Newt Gingrish is a Moron!

Newt Gingrich is a fool; and this goes way back to the late 90’s when he was dead anti-Bill Clinton. And now, after he lost the first 2 GOP presidential primaries, I wrote right after that, that he needs to just drop out of his bid for the GOP Presidential Candidate.

He just doesn’t have the “it” factor – no charisma, no charm, not good looking enough, doesn’t have a good smile, his family is in chaos; basically, he’s not attractive enough to be President of the United States, and these are some of the core fundamental basics for any potential candidate of the US President to have.

Even George W. Bush, who everyone knows he’s a complete moron won the 2000 Presidential Election, simply because he’s got the “it” factor. The American people are mesmerized by those fundamental qualities, then the ability to rule as President comes second.

And after all of this time, now he thinks of quitting the race? What else can he possibly do, since Romney already got the GOP-go?


Blame game could ‘boomerang’ on Obama, Says the Strategist, How Stupid is That?

In the article, titled: “Blame game could ‘boomerang’ on Obama, strategist says“, found on, I say blame me.

Yes, blame me, because in 1994, I caused Bill Clinton to open up an easy trade route with South East Asia; starting with Mexico (South America, I meant North America, for those who can’t tell the difference), India, and then China, for most of the American industrial companies to outsource their manufacturing activities to their regions, which would leave America manufactureless, thus causing many American jobs in the manufacturing sectors to ship overseas.

Blame Bush, and then blame me for causing to covet with Osama bin Laden to blow up American cities causing thousands of innocent people to die. And the ripple effect from the destruction would further cause the American economy to plunge, which would last for over a decade, just so that Bush could score political points for playing politics and administering the country through the politics of fear. Remember those elevated security threats at the airports almost every day?

Yes, blame me for wanting to elect a black guy, named Barrack Hussein Obama, who’s from no where as President of the United States. A young naive looking, good educated black guy, whose father is an African from Kenya, and whose mother is a poor white lady from Hawaii. Now, how American is that? And for that, you had to pay a great deal for it. Right when I knew that McCain and his silly and stupid co-colony, Sara Palin, were going to lose the presidential election, then I hit the housing market.

All those years, while the economy was flourishing, America went from deficit under Bush Sr., to realizing a full balanced budget and surplus under Bill Clinton, the actual first black president. However, behind the scene I was busy ballooning the mortgage loans; making them worthless. How silly is that for all those Americans who though they had supper great jobs in the mid 1990’s? So they went out and bought lots of stuff on debt; cars, houses, clothes, jewelry and accessories.

I could see them now; happy and all jolly because they had it all; PlayStation games and then Wii, and the Xbox, etc., yes, they had it all. That’s what they all though, huh, but what they didn’t know was that again, behind the scenes, I was busy climaxing the economy. Yes, it peaked toward the end of 1999. And when it peaks, well, what goes up must come down. But, Americans still didn’t know that the worst was just about to burst.

And that’s when I put Bush in the White House, huh. To make it even worse, even before I tickled Usama bin Laden to do his horrible things on US soil, Bush was already showing signs that he did know what a bejesus was doing, so, I got together with my Dick Cheney and the big Donald Rumsfeld and then we secretly coveted up that the best way to take the focus of off the Dumb Dumbya, was to cause the worst act of terrorism attack on the US soil.

Well, and then ever since, the market never really recovered. But there was something that was happening in Afghanistan though, the Opium market was skyrocketing while we were banging the big old Saddam Hussein, huh, who had nothing to do with our problems at home and what had happened with 9/11. And to topple that with a cherry cream pie, there was no WMD in Iraq, huh.

But, while that was going on, then I hit the US banks. All those little bank CEOs who thought their balance sheets were worth something, what they actually didn’t know, was that the economy peaked at the end of 1999, jobs were being sent overseas, people didn’t have any more money to pay their bills, and most of those mortgage loan applications were even fraud, faked by those greedy mortgage loan administrators and initiators, because they just wanted to meet the quota at all possible means.

Then all of a sudden, no one was paying the mortgage loans, huh, the rotten cheese hit the fan. And then right when the Lehman Brothers was going down, then I hit another one, AIG, yes, because, shhh quiet please, AIG provides insurance for nearly every American, in one way or the other. So, that was the best place to hit next. All of this, while Bush was still in the office.

And then, ohhhh, this is good. Obama though he’s clever. So Bush passed the stimulus rescue package first, and then Obama. Okay, that was good to help ease the market. Pump cash in the market, so it can kick start the economy again, but by then the economy has since hit the bejesus bottom. The Dow was once surpassing the 14000 point mark, on the way to touch down on the 15000. But today, as of July 3, 2010, the Dow closed yesterday at 9686.48 that’s 46.05‎ or -0.47%‎ down from the previous day.

But I am not done yet, not even close. Right after Obama scored his biggest victory, passing and signing his signature Health care Overhaul, which could have guaranteed and led to his instant re-election, so I went in bed with BP and cooked up the sickest idea ever. BP’s Deepwater Horizon gut open, 5000 feet down below the ocean so it can gush more than 70,000 gallons of oil into the ocean, in order to kill nearly everything in the Gulf of Mexico.

But still, I am not done yet, in the Euro zone, I am busy destroying everything; from Greece to spain, a government actually went broke, huh. Why, because silly Greeks don’t like paying taxes. So there was no way the Greek government would have revenue to meet its Euro Monetary Union requirements

Now the entire Europe has a financial problem, with Germany threatening to return to its Deutsche Mark currency. But, who the bejesus architect the European Monetary Union without using the United States of American Monetary Union as an example? They didn’t think I was going to come in and destroy everything and make Angela Merkel look like a puny piece of cold cake?

But there was one clever tiny island, managed by a real old lady, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Yes, she’s so clever, she stayed out of the Euro zone, keeping her pride and joy and her pound currency.

So, yes, blame Obama, not me. He’s the cause of all of these crazy things. Blame that young black dude for losing your job to Mexico, India, and China; even when the guy wasn’t in the office, yup, blame him.

Yes, blame him for Hurricane Katrina, and blame him for the BP Oil Spill, and blame him for the crash of the US financial market which let us to theeeee Greeeaat Recession. Yup, blame Obama, because it wasn’t me, it has to be Obama. Who else could it be? You want to say blame Clinton for enforcing for the passage of the NAFTA. You want to say blame Bush for hooking up with the bin Laden families and caused the 9/11 to happen?

Ohhh, you want to blame Obama your child being ugly and talentless. Well, you got the point there, so blame Obama for the BP Oil Spill. How about for the war in Iraq that cost the US tax payers more than $1 billion a day, and that was for how long again the war lasted?

And now, I am checking out Canada. What can I do to Canada? How about Africa, what can I do to Africa? Give them more diseases, civil wars, the butcheries of innocent people, women and children, ohhhhh; you want me to give them Malaria? And then the lack of clean water?

How stupid is that? Africans are so dumb, they don’t even know how to structure their economies, using their Godly given and richly endowed resources to better themselves. But, there are some who are smarter. And I can’t get to them. They have made themselves Presidents and Ministers, even some Ministers without portfolios, just because I want to suck tax payers’ money to pay for some schmuck Ministers without a portfolio so he could still gain his much deserved benefits.

Yes, don’t blame, me, nor Clinton, nor Bush, but Bush. Or while you are at it, you may as well blame Spike Lee for creating the movie, She Gotta Have It, because that movie turned a lot of women into some hot players today.

Don’t blame me; blame the dog that ate my freaking wallet, so I couldn’t pay my freaking bills on time. But, just don’t blame. Blame Obama, because of his pretty wife Michelle, oops, I am lusting on Michelle.

Happy New Year, and Rejoice or Mourn Because Osama bin Laden is Dead, by June 2010!

BREAKING: is reporting right now that Taliban’s top military leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, has been captured. And, I had just posted a blog on this topic about 4 hours ago, see below, regressing the imminent capture or a kill for Al Qaeda’s Osama bin Laden and Taliban’s Mullah Omar. He should be able to give up lots of intel. Read my previous post below!

My original post: Happy New Year Everyone!

Yes, today is February 15th, 2010, and this is my first post of 2010. And my first analysis is about what’s happening in Afghanistan right now.

I have previously written about what needs to happen in Afghanistan, read it here, but President Obama and his allies didn’t consider to do exactly what I have actually stated in that post. I still concur with his action to boost the US troops in Afghanistan in order to hunt out and thwart off the resistance and all the elements of Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Looking at all the variables about what’s happening in Afghanistan now, with an ongoing pressure and full force by the US troops and NATO allies, I’ll note here now that Osama bin Laden, his top aides, and Mullah Omar (remember him, the Taliban leader?) will either be captured or killed by the forces of the US troops and NATO by no later than June 2010.

Disagreeing? The US and NATO mighty troops are going from door to door in Afghanistan, driving out all the elements, most of them will eventually throw away and abandon their weapons and ammunitions, and blend in with the local civilians, and those that resist either get killed or driven out into the deeper mountains. As the Forces press on, Al Qaeda and the Taliban will be forced to cross into Pakistan, but since Obama is putting heavy pressure on the Pakistan Government to do more, thus in the end, the Taliban and Al Qaeda will have nowhere to go but either blend in as civilians or get killed.

President Obama has also put great pressure on President Karzai to do more in order to avert and stop the corruption that has ravaged his government. As noted, most of Karzai’s government officials have been working as double agents or involved in some form of corruption to aid the Taliban and Al Qaeda; as well as in the production of the opium that helps finance the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

At least by June 2010, soon or around that time, Osama bin Laden, his top aides, and Mullah Omar will be either captured or killed. And that will tremendously boost Obama’s approval ratings.

But will the capture or killing of Osama bin Laden help stop the threat of Al Qaeda or simply fuel their passion to fight on?

Dear President Obama, It’s Time to Stop Talking

It’s been over ten months since you were inaugurated to the office of the Presidency of the United States. In general, if you were a baby, you would be about 10 months now, still crawling, still trying to figure out who’s who, and what’s what. However, your responsibility as President does not require on-site job training, it doesn’t require you to figure out who’s who and what’s what, it requires actions. And, actions must be now.

I have always been one of your biggest supporters. I have always been one of your biggest fans. While I was a student at The Ohio State University during the election campaign, we at OSU, rallied for you, endlessly. And even if you were not elected as President, I would still support you, I would still rally behind you, because of whom you are and what you stand for. Yes, you have inspired me and millions of other people around the world, and more and more people everywhere are looking up to you. More and more kids around the world want to be just like you.

barack_obamaHowever, there comes a time when you have to stop selling, you have to stop talking, and start putting your words and promises into action. Mr. President, the time is now to start enacting and signing bills into law. Yes, not too long ago, you signed the gay rights bill into law, and you have signed a few more bills into law, such as the equal-pay bill, the bill reversing abortion funds ban, and a few other bills, however, we need more bills signed into law.

Yes, I applaud you for averting what could have been the greatest economic disaster in the history of mankind, by signing the stimulus bill into law, but given the fact that you have the backing of the majority in both houses of the representatives, you should be able to quickly wrap up many proposed bills and especially, the current issue at hand, the health care reform.

I don’t just want to complain about the things you haven’t done yet. No, I also want to thank you Mr. President, for working behind the scene to heroically help free the captured American sailors by the Somali pirates and the release of the American journalists by North Korea.

Yes, I understand the implications of you achieving such a historic health care reform, given the fact that you are facing the greatest challenges from both sides of the aisle, and mostly from the far right and the severity of the opposition from the health insurance industry. But you must not look back, you must not give in, you must act now, urge both of the houses to pass a health care reform bill, but it must have a public option. You must not sign it if it does not have a sweeping public option plan.

During the election campaign, you have brought so much hope to so many people. Yes, we were all flooded with all kinds of threats from within and outside. Threat elevations at airports and public venues became an everyday thing. We were faced with the war in Iraq, and the never-ending war in Afghanistan, followed by Hurricane Katrina, and then the Great Recession. Yes, we were all in need to hear something positive, something uplifting, something joyous, and you brought that to all of us, and we embraced you, we welcomed you into our homes, and we confirmed that at the voting booths, when we voted “Yes, We Can”!

Yes, Mr. President, you have inherited a lot of garbage from the previous administration. Most of us don’t even think about that, or don’t want to think about what you had to do when you came into Office. But you already knew what you were getting into when you took and accepted the challenge. So, that should not have been a surprise to you. Thus, Mr. President, now is no longer a time to keep speaking and rallying, now it’s time to start proposing and signing bills into law.

And most importantly Mr. President, now is no longer the time to continue asking me to donate to your Organizing for America campaign in your weekly email updates, the recession has hit me, I don’t have any more money to keep donating to your Organizing for America’s cause. I’m not even sure what Organizing for America does with the money donated to it. I thought the election campaign was over? But right now, Mr. President, it’s time to start executing all that you have promised to do during your election campaign rallies.

Yes, you’ve engaged and lifted some travel restrictions to and from Cuba. You are talking to Iran and North Korea, but we need more, for the people here at home.

And while you are at it, Mr. President, please look carefully into the immigration bill. In Silicon Valley and elsewhere in America, there are many companies whose combined annual revenue are more than $52 billion, and currently employ over 500,000 Americans. These companies, such as Yahoo!, Google, and many others, were partly founded and developed by immigrants, and most of these companies have and continue to help lead America as the next frontier in technology and energy.

Mr. President, there are many legal immigrants who have come to America, and continue to migrate to the United States, and most of them leave their families and everything they love behind, including myself. We come to America for one reason only, to make our dreams come true and realize our potential. Not all of us come to America to milk the system, but we come here equipped with ingenuity and with our own ideas. We come to America to create, develop, and reap the fruits of our own labor; the American dream, and in the process, we create large and profitable companies who pay hefty taxes and employ thousands of Americans. We come to contribute and make a huge impact to the American society and the world. We come to change the way business is done, efficiently.

However, most of us, the legal immigrants of the United States (weren’t we all at one point or another), always fall under the spell of not having seed money to develop our innovative ideas. As an immigrant, to fund a startup, you have to work twice as hard just to prove yourself, more than your native colleagues. You’re likely not to have the needed startup capital to help fund and grow your startup business. You are likely not to be able to go to the bank and apply for a loan simply because you don’t have the required credit scores, given the fact that you have just arrived in the U.S. and your social security number was just recently issued, and you haven’t established yourself in the country longer enough to qualify for a bank loan.

Most of us don’t bring utilities for use as collateral for bank loans, and then again, most banks don’t recognize technology startups as a qualified industry for bank loans. Since, we are new in the country, we weren’t born here and don’t have families and friends who may help fund our start-ups, compare to those who were born and grew up here, who have families and friends, when needed, can request for help to fund their startup ideas. Our sole reliance to secure seed money falls to venture capitalists, who in turn are already overly crowded, overwhelmed and flooded with many different business plans. Thus, only a few of us end up able to start and grow our businesses.

Mr. President, please see if you can help set up a special fund, for all legal immigrants, who have viable business plans in order to get funding for their startups. The SBA does not help that much, since even going through the SBA, you still have to go through a bank to get an SBA loan. In all, most of us who come to America, legally, with a dream to create and grow our viable businesses end up not realizing our business dreams. Only a few of us, create those companies who have and continued to make a huge impact to the American Economy.

For the war in Afghanistan, as I have written on this topic before, please don’t send any more US troops to Afghanistan, instead work with the government of Afghanistan and Pakistan to negotiate and politicize the Taliban to become a political organization, whereby they will become a political organization and participate in a general election and eventually become part of the Afghanis’ members of the parliament. That’s the only way there would be peace in Afghanistan and would be able to root out the members of the Al-Qaeda organization out of Afghanistan.

The poll number shows that almost half of Americans now feel a bit jittery with your current leadership. Some are those who may be listening to the foolish talk of the GOP mouthpieces, the Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin alike.

However, not all of us do. Some of those polls may be biased, due to the fact that they may not be scientific, thus we cannot completely rely on them. As most of those who were polled may be those who lean towards the right, or simply those who pay attention to what those fools; Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and Rush Limbaugh, are saying, and may be a small percentage of those who voted for the other guys. However, the fact is; we cannot ignore their voices and that they should not go unheard. Please Mr. President, if you start signing more bills into law, then maybe, just maybe, their voices would calm down.

obama-bill-signingMr. President, you do not want to wait until the third year of your presidency to start fulfilling your campaign promises. If you do, then you will be a one-term president, because by then, almost all Americans would be weary of your inaction, and will surely not vote for you again for a second term.

So, please Mr. President, stop talking, and start signing some bills, not just bills, but they must be the most relevant bills into law. The kind of bills that help make a great impact in the lives of all Americans; the bills that more Americans would appreciate you for as the President.

Thank you Mr. President, and thank you for giving America, once more, a positive outlook from an international perspective!

Should Rep. Joe Wilson Resign from the U.S. Congress?

While President Obama was delivering his most anticipated speech last night for his proposed Healthcare Reform, Rep. Joe Wilson (R. South Carolina) rudely shouted; “You lie” ( to Obama during the speech, to which Obama shockingly paused and looked unpleasant to the Republican isle where the disruptive sound came from, and simultaneously, the whole House mumbled and booed in disagreement of the heckler, Rep. Joe Wilson.

Joe WilsonThis is similar to what we have seen in the last few months during the town hall meetings on the proposed healthcare reform, but most of the hecklers were general constituents who were concerned about their healthcare. However, for someone, who was elected in the office by his constituents to represent them in Washington, but caused to demonstrate such an ignorant and ill-fitted attitude of disrespectful during the speech by the President of the United States, that just shows how low Rep. Wilson is willing to go, into the garbage drain.

No matter who the President of the United States could be, either a Republican or Democrat, and or whether it’s Rep. Wilson’s rightful freedom of speech or what, as a citizen, there comes time for complete civility and respect for the Presidency of the United States, especially when they are congregated in the Chamber of the United States’ Capitol Hill, where civility and respect should sometimes perceive our political and ideological differences, especially during these hard times.

Yes, this is not much similar or even close to what goes on in the House of Commons in the UK, but there comes time for us to bear a good example and witness, not just for us, as decision makers and adults, but mostly for our children, who look up to us.

Regardless whether Rep. Joe Wilson has issued an apology and that Obama and the House of Representatives on both side of the isle have accepted his apology, this statement calls for Rep. Joe Wilson to resign immediately from his elected office. His rudeness and disrespectful behaviors are no different from that of Van Jones, who resigned last weekend as an Adviser to President Obama.

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Shirtless Photo of President-elect Obama on Vacation in Hawaii

I am posting this photo (below) of our President-elect, Barack Obama, on vacation in Hawaii, a picture which is seen on and most other news media outs, and has caused quiet a stir and high debate about Obama’s security.

 That’s, if a civilian photographer with a long lense camera can get that close and snap a picture of President-elect on vacation, then what would prevent anyone else with bad intend to reach him? Where was the Secret Service? Or did this photographer has security clearance? If so, then what does that say about the privacy of our President, who’s not only taking his much needed vacation, but also is mourning his grandmother?

For me, this photo is now a reminder for me to go to the gym and work out and shave off at least 40 lbs. I just now realize how overweight and unhealthy I have become, yes, I have to cut down from going to the Cheesecake Factory and on all those midnight snacks and juicy steaks.

Shirtless President-elect Obama on Vacation in Hawaii

Shirtless President-elect Obama on Vacation in Hawaii

Oprah Winfrey’s Top Cabinet Level Appointment by Obama

To reinvent the much damaged American image around the world would require a new and fresh face with strong ideas of unity and world peace. Yes, Obama is the fresh face, but US Secretary of State is the front image, the face that precedes the US presidency in foreign affairs.

US Secretary of State is the face of the United States government among foreign leaders around the world, who is responsible for handling foreign affair and managing the core issues of the US State Department. It’s highest-ranking cabinet level position, in terms of in line of succession to the presidency and order of precedence.

Thus, I had been thinking that Obama would select someone with a more favorable public relations front, and I had been thinking that Oprah is the perfect fit for the US Secretary of State job. She’s the most loved, admired, and respected around the world, mostly by almost everyone, not as a politician, but as a journalist, entertainer, and philanthropist. She’s agile, tough, and smart.

However this week, Obama met with Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson to discuss the possible job appointment for the US Secretary of State.

I had thought about Hillary Clinton for the job, she’s tough, resilient, and well respected around the world, as a politician and first lady, and she would make an excellent Secretary of State. But I was thinking more on Obama’s theme of change in Washington, and Hillary Clinton is one of Washington insiders. Bill Richardson will also make a great Secretary of State; he too has foreign experience, him being a former US ambassador to the UN, also a Washington outsider, and is also respected by foreign leaders around the world.

I had also considered Obama appointing General Collin Powell as Defense Secretary, but that won’t make a good racial fit, having Winfrey and Powell, both in the top cabinet level position. Obama has to equalize the racial borderline and bipartisanship, even though when a person’s experience should precede racial status or political party affiliation, racial and bipartisanship equalization should precedents all else, anywhere. Therefore, for Obama to consider McCain as Defense Secretary would make a perfect appointment and shorten confirmation by the Congress and Senate.

For the economy, I urge Obama to replace Treasury Secretary, Paulson, on the day of his inauguration, same as for Fed Chairman Bernanke. Even though this post of Federal Reserve Chairmanship may be a lifetime appointment, Bernanke and Paulson need to go in order to quickly stabilize the market. Just look at Paulson’s misappropriation of the bailout money.

All $250 billion of the $700 billion bailout money have already been misgiven to banking institutions and now they are changing their initial market rescue plan to pump the rest of the bail out money to credit card and student loan companies, instead of spending this money in what is really economically needed and mostly relevant, cleaning up the housing market.

Warren Buffett would make a good Treasury Secretary; the only thing I am worried about him is his age. If appointed, how long can he serve as Treasury Secretary? But then the economy only needs about 18 months to turn around and he can definitely serve those months and may be a few more years. Except that, there’s a talk that former Treasury Secretary, Summers, is also one of the people in the short list, being considered for the Treasury Secretary Job. But Buffett may get the job since he’s proved as one of the world’s best money managers, and not to say that he’s more closer to Obama as one of his presidential economics advisers.

My question is – why would a billionaire, like Oprah and or Warren, give up his day, money making, job to serve as Treasury Secretary or US State Secretary?