Aaron Kelly, the Next American Idol Winner for Season 9

American Idol, Season 9, there are few promising acts, but one who stands out right now is Aaron Kelly, the 16-year old singing sensation. I’m “guesstting” on him as the next American Idol winner for season 9.

Aaron Kelly is likeable, naturally talented, and he’s good-looking (cute), thus there will be lots of young girls, groupies, from all across America voting and cheering for him to the end.

A good singer is when you take any song and make it your own, meaning that you don’t sing it exactly as the original, you actually take it and add your sweetness to it without messing it up.

And Aaron Kelly got that. He can sing almost any song and make it sound even better, amid that he feels comfortable enough to stand up there looking at Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell and Company, and only if he has confidence in himself. But, as the show goes on, he will start to feel it, the groove, and get used to be on the stage. He will develop into a mega singing sensation. Thus, he’s my pick, as of today, February 24th, 2010, Arron Kelly is the next American Idol Winner.

Another guy to watch for is Michael Lynche. He almost has the same qualities as Aaron Kelly. He’s charming and likeable (or feared), but too bad he’s married, not too many young ladies will vote for him, but they may because he portrays to be a good father, but he’s not as good as Aaron Kelly.

Other contestants to look out for are; Jermain Sellers, Haeley Vaughn (the Mickey Mouse country wanna be young lady), and Crystal Bowersox. Crystal is definitely someone also to look out for, she and Aaron will make it to the top, her being the runner-up.

Now, for all of you, there’s only one way to win the American Idol or any other ruthless singing contests, and that is; if your mother tells you that you can sing, then don’t even go try out, because that means you can’t sing, nada, nicht, niks, nothing. If your mom, encourages you to go try out for a singing contest, what she’s really telling you is that, you can’t sing a note, and you will only make yourself look like a fool. Just don’t go making yourself to look like a complete fool, moron, dork, insane, crazy (well, you got the point) if your mom tells you to go try out for a singing contest.

Do you think, if you were the most ugliest person in the world that your mother would actually tell you the truth? She will always see you as the most good-looking, gorgeous, beautiful, and cute, even when you actually look like a monster. So, always do what your parents (mom) tell you to do, but just don’t go try out for a singing contest, especially if she’s your only fan.


What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

Images via Freshnews.in

Images via Freshnews.in

Ellen Degeneres is a brilliant comedian and a good actress, but what experience in music does she have for her to be a judge on American Idol?

Oh, I forgot, she once produced an album for Bruce Springsteen and Lil’ Wayne. Well, I can see her being a judge elsewhere though, may be for the Amazing Race, oops, that doesn’t have judges. 

How about on America Got Talent? That would have been best for her to judge all those wonderful and talented contestants. But, American Idol? Have Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell gone completely insane?

I’m glad that Paula Abdul has left the show; she has become irrelevant, to the point that she was no longer any use to the show, but to replace Paula with Ellen? She’s is a great comedian but this would be the wrong show.

Great, now the American Idol show has three male judges, what a bipartisan panel…! It would be even better if Perez  Hilton joins the cast of Simon, Randy, and now Ellen, I mean, that would have helped equalize the gender issue.

Adam Lambert, the Next American Idol Winner and Best Selling Rocker of His Generation

From the first day Adam Lambert stepped on the stage in the audition room, looking all weird with his colored hair, like a sick, wet bird, I knew there was something real weird about him, but when he opened his mouth and blared out that high pitch note, I instantly knew he was going to sail all the way through.

Most of us have seen his magnificent transformation, from looking like a silly, surly looking, skateboarding homeless kid, to a unique, star in the making. Since Elvis Presley to Freddy Mercury, there has never been any other rocker, who has the charisma, talent, and all the stuff to cement him as the best and genuine male rock singer than Adam Lambert.

Even the American Idol, since its debut in the US, it has never produced anyone, who is as good as Adam Lambert. And, he’s going to be one of the best selling and biggest rockers since the invention of rock music. He’s got everything needed to be a rock star, he’s got the look, attitude, and the best thing about him is that he’s still humble and down to earth.

As the show progressed. I stopped trying to figure out who’s going to be the next American Idol, because my mind has already been set on Adam Lambert. This year, there were lots of contestants, some seemed to have great talent and some are just stagnant frogs made to make Adam Lambert sound even better.

There is no doubt in my mind that Adam Lambert is going to be crowned the next American Idol. And not only that, he’s going to fill concert arenas, and will become the next biggest and best selling artist, and I’d love to record engineering one of his songs.

So, please, just stop the show now, and give Adam Lambert his prize and send him to the studio to record his new single and subsequently, the next best selling CD.