Could the Balloon Boy Be a Pathetic Hoax?

PROVED: (October 17, 2009; 8:23 PM ET): My initial analysis, as listed far below, on this whole thing has turned out to be precisely right. is reporting now that “Charges are expected to be filed in the Colorado balloon case in the near future” (Read More at

UPDATES: (October 16, 2009; 5:58 PM ET):  As it turns out, this could be a sick hoax, for a parent to use a kid for a 15 minutes of self-promotional fame. However, it’s being reported that Colorado’s Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden sees no hoax in the balloon boy Falcon. Based on everything (read below), then it is possible that Sheriff Alderden may be working with Richard and Mayumi Heene for a possible personal gain, pay-off. Because none of it makes sense. And that’s why, it’s very important that the law enforcement brings in a new investigation team to forensically look into this bizarre event.

INITIAL POST: (October 16, 2009; 12:33 AM ET): The family, whose son was thought to have floated away in a helium balloon today, has been in the reality TV show, Wife Swap. According to (read more here or read it here), Richard and Mayumi Heene and their three sons were featured on the ABC show “Wife Swap,” in which the mothers of two often opposite families switch places for two weeks.

Based on their home videos as shown on CNN today, it shows as though the family tends to like being in front of the camera. And that could possibly mean that the dramatic events with their son thought to have been accidentally floated away in the helium balloon could have been a tactical and purposely staged hoax to help place them in the center of the media and more cameras, which is what has transpired all day, today.

It doesn’t make sense. If the boy was playing outside while his dad was filling up the balloon, how did he end up hiding in the attic all that time when everybody was looking for him? What was he doing up there in the attic all that time?

Every parent generally knows where his or her kids usually play, and if their attic is also their playground, then that should also had been the first place they should have looked.


The Heene family appeared on two episodes of ABC's "Wife Swap."

If this ends up to be a hoax, which I am certain it will, then severe charges and fines should be inflicted upon the mother and father, Richard and Mayumi, which should include child endangerment.

All the resources and manpower were put to use today in the search of the boy, while the father and mother might have purposely known where their son was all along.

Some people would do almost anything just to get their 15 minutes of fame, even when there are children involved, let alone when everybody else is caused to panic and worry about the possible fate of the boy.

If this ends up as what I think it would be, then this has to be an awful sick hoax and Richard and Mayumi would have to be the most senseless pathetic parents in the world. I hope I am wrong about this.

Someone needs to really look into this, because it just doesn’t make sense.


Getting Back to the Things that I Passionately Enjoy and Love

Since I’ve been out of college in June 2009, I’ve been really trying to catch up on the things that I dearly love doing and “may be” very good at, such as; web and projects development and most importantly; sound engineering and production.

Basically, I’m triple specialized, career wise, in Economics, Sound Production and Engineering, and Web Development.

For the Economics, I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the world’s largest and one of the finest universities in the world, The Ohio State University, and for the Sound/Audio Engineering, in which I have over 20 years of professional experience, I was hands-on trained in Denmark, South Africa, the UK, and USA, by some of the best sound engineers in the world with the help of Svend-Erik the Great, in Denmark, and I have a certificate from the world renown school for the recording arts, The Recording Workshop.

For the Web Development, that’s a self-taught speciality, hands-on learned in 1996 from one of the best minds in computer science, engineering, and software development, my best friend, Satya, currently an engineer at AEP.

FOH Sound board

FOH Sound board

I’ve had a chance to work with the best people in the world, doing live concerts with some of the biggest names, from MC Hammer, Seal, U2, to Paul Simon, live TV news and interviews with the greatest personalities such as Nelson Mandela, Sam Nuyoma, George Bush Sr., and in-studio music production projects.

I’m kind of rusty right now in sound production and engineering, since I haven’t been really doing anything big in recent years, as I was busy with my study, but it’s like riding a bicycle, and even technology has changed a lot, I’m a geek, and I am catching up easily.

What’s next for me from here? As I’m working on my post graduate study, which comes first, but in terms of music and TV production, I am developing a reality TV show, see my new production company, Flomon Productions Ltd. For as long as I am healthy and capable, from here on, expect only the best. I am meticulous and a perfectionist, which I find myself taking up more time working on a project because I only want the best on it, and everything else I am doing.

Check out this video from my church that I sound engineered, Pastor Wicker, is leading the song. It is different doing sound for a church service though, than for a live outdoor concert, but I love doing it.

Click here to view and play the video, and another one here, enjoy them.

Feel free to listen or watch more praise and worship videos and sounds on our church’s web site at

What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

Images via

Images via

Ellen Degeneres is a brilliant comedian and a good actress, but what experience in music does she have for her to be a judge on American Idol?

Oh, I forgot, she once produced an album for Bruce Springsteen and Lil’ Wayne. Well, I can see her being a judge elsewhere though, may be for the Amazing Race, oops, that doesn’t have judges. 

How about on America Got Talent? That would have been best for her to judge all those wonderful and talented contestants. But, American Idol? Have Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell gone completely insane?

I’m glad that Paula Abdul has left the show; she has become irrelevant, to the point that she was no longer any use to the show, but to replace Paula with Ellen? She’s is a great comedian but this would be the wrong show.

Great, now the American Idol show has three male judges, what a bipartisan panel…! It would be even better if Perez  Hilton joins the cast of Simon, Randy, and now Ellen, I mean, that would have helped equalize the gender issue.

African Prince, the New Reality TV Show

African Prince - the reality TV show
African Prince – is a reality TV show that I’m creating and will be working on as soon as Welated and Wrisen are fully operational, which should be in the next two weeks.

This show will be fun, entertaining, tantalizing and heart throbbing. As a sound engineer, who has spent years in music, TV and film production, I want to do something I know very well and enjoy the most, and this is it, it’s going to be fun…!

Just stay tuned, more info will follow soon.

The Most Stupid TV Commercials; Nationwide and Microsoft

For weeks now, Microsoft has been running TV commercials, generally promoting the PC. The commercial usually starts with an individual, usually has a young, sort of geeky looking person, out to buy a new laptop.

He or she (they have multiple actors) could be a young lady or guy, who starts out describing what kind of a laptop he or she wants and then the voice-over tells him or her that “if he or she finds that kind of laptop under $1,500…, then he or she can keep it”.

Now, the thing is this; it implies as though all the laptops for sale anywhere are more than $1,500 and that, if he or she’s lucky enough to find one under that amount, then he or she can keep it. And then, to make it even sillier, at the end of the commercial, when he or she has found the laptop she or he wanted, then he or she’s given a stack of bills, as though it’s a reward for finding a laptop under $1,500.

So, my question is; does that mean that there are no PC laptops under $1,500, and if I found one under that amount, then I can keep it, and that you’d reward me? Really a stupid commercial.

The second TV commercial that aggravates me, because it’s really stupid, and they keep running it over and over, it’s by Nationwide. The commercial starts with a woman (a black woman) who talks like she’s running diarrhea. She doesn’t talk like she’s scripted, which may be a good thing, as an indication that Nationwide uses real people, not actors, who say what they really feel about their auto insurance.

Now, this lady goes on, explaining and slowly stating that; “Nationwide has a forgiveness program…, which means, if you have an accident, then Nationwide will forgive you… they will not raise your premium based on your first accident…, because Nationwide….

Didn’t she just say that Nationwide has a forgiveness program at the beginning? Why does she have to repeat and explain her silly-line?

Geico and Safe Auto have some of the coolest, eye-and-ear-catching phrases, TV commercials. Microsoft and Nationwide should may be look up to them and may be, learn from them.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Moves to Bart Simpson’s Springfield?

Like most of you, I have been watching and am still stuck with The Simpson since the first episode aired in 1989. It’s the longest TV show ever, and will continue to reign for years to come. However, will its audience dwindle with age? As more and more of the Y Gen starts to grow into watching reality TV shows and more up-tempo shows, who will remain to continue watching The Simpson?

Also, what kind of audience, race and gender, will The Simpson continue to attract? I am not currently aware of the breakdown of its audience by gender and race, but I can guess that in order for The Simpson to continue with its reign on TV rating, the producers need to look elsewhere, to be more creative, and definitely go out of their production-comfort zone.

By saying this, I mean, they have to do something, unthinkable, in order to attract more young people, especially the Hip Hop generation. The Simpson’s producers have to think of a better way to bring the show more to the mainstream, urban community. And the only way they can do so, is to incorporate urban characters, geared toward the hip hop community, both blacks and whites, just look at Madea’s movies ratings and box office income.

There’s not any other character, which can help fill the void within the show, and attract more black audience than Tyler Perry’s Madea. Imagine, cartoonizing Madea into its current character, attitude and behavior, and move her in to Springfield to be the new neighbor of the Simpson’s. She can be made either to be one of Bart’s school teachers, grocery store owner, or a nosy, irritating and annoying neighbor.

She and Mrs. Simpson can even end up being friends; they can go work out together, get their hair done together and just hang out. She will be rallying the kids in Springfield with her disciplinary wit and her loud voice.

Madea is the definite solution for The Simpson, she will help to raise The Simpson’s audience exponentially, and it won’t just be the young adult of the African American community who would be watching the show, but you will see more and more older black folks watching the show. I am not sure how its current audience will perceive the show, but the producers can always do a pilot with Madea and see how it turns out.

I only have one request, if it turns out that you decide to experiment this hypothesis, that I’d appreciate you reaching out to me and just give me a shout out. Just try it, it won’t hurt. With Madea moving in Springfield, I assure you that the show will turn out and will continue to be one of the highest shows rated on TV.

Oprah Winfrey Duped, Again: Holocaust ‘greatest’ love story is Fake

Does Oprah Winfrey need discontinue the Oprah’s Book Club or has to start vetting all the authors of the books she features in the Oprah’s Book Club?

As it turned out, the ‘greatest’ holocaust love story as has been told by Herman and Roma Rosenblat isn’t true. Herman now says that he made it all up. reports that; “when the couple appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show more than a decade ago, the famed host called it the single greatest love story in 22 years of doing this show.” Read more at

James Frey the author of “A Million Little Pieces” also duped Oprah, with his faked memoir which became an instant best-selling non-fiction book, after Oprah selected it as one of her top books for her Book Club. Read more at The Smoking Gun.

It will serve best for Oprah to start vetting all the authors of all the books she may consider selecting for her Book Club in order to help eliminate any further embarrassment. This might be a lengthy and costly process, but this is the only best way to not fall under the same spell of con-artists trying to profit from her global branding power.

Another solution is to completely discontinue and close down the entire Oprah’s Book Club.