Seed Sown, Fruits Realized, Namibia’s Most Popular Artist, The Dogg, How It All Started

How I helped start a successful music career for The Dogg, Namibia’s most successful artist; all from a 3-bedroom house that I had bought in Namibia before I turned 21.

As a Sound Engineer for the past nearly 24 years, previously working for major TV, film, and music recording studios in Namibia, Europe and the US., where I engineered several world’s and sporting events as well as live TV news and face-to-face interviews with some of the world renown personalities including Former President Bush (41) (USA), Former Prime Minister Tony Blair (Britain), Founding President Sam Nujoma (Namibia), Former President Nelson Mandela (South Africa), and a photo-op with Queen Elizabeth, dining at Buckingham Palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth, working on numerous studio and live concerts with artists such as Seal, El Debarge, Brenda Fassie, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, MC Hammer, R. Kelly, Boys II Men, Paul Simon, U2, Lucky Dube, Billy Idol, and more.

The best of all of this; it’s that in the early 90s, I bought my first house in Okuryangava, Katutura, Windhoek in Namibia. I was working for NBC then, and I had lots of music instruments such as Guitars, Pianos, etc., and when I was not at work or traveling, I would be at home playing music, mostly hard rock and heavy metals, inspired by Def Leppard, AC/DC, etc. I was just 20 years old then and there used to be a group of young teens who would come to visit me and hang out with me; to play and listen to music. I was also in a church choir at my church, Full Gospel Church of God. So music for me was everywhere; at home, at church, and at work.

One of those teen friends were Maxton Gabriel (he’s one of the best Guitarists that I’ve ever met in the world), he’s awesomely talented. I remember him well because he used to teach me how to play the Guitar, and then again, I broadened him to the world of heavy metal sound, that pure distorted Guitar sound on my “Eric Clapton” inspired Fender Stratocaster.

Among the group of those young teens were Martin Morrocky (“The Dogg”), who’s now Namibia’s most popular, multi-award winning musician, producer and actor), his sisters Monika (“Diamond”), Magano, and brother, Doe. There were many other teen friends, whom some of them have today become successful in their careers, such as Tilly, now a successful Land Surveyor in Namibia.

Unfortunately, I didn’t remember some of these kids, now that they have grown up, not until my friend Kaunda, who I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years, and my young brother, Thomas, who both came to visit me yesterday and started telling me some of the fun stuff we used to do, including some of the people I used to help.

It’s Thomas and Kaunda who reminded me of Martin, Monika, Doe, Maxton, Magano, etc. They were telling me how I used to teach them how to play music and sing; all from my 3-bedroom house. My brother Sackey has been trying to tell me about Doe and his brother The Dogg, but I just never really paid him attention, I always just tell them that I don’t remember them.

But, little that I knew then as I know now, these kids have since grown up to become what they have become today. And The Dogg is a success story in the Namibian community.

Who would have known or thought that, just by spending some time with these kids after work and school that they were actually learning and listening to me? I am profoundly honored, and I feel humble from the bottom of my heart, and very grateful for the achievement and success of The Dogg.

I will continue to share my skills and knowledge through my Meetup Series, which so far, I have held 5 different Meetup Series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Windhoek, Namibia. And I have one coming up on Software and Applications Development. My next Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Meetup Series would be in Otjiwarongo, Luderitz, and Oshikango, Namibia.

I’ve spent most of my life helping and mentoring people, especially young people, especially in the US, and it’s good to see that, some of my seeds that I have been sowing, have actually sprouted and grown into awesome fruits.

I’m so very proud to have started and paved a way for The Dogg’s music career, and his brother Doe, who’s now a successful architect. Oh, did you know that Doe is the architect designer for the building that houses the National Youth Service of Namibia opposite the Katutura Magistrate Courts?

I’m looking forward to seeing more and more great things to happen in Namibia, especially with the development of our Groot Town Center ecosystem. When people are united, they can do anything. Hence with Namibia, the birthplace of humans; as “One Namibia, One Nation”, anything is possible.


Simon Kapenda: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Meetup Series

My next Meetup Series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership is on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Protea Turinger Hof on Independence Avenue in Windhoek from 16h00 – 19h00. This is something you don’t wanna miss if you’re inspired to do bigger and greater things in your life. Search Facebook for this event to RSVP now. It’s free and is open to the public.