My Personal Predictive Linear Modeling Formula for Success

The following is my most effective linear predictive modeling formula that defines me. I created this equation to help guide me to achieve my objectives and realize my dreams.

hi = β1ti + β2ti2 + . . . + β3ti3 + (β1t2pi – β2t3ni) + Ei
[Limitless Possibilities = Productivity + Determination + Resilience + Risk Tolerance + (Persistence – Procrastination) + Other Factors]

If you try to follow and assimilate it, you may as well experience some form of unique success in your personal endeavor as much as it is doing for me. I’m working on my personal autobiography in which I will be able to detail explain each one of the variables depicted in this equation.

Look for my autobiography in the late part of 2012.


Personal Endorsements and Connections for Sale or Exchange on LinkedIn?

Last week, I wrote and posted a blog article, titled “Real or Fake; How Reliable Are LinkedIn Professional Recommendations?“, and since then, I have received notes from different users, claiming that this kind of thing has been going on for a while on LinkedIn.

And it’s not just some users that are exchanging personal endorsements on LinkedIn, according to the Blog, some LinkedIn users such as Steven Burda, have been exchanging personal connections in exchange for personal endorsements.

“It has been happening for quite some time. I have had people write their own endorsement and send it to me within minutes of connecting asking me to post it. I delete them instead. I would love to see this behavior stop.” Says Sheila Etheridge, Owner of SME Management.

Usually, when I browse through personal profiles for business contacts on LinkedIn, and I look at recommendations posted on any user’s profile, I generally regard that person as someone reliable and trustworthy as illustrated by the recommendations displayed on his or her profile.

But, I only now realize that, not all of the personal recommendations that are displayed on many of the LinkedIn users’ profiles are actually posted by users whom they have known or done business with or have worked with, but they might simply be a shrew of people selling, buying, trading and or exchanging personal endorsements for personal favoritism, and that simply means that these professional networking sites may not be as reliable as they seem to profess.

Now the question I have for LinkedIn is this: What are you going to do about this shrew of some of your registered users scamming, selling or buying, trading, and or exchanging personal connections and endorsements for personal favoritism or gain on your site?

The Daring Power of Honesty

Every one of us, anywhere, are all in need of something, we are all competing for resources, to make a living, to survive, and whatever it is that we may want, we can only get it from each other, if we are completely straight forward with one another.

In order to successfully make it in this competitive market, in this crowded global economy, where everyone is doing everything he or she best can to better him or herself in order to best compete, there is only one thing you need to do to effectively get what you want; and that’s to gain the trust of everyone, known or unknown to you. And you can only gain their trust, if people get to know you, and the best thing to do for people to get to know you, is to properly introduce yourself to them, let them get to know you first, and be honest and straight forward with them. Your resume or link to your blog or web profile is the first best start for anyone to get to know you best. You don’t need to have a long resume or years of experience in your specialty, all you need is charisma, straightforwardness, and passion for what you want to do, and with that, you can almost get whatever you want from anyone.

Barrack Obama spent a few years in Chicago as a community organizer, then the state senate, and the only people who knew him then were the people of Chicago and the surrounding areas, but most of us elsewhere only came to get to know him the first time, when he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. When he stepped and spoke on that podium, on that stage, he displayed something that most of us are lacking; passion, enthusiasm, courage to dare, straightforwardness, and most of all, charisma and ambition. He looked very young then, but he was full of charismatic and passion. He spoke daringly the truth, he let people know who he is and what he stands for, and what he wants and hopes for, and most people listened. And look where he is now four years later.

No matter where you go, no matter whom you speak to or ask for anything, if they can look at you, and gain your trust based on your pitch, based on your personal information, based on your honesty, then you can almost have anyone listen to you and do whatever you want them to do. But if you come out like some schmuck from somewhere, lacking any of the stated above, then you can’t get anything from anyone, unless from the stupid ones, and there’re no more stupid ones out there.

Look, we all make mistakes, but the best education is not to keep doing the same mistakes over and over. So, don’t dwell on the mistakes you’ve made in the past, move on, do what you can so you don’t keep making the same mistake, and get ready, and go out there and make it happen.  Be honest, tell the truth, and everyone will eventually buy whatever you are selling. You can do it; you can get whatever you want from anyone, anywhere.