African-Americans Disgust Obama, Boost Hillary Clinton, Poll Finds

In the United States, racism has been merely historically defined and accepted only by certain individuals and groups as a distinct and complete separation between whites and blacks, with the belief that all white people are intrinsically superior to all blacks, anywhere, but the real and always has been hidden racial separation can now be intrinsically seen, felt and observed among black Americans towards black Africans in America.

U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Obama, the only African American male in the U.S. senate, who when he ran for and won the seat in the U.S. senate in November 2004, he was seen by many African Americans as the glory black-knight with the shining rescuing armor, a dream in the making, and a breakthrough in the United States politics.

Not only that he has become the most caring, charming, and distinctive black representative in the U.S. Senate for the state of Illinois, but as the first and only black male in the U.S. senate, he was seen by many as the true representative of all the black people in the U.S. senate.

However, because Obama was born to a black Kenyan father and to an American mother, who’s white, as a candidate for the 2008 U.S. presidential election, most African Americans do not really perceive him as being black enough, not because his mother is white but simply because his father is an African, born and raised in Africa, or the jungle as most refer to it.

The racial separation between black Americans and black Africans in America can be clearly and visibly observed, felt and experienced anywhere in most areas in America, where most black Americans seem to honestly reject the notion of completely associating with black Africans in America in terms of having personal relationships such as marriages, dating, and business partnerships.

It’s just as hard finding a black African male dating or married to an African American woman, as it’s rare finding an African American woman, dating or married to a black African man. But you’ll find most African men and women dating or married to white men or women in America, one example as that of Barack’s father.

If going to most historical black colleges in the US, you can clearly observe a great social separation between black American students and black African students. They only mostly socialize in classes and cafeterias, but they rarely talk to each other. You would find black African students sitting on one side and black American students playing or sitting on the other side either in Cafeterias or during many social events. While at most integrated colleges, most black African students rather associate and mingle with white students instead of black American students.

One can easily conclude that Africans are the one who isolate themselves and try to separate themselves away from black Americans, but most black Africans get tired of being labeled and mocked at and making fun of such as, as an African whether you sleep under a tree back in Africa, or have seen and chased lions and tigers, or have an electricity and phones in Africa, et cetera.

Most African Americans don’t even know the difference whether Africa is a continent or a country, and most of them still think that Africa is a country; they don’t know that Africa is just a continent composed of many different independent countries such as Egypt, Morocco and South Africa, etc.

Also, it’s just funny how some news media make a distinction when reporting about something that might has happened in Africa. They rather say South Africa, Morocco or Egypt when reporting something that has happened in those countries and would simply refer to other countries in Africa as Africa instead of mentioning the individual countries’ names such as Namibia, Tanzania, Malawi, etc.

In the movie, Coming to America (1988), starring Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, which depicts two young men from Africa who travel to America for Prince Akeem of Zamunda, accompanied by his friend Semmi, to look for the love of his life. In that movie, one can see the true stereotype of how most black Americans really treat Africans, even today.

Although Barack Obama is an American by birth, many black Americans still perceive him as not a complete African American enough, thus most black Americans rather support Hillary Clinton. And this is not based on Barack’s campaign platform or belief or experience, issues, etc., but mostly because of his national origin, being a half black African and white American, and not a fully blooded African American per se. So, in the case of African Americans supporting more of Hillary Clinton instead of Barack Obama, it is not by mistakes but just an old trend and true stereotype of how most black Americans do not cling to Africans.

But the tribalism and racism among Africans is not something new. It’s an old practice that dates back even before the age of slavery and or African occupation by white people. For hundreds of years, Africans have been waging war against each other, kings versus kings, tribes against tribes, and nations against other nations, bloody killing each other in hundreds and millions. And this is still going on in many different countries in Africa today, such as in Darfur, Sudan, Congo, etc.

Racism among black people does not merely begin with white people or the slavery, but has been going on for centuries and it is still growing strong. The only difference is that the world outside Africa doesn’t really care nor has really honestly ever cared to help end the misery and put a stop to what’s happening in Africa when coming to violence and civil wars.

Many countries in Africa have gained independence over 40 or 60 years ago from their colonizers. And no matter how rich the African continent is, in terms of mining, agricultural and wildlife, Africans are still dead-suffering, simply because of their ignorance to put aside their tribal and racial differences and work together for the sake of making their life better, healthier, happier and productive.

As for this nasty and filthy separation between black Americans and black Africans in America, this just goes way back to how Africans used to live and still live among each other today, no matter where they are, they fight each other, kill each other, and hurt each other. And at front of it all; it’s humanity crisis, the loud cry of parentless, poor, and AIDS stricken children in Africa is heard throughout the nights, every night, but sadly, no one is listen to any of them. The world does not care.

As in America, you’ll find black gangs and drug dealers, selling each other stupid and deadly poisons such as cracks, cocaine, etc., in almost every city in America, prisons and in many different institutions, where black fights against each other. No wonder there’re beer houses and gun shops in almost every corner of every black suburb in America, just so they can destroy and kill each other for good, just as it always has been, in Africa.

So it’s true that you can take an African out of Africa, but you cannot take Africa out of an African, even here in America. And before you shake your head in disgust, there’s still and will always be Africa in all of us.

The question is; how far can this go on, and when is enough is enough?


Michelle Obama, the Liability?

It was reported that Michelle Obama, the wife of Senator Barack Obama, has made a comment yesterday; “Iowa will make the difference,” she said. “If Barack doesn’t win Iowa, it is just a dream. If we win Iowa then we can move to the world as it should be. And we need your help in making that happen” (Yahoo! News).

The Obama camp quickly played down and tried to distance itself from her comment, saying that; “they were making it clear that they were optimistic about their chances in Iowa but didn’t consider it essential that they win.”

In a September 2007 interview with Glamour magazine, Michelle Obama reveals that, “her husband, Barack, is so ‘snore-y and stinky’ when he wakes up in the morning that their daughters won’t crawl into bed with him” (New York Times Blog).

Mrs. Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate, and as such, one would expect nothing but class from the possible future First Lady of the United States of America, but with a mouth like that, without limiting herself to what or what not to say, what kind of a First Lady could she possible be?

Rumor has it that Oprah has a big crush on Obama. So, could have Oprah, as Mrs. Oprah Obama, the First Lady, been a better reflection and an asset for the Barack Obama’s presidential campaign instead of the outspoken Michelle?

Sometimes, we may say certain things, hoping that we’re helping but sometimes, we might be actually far from that. Like President Bush, perhaps Michelle should get herself someone to teach her some etiquettes of public speaking in terms of what might be appropriate to say and not.

Michelle Obama, as the wife of Barack Obama, the democrat presidential hopeful, a greater reflection is constantly beamed upon her, and obviously everything that she does or say is severely scrutinized, and for that, perhaps limiting her public appearance for the time being might be the best choice for the Obama camp.