hide their unethical domain name warehousing.

For years, I have been registering and managing my domains through Network Solutions, but after it was sold to VeriSign, I started not liking their service, so I moved my domains to Yahoo! Domains, but there are certain tools in Yahoo! Domains’ Control Panel that I didn’t like, such as using dedicated server hosting through another hosting company, other than Yahoo!, so I moved some of them to I have also tried Netfirms and, but I didn’t like their control panel. I however still like GoDaddy’s CP, but I severly detest their renewal process. There just don’t seem to be another better registrar out there right now, other than

In the process, I have lost many domains through GoDaddy because of this shady invoicing practice, and I have three more domains expiring today and in January 2009, and I am not going to renew them, just because.

What I want to do is to hear from anyone who has experienced and doesn’t like the way GoDaddy does business in terms of invoicing, deactivating domain names prior to expiration dates, and then redirecting them to their parking page with paid ads.

I am talking to a lawyer about this, and I want to have a few more people, anyone, who may have experienced this shameful, unethical, and shady business by GoDaddy. So, if you have experienced the same problem with, please email me the soonest at I am going to try to do something about this, but I need to compile a large file.