Our Aim is Job Creation, Poverty Reduction, Strengthen Economy, Better Living

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” JFK

Likewise, as private citizens, our Tses Glass’ project timeline might have changed a little but our aim for Tses Glass remains the same and achieving our goal as originally set is our only priority.

As long as our government and honorable political leaders give us their blessing to give our technical partners and financiers a peace of mind, then we should be able to start with the construction of our two different factories; 250tpd Tses Glass container glass and 600tpd Tses Glass float glass factories this year.

We are honored to have the continued full support of our German, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese and South African engineers and suppliers. We only now need the blessing of our government and we are working to compile all the documents as requested by our political leaders for us to be compliant.

Obviously, the permanent and long-term effects which Tses Glass is expected to cause are; creation of thousands of better paying jobs in Tses and Namibia, help industrialize our country, help contribute to the economic development of Tses, the //Karas Region and Namibia at large, help boost our country’s GDP by over N$100 billion, and effect a better living standard for many Namibians.

Most of those who already have, whose minority population still controls the Namibian economy who now feel threatened by Tses Glass as it empowers more previously and still disenfranchised Namibians and those who don’t have their hands in Tses Glass are usually the ones who write negative about Tses Glass or cause to delay processing of certain documents for Tses Glass.

When more Namibians have better paying jobs, they would have more money to afford buying a land and build a better home, have better food, and more; a better life reduces chronicle illnesses and diseases, deaths and help boost the birth rate to increase the population and improve the education system, basically to create and effect a healthy population.

These are our aim at Groot Systems to develop and put Tses Glass in operation. We can’t do it alone, we need your support, after all this is for all of us, our country.


Namibian Housing Market to Collapse

Within the next two years, Namibia would likely experience low investment in housing market that no investor would want to continue investing in real estate. Currently, real estate investment in Namibia is the safest due to its high return on investment (ROI), due the current high price of housing. Namibia is currently ranked as one of the most expensive in residential real estate properties. But after these 200,000 plots have been serviced, as announced this week by the government and the AR movement, it would cause prices in housing to drop extremely to their lowest, further causing investors to pull their money away from real estate properties investment as well as making banks not willing to issue mortgage loans. And this would cause severe dilapidation in residential properties value.

Large cities and towns will be hit the hardest, especially due to the high migration of people from large cities and towns to rural areas such as Tses with high economic development where more jobs are slated to be, causing large cities and towns to have ghost houses.

The ideal solution would be that the housing price should be market driven. By this I mean, let’s focus on job creation and not just jobs but good paying jobs, so that more Namibians can have high income to afford decent houses. When the demand for housing increases due to adequate income, then the price of houses would drop steadily as driven by market in proportion with the high demand in houses but supported and sustained by adequate income. The supplying of houses will increase as investors would have confidence in the housing market hence they would continue investing in real estate as the demand of houses skyrockets at an acceptable price due to many people with high income to afford to buy decent homes.

Now with these 200,000 new houses/plots thrown into the market which exceed the demand and below the income level, it is like having Bank of Namibia to print more money which basically devalues the currency.

I hope that when our esteemed political leaders and land activists make and take actions such as this to flood the market with more houses than the demand, I hope that they first do research in order to have quantitative data to enable them make well informed decisions.

Many Economic Benefits by Tses Glass, No Need for the Land Grabbing in Namibia

When we get our government guarantee within the next few weeks, which is needed by our financiers, a lot of great things would happen in Tses and //Karas Region quickly.

We will start with the construction of our first two glass manufacturing factories; 250tpd container glass and 600tpd float glass factories in Tses soonest, the other three different ones will follow on later.

As such, Tses Glass would cause to create over 7,000 better paying new permanent fulltime jobs in Tses within 2 years. As such, more investors and developers would flock to Tses to grab the many business opportunities there, causing to create more better paying new jobs in Tses.

More than 14,000 new houses would be needed to be built in Tses within 2 years. Retail stores and grocery stores such as Spar, Shoprite, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Woermann block and more, financial institutions such as FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, SME Bank, and Bank Windhoek would be forced to open their branches in Tses due to the expected high demands by their customers. New hospitals and clinics as well as schools would be built in Tses to accommodate thousands of the new population of Tses.

Tses would need to have shopping malls, car dealerships, hardware stores, barbershops and hair salons and more, all within the next two years. And Windhoek and other municipalities would be relieved as more people would leave Windhoek and other towns to Tses in search of better jobs, leaving Windhoek and other towns less crowded and hence able to provide basic services to its much reduced residents, and more land will become available as more people would leave their kambashus and houses as they migrate to Tses, leaving plenty of land space in Windhoek and other towns. And as more land becomes available in Windhoek and other towns, then the land automatically becomes less expensive due to less demands.

Hence the need for all of us to work together and develop infrastructure projects such as Tses Glass throughout Namibia to help lower the cost of the land, boost the economic well being of all the Namibian people and grow our country’s economy while making our lives better and well off, for all of us.

Namibia-based News Media Hate the Country and Its People?

I wished that Namibian news media write more news articles that promote Namibia in a good and positive way. There’s so much, many great things, that happen each day in Namibia, and the beauty of the country is so inviting… and if the Namibian news media would write more about these good things, then you’d see a more great impact in the country’s economy.

In the US, my home in Beverly Hills, California is just about 10 kilometers away from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame in Hollywood. And even Hollywood itself, it’s not that as extravaganza as the US based news media promote it. It’s really a dirty, old looking place but those outside Hollywood would never know until you visit Hollywood to your own surprise how the US media hype up Hollywood.

If the Namibian news media could do more, write and publish more about the good things that happen in Namibia and the beauty of Namibia, then this could really help make a change. Namibia is even to be said the “Garden of Eden”, the birthplace of modern humanity, according to some of the world’s leading research Universities including Oxford University, Stanford University, etc., (just google this) and the Namibia-based news media don’t grab on this to write and exploit to promote Namibia in this sense, as the cradle of life, the birthplace of modern humanity, and this could exploit people from all over the world to come and visit Namibia.

When foreign people come from wherever to visit Namibia, they would spend their money, lots of money, in Namibia, and that’s just great for the Namibian economy.

Namibian news media, please write more stories to promote the country and its people’s efforts, right now you focus more on stories that depress the readers and demote the country, which simply deters more prospect visitors to Namibia.

Namibia, the Next Best Hub for the Medical Tourism?

The NEXT best thing that could happen to the Namibian economy to benefit the Namibian people is; Medical Tourism.

“Medical Tourism or health tourism is the travel of people to another country for the purpose of obtaining medical treatment in that country.” This is a multi-billion dollar industry, and India, South Africa, Cuba, the US, etc., are some of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism. (More about Medical Tourism at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_tourism).

Namibia, as one of the most peaceful, stable, fast growing economies, and democratic countries in the world, can benefit tremendously if Namibia could focus and invest in building some of the finest medical centers equipped with the world’s best medical technology and staffed with the world’s best medical personnel (can hire foreign doctors in the mean time, while training Namibians) to offer the best medical treatment at the most affordable offerings.

By doing so, Namibia could attract foreign medical tourists from all across Africa and the world, who would travel to Namibia to seek medical treatment. These medical patients generally spend thousands of dollars in medical treatments, lodging and food as well as shopping. All of which, is direct cash to flow into the Namibian economy, and at the same time, it further creates thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities for the Namibian people.

This post, I hope it can get your attention, to trigger your investment curiosity to invest in setting up the world’s leading medical centers in Namibia, a country on an African continent with a fast growing population of over one billion people. A country which, through Walvisbay, is the Gateway to the world’s largest shopping mall, the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC), with a population of over 400 million and a GDP of over US$700 billion. A community, the richest trading community in Africa, which holds more than 30% of the world’s richest natural resources.

Namibia as a peaceful, most stable, democratic country, with one of the fast growing economies, ranked by Forbes and Bloomberg as the #1 top emerging economy in Africa, and ranked by The New York Times as one of the top ten best destinations in the world in 2014, it’s a hub for fishing, mining, tourism, shopping, and entertainment with its vast Namib desert, the world’s best and oldest desert, which is unlike anything else, where this desert meets the Atlantic Ocean, thrusting the world’s most incredible natural beauty.

Namibia is a great place for your medical tourism investment, the country has some of the best favorable conditions and institutions conducive for entrepreneurship and business environment.

When thinking about medical tourism, think about Namibia. Namibia is open for business. It’s your gateway to SADC, the world’s largest shopping mall.

Visit and contact us at Groot Group to learn more about how to invest in Namibia.

Develop Your Idea Into a Global Brand, Ignore the Butt-head Naysayers

First you need to come up with an idea, basically an easy-to-use solution to the current one, then develop that idea into a workable simple-to-use solution, then if needed, build and test the prototype, then setup a company to develop the idea/prototype, don’t worry about funding your idea, once you have developed your idea into a practical solution and put a bankable business plan together, money will flow from financiers to fund your business, then get the best team together to develop your idea into a marketable product/service, and then build your company into a brand name, globally.

Those who never had ideas, those whose brains are basically dead rotten, who can’t be innovative to come up with simple and easy-to-use solutions of their own, once they hear about your idea, because they are so dumb and stupid as they can’t see far ahead than the shadow of their own buttocks, they will laugh at you and call you names, saying all kind of bad stuff about you just because of their own stupidity because they fail to see the long-term effects of your idea. However, once they finally see your idea developed into a finished product/solution, then suddenly they become your biggest fans. But don’t hate them, take their money by selling them your products/solutions. You can even employ them, don’t hold any grudge against them.

So don’t sleep; go on and dream! dream Big, do Big, so you can live well for the rest of your life. And in the long run, you are empowering yourself, your family, your community, your country, and live better than those short sighted butt-head naysayers.

Your Dream, Your Passion, Your Family Legacy

A family legacy such as those of Nelson Mandela, Sam Nujoma, Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy, Barack Obama, Aupa Indongo, Bill Gates, etc., in their respective fields, are created by not everyone in the family, but just one in the family who stands up to do something different and be so persistent until that someone realizes his or her dream. And that dream eventually becomes the legacy of the whole family.

I hope you’re pursuing your dream. I hope you’re the one in your family that will one day make your family to be remembered for hundreds of years to come. I hope you’re the one with a dream and you refuse to let your current circumstances kill your dream. I hope you can stand up and face the struggle now so you can make your dream come true and then enjoy the best fruit of your dream later.

Don’t give up on your dream, no matter who says what, no matter how difficult the situation may be, keep on doing what you believe is right for you, your family and your community. If you don’t stand up and do it, no one else will do it for you. And you don’t have to be from a well-to-do family, you can be you, just as simple and empty as you, but when you have a passion to make your dream come true and you don’t quit, you can eventually make it happen big. It’s yours to keep, make it happen. Don’t give up on your dream.

Merry Christmas and have a blessed happy New Year. Let the year 2014 to be the year of many breakthroughs in your life. May the God of Heaven bless you and keep you. May the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ fuel your passion to overcome your fear to pursue your dream in 2014 and far beyond.

Thank you very much for your continued support and prayers.