Was Gaddafi a Bad President?

The whole world is messed up, badly!

Most of the African leaders have received millions of dollars from Libya’s Gaddafi (at one time Gaddafi has also accused or made claims to have given millions of dollars to the French Prime Minister for his re-election campaign and he wanted it back).

That’s why some African leaders have not been vocal publicly to condemn Gaddafi’s accused atrocities for his people, but then again, they are also afraid to publicly show their support for him.

And the West, they have always wanted Libya’s oil but Gaddafi has been a pain in a butt to cooperate with them, so the best option to get access to his oil is to take him out; which they did (and the soonest he’s killed, Libya’s oil started to flow into the world’s market).

Now, domestically, Gaddafi did a decent job for the economy in Libya. He had setup decent infrastructure for his people in his country. And only about 7.2% of the Libyan population lives under US$2 day unlike in many developing countries, especially in Africa. And the unemployment rate in Libya is at 40%, but most of the basic services such as education, healthcare, etc., in Libya were government subsided.

Apart from the alleged inhuman treatment of his people, Gaddafi provided decent basic necessities for his people. But in most countries, you would always have the ”loud mouth” opponents or opposition parties who when they speak, they sound as though they represent the rest of the citizens, just because they somehow feel dissatisfied with their government. It’s like saying that when some Republicans in the US voice their dissatisfied with Obama’s presidency, that when they open their loud mouths, that they speak on behalf of all the Americans, but that’s not how it is and that’s not how it should be. But when these loud mouths get any media attention, then they open their loud mouths as though they are speaking on behalf of everyone else.

Yes, Gaddafi mistreated and torched his people inhumanly, as accused, and I am not condoning his alleged actions, but he also did some good for his country.

So, who’s right to condemn Gaddafi? Depends on who you are and your thinking motive thereof. I believe everyman has and should have an equal access to a fair judicial system. No one is guilty until otherwise proven guilty. And those who commit these heinous killings, like what we have seen today, killing Gaddafi and pulling and kicking his corpse on the streets, just because he is accused of being wrong, then those who have killed and kicked his body around the streets are no different from the accused himself.

No human body should be pulled and kicked around the streets as what we see happening to Gaddafi et al. Every human being has a God given value, and no matter how guilty one is, there should be some kind of decency and humanly treatment.

If you gonna kill someone and pull his or her body on the street and kick his or her corpse around the streets while celebrating, then what makes you any different from the accused?