From the Back of the Napkin Idea to a Fully Functional Product Development

On this project for Ray Steele Inc., through my company, Leticia Industries Ltd., I took the idea, which was just what you call “the back on the napkin idea”, and then I developed it, initially by arranging and screening prospective industrial designers from around the world.

I ended up selecting a talented industrial designer, Shawn  from Santiago, Chile. Selecting an outside designer for any product is like finding a needle in a haystack. I then consistently worked with him, by providing him with everything needed such as the product concept, functionality for the final output, mechanical function, conceptual design, white papers for instructional manual, and stick to the preset timeline and the budget to develop a cool, market-ready final product output, which turned out to be awesomely lean, compact, and fantastic, as seen far below.

Most inventors have ideas but they lack the knowledge and experience, let a lone the skills and creativity needed to develop and bring their invention ideas to life. That’s where people like myself step in to help them develop and bring their invention ideas, any idea from just an idea to a fully functional, well crafted, awesomely designed and ready for manufacturing, marketable, ready for retail store sales.

Any project manager can work with any designer, but if the project manager has no good taste, no creativity, no technical ability, then no matter how good and talented the designer could be, then the final out put would simply be lousy, ugly, and awfully redundant, which no one would want to buy and or use.

My task on this project, was literally to help a dear friend; by taking his invention idea and help him develop it. I worked with him, helped him pick the Company name, find a logo designer and worked with the logo designer to design the company logo as seen far below. Then I helped him with setting up and organizing the Company, trademark and patent issues, and thereafter develop the idea from a piece of paper to the final product output as some of the images are outlined below.

The next step was to arrange and screen a suitable and qualified manufacture in China. This too is a daunting task. Finding the right manufacture is as just as awful as finding the right industrial designer. However, for an experienced professional, it took me only less than 2 hours to find the manufacture in China. Now, it’s manufacturing time and within the next few weeks, you may find Ray Steele Inc. products at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

The whole process, developing the idea to the final design output took exactly 35 days. It’s on time and under budget.

Ray Steele Everlast Paint Brush Protector




Ray Steele Everlast Paint Roller Protector




Company Logo

Ray Steele Inc

Product Development

If you have an idea for any kind of product, and you need help to develop it into a fully functional marketable product, then please contact me at simon@(at) or contact me at Leticia Industries Ltd. Let me and Leticia Industries Ltd help you with your product idea.


Domain Names: and – a great domain name currently under-utilized. So much potential for this domain, but so little creative talent shown by the current owners. They are using it for the bulletin boards (forums)?

Last time I checked a few years ago, this domain was listed for sale at for $30 million, but I am not sure if it ever had a buyer.

Same goes with the domain, Why aren’t the owners of these domains using them to their fullest potential, hmm, lack of inventive minds may be? was bought for about $360 million, but what a waste so far!

The Most, Very Unique Invention Idea to Make Billions, Only for You?

In today’s competitive global economy, it’s all about finding your niche’. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Google (Page & Brin), and many other entrepreneurs have magnificently excelled at doing this very same thing, they found their niche’, which they have and continue to exploit while making tons of money. You can also find your niche and proprietarily develop it, market it globally, and make a fortune.

However, in this age, it’s nearly impossible for you to come up with a completely unique invention to capitalize on it. Because, nearly every unique invention that you could come up with, has already been invented by someone else.

Here is the best news for you, but only if you hurry and grab this idea now. This was an idea proposed by my Evolutionary Biology professor, Dr. Taylor, at the Ohio State University.

The idea is; most of us know that most amphibians, such as Frogs, lay their unshelled eggs in shallow water. Their mating process is unique too; the male frog grabs the female frog from behind, and then the female frog squirts out the eggs, lots of them, and all the eggs are sprouted in the water, no nest, just wrapped up in a clear jelly like liquid that keeps the eggs together.

Since their eggs remain alone, unguarded and unprotected, they usually become a meal for most other amphibians. The result is the decrease in their species growth, for such as frogs and other amphibians, which may eventually extinct, as their population continue to evaporate due to slow reproduction.

Now, imagine if you come up with a new invention, an invention that can help amphibians lay their eggs better, protect them, and eventually cause their reproduction to increase. Not only that you’ll make gazillions, but you will also help save most of the amphibian species.

Well, hurry up, and grab this new great invention idea. And when you successfully develop it, please don’t forget me.