Cry, My Beloved Country, Namibia! Where Will Namibia Be in 20 Years?

It’s like everyone is laying asleep under a giant tree and a roaring hungry lion is coming near to devour everyone but no one seems to see the danger.

I have nearly perfectly analytically predicted the death or capture of Osama bin Laden, which I blogged on my personal blog. I have also perfectly predicted the resignation of Former President Musharraf of Pakistan, of which I also blogged on my personal blog.

I also analytically analyzed the War in Afghanistan, of which both CNN and CBS Evening News followed and covered for one-long week based on my analytic blog. I also predicted the firing or resignation of Coach Tressel, Ohio State University’s once-famous Football coach, and very recently, I have analytically predicted the death of Steve Jobs. All these I have posted on my personal blog.

I use analytic and regression formulas (based on Econometric Models) combining advance calculus methods and predictive forecast tools to come up with the end results, a probability of what might become or happen with the issue in question.

And as I analyze and zoom up to 20 years from now; the way the current situation in Namibia, with more and more young people turning to alcohol, more than 50% of kids not graduating from high school, the current graduating students from Namibia’s tertiary institutions are not really graduating, having attained quality education which is in par with the world’s standard (students don’t wanna learn, follow the recent scandal at Unam with students trading grades for sex), all those factors and more; my predictive forecast end results for Namibia don’t look good. I don’t know were Namibia as a country will be in 20 years or less from now. And that makes me very sad.

Because, overall, our current awesome leaders as they get old and some go rest with our God, there might not be anyone to really take over the leadership. To whom can they pass the Torch?

When we were coming up as young people as well as our elders in Namibia under apartheid, our only aim and objective were; Freedom from the Apartheid South Africa. That’s all we cared about and we worked hard and sacrificed to attain that Freedom.

But now, those who call themselves “Born-Free”, those who were born after 1990, I can’t understand where their minds are focused. What are their ultimate goal? Because as I see it now in Namibia, most of them are all hip-hop wannabees, it’s all about alcohol, sex and party. What’s happening with them? What’s happening with Namibia’s youths today?

The only thing I pray for is for God to please help us realize our current development of the Groot ecosystem, so we can help transform Namibia’s economy into a world class developed country with more jobs creation, better paying jobs for the families to have good income so they can perhaps have more time with their children at home. As it all starts at home.

And this has to happen fast. But, developing a country’s economy is not all about setting up buildings and infrastructure, it’s also developing and training the minds of the people of the country so their mental attitude and moral aptitude, spiritual academics can be ready to transform them to what’s being developed. This is partly known as; Neuroeconomics.