What’s the Difference Between an Entrepreneur and a Tenderpreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who creates and develops easy-to-use solutions and innovative products that solve today’s problems, while a tenderpreneur is a lazy form of someone who scavenges on providing services and products to organizations, government agencies and businesses but using the solutions and products that entrepreneurs have developed.


What’s an Entrepreneur and The Motivational Factors?

“An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterprise, venture or idea and is accountable for the inherent risks and the outcome.” (Wikipedia).

An entrepreneur is someone who takes the risk to invest in capital market and labor to create innovative solutions in order to realize a profit. An entrepreneur is not motivated by making money alone, it’s the passion to create and develop the most efficient and practical easy-to-use innovation that changes the industry, market, and that; by making a name for him/herself.

A profit only becomes a complimentary factor after implementing your solution. Hence if your only motivation to become an inventor and therefore an entrepreneur is making money, then you will simply miss the opportunity; you will never make it. Because your entire focus will be on making money instead of developing a solution that would help make life better for other people (your targeted customers), and therefore be able to find someone who may want to pay and use your solution.

A profit is never realized overnight; first you have to spend long days and nights and a lot of other people’s money (investors) in order to successfully develop and market your innovation, and make it a huge success by attracting a large user-base and brand loyalty (your targeted market) for your innovation, only thereafter you will earn income and then perhaps realize a net profit (based on your cost structured) from your innovation.

It’s your patience, passion, stubbornness, resilience, and your willingness not to be just another Joe. It’s your spirit of perseverance that must precede your greediness that will enable you to become successful in your entrepreneurial endeavor.

Remember,  Facebook was not built in one day, not even in one year, it didn’t even generate revenue until after 2 long years.

The Power of My Own Words and the Burning Passion Within Me

Since I was about 14 years old, I would say to myself what I wanna do and then I would just do it. No one makes me and no one stops me from doing what I want in my life. That’s why I’ve ended up where I’ve been to do what I have done. I simply say what I want, pray about it and then do it, of course with the help of some great friends and people in my life. There’s no limit for me, no boundaries; it’s just me, I am my own limitation.

If I want to do something in my life, and I hit the wall, I try to find a way on how to do it, but even better. But if there’s no way, then I make my own way through the walls, steep mountains or deepest valleys, if I have to. This has always been my philosophy and it has always worked for me.

I don’t have to have come from a well-to-do family; I don’t have to have well-known or rich family members to help me realize my dream, when coming to me, my life, and my family; it’s all about me and a few of those who care about me. Any success or failure that I realize, it’s because of my own hard or less work; my own merit, and the power of networking, connecting with the right people in order to help me achieve what I have set out to do.

For me, nothing is impossible. If I have to go to the farthest place on earth, thousands of miles away from home and everything that i know and love, then I will just do it, so I can make my wish come true.

I have no borders, no limits, and no fear. I say it, and then I do it.

Sometimes it may take me years, but one thing about me, I never quit, I don’t give up no matter how the situation might be. I just keep on pushing until I get it done; just the way or better than I expectedly wanted it.

It’s my passion, it’s my tenacious spirit. And the more someone says; “Simon, you can’t do it”, then the more I would do everything possible, just to prove that someone wrong.

It’s the fire in me, it’s the burning flame of desires and wanting to be more than just me, it’s the wish to leave a legacy and a platform on which my children and family would be proud of me.

So, never tell me that I can’t do it, because you’ll just help fuel my burning passion and desires to prove you wrong.

Simon Kapenda: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership Meetup Series

My next Meetup Series on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership is on Saturday, February 19, 2011 at Protea Turinger Hof on Independence Avenue in Windhoek from 16h00 – 19h00. This is something you don’t wanna miss if you’re inspired to do bigger and greater things in your life. Search Facebook for this event to RSVP now. It’s free and is open to the public.

Kapenda Media Group, an Umbrella for Some Cool Web Properties


kapenda_media_groupSince I graduated from The Ohio State University in June 2009, I kept myself very busy, working and organizing some of my web properties under one umbrella, Kapenda Media Group.

I still have almost two years before I go back for my post graduate study and in the mean time, I will be busy doing what I love; having fun with my family while creating and growing some of the most innovative web tools and applications.

Kapenda Media Group, Inc. (KMG) is a premier media company dedicated to developing, managing, and marketing a diversified portfolio of web properties, mobile and social applications that are poised to efficiently provide indispensable information, entertainment, and communication services for people around the world to help them enjoy happier and more productive lives.

KMG is building one of the most innovative and comprehensive broad arrays of web properties, proprietary data tools, social and mobile applications for use by anyone, anytime, anyplace, anywhere, which consist of:

  • Welated, LLC (www.welated.com), a mass social media that alert users in real-time if their mates cheat on them with anyone, anytime, anyplace.
  • Wrisen, LLC (www.wrisen.com), a social application for social networks that lets users remember, honor, and cherish their passed loved ones and pets.
  • RentersQ, LLC (www.rentersq.com), a rental predictive intelligence tool that lets landlords and tenants around the world efficiently share rental history reports and information.
  • Tipmart, LLC (www.tipmart.com – relaunching), a localized reverse auction platform making it easier for anyone to buy and sell almost anything, anywhere.
  • Zemuse (www.zemuse.com – coming soon), a social platform for anyone to buy and sell original compositions and theme sounds for Radio Ads, Films, and TV shows.
  • African Prince (coming in October 2009), a mass unscripted reality TV show offering exhilarating and breath taking dramas and cool prizes.
  • Jetie (www.jetie.org – coming soon), a mass platform that enables high achievers and professionals share their life and work experience with grade students anywhere.

Welated, a Social App for Social Networks

Welated for iPhonesIn July, I launched Wrisen, a social app for social networks on Facebook, which has so far received great, rave review, and it’s growing faster than I’ve expected.

We’re currently working to launch a full version of the Welated site at the end of August, but the exciting news is about our new social app version of Welated for social networks and iPhone which we are also launching towards the end of August.

We will first launch the Welated app for social networks, specifically for Facebook, and then follow up with the iPhone version.

Welated is a service that alerts users instantly any time their mates cheat on them with anyone, anyplace, anywhere.

Check out Wrisen at http://www.wrisen.com and Welated at http://www.welated.com.

Making the Best Out of the Worst, Especially Right Now

Someone once told me that the start is always the easiest but is the end that counts the most. So, whatever it is that you are doing, people will always appreciate how you start, but will always remember how you finish.

Well, for me, it’s been a long journey trying to find my pitch, my niche, and I believe I found it now. Since August 2008, I’ve embarked on a project that seemed nearly impossible, in a crowded market economy. But I’ve always believed in myself, and the power of being creative, to find the best out of the worst, even when most of us may seem to be out of luck due to our current economy. But I believe the best is yet to come. I think I can truly say so, because being an economics student here at OSU, and in Spring 2010, I hope to start my PhD program in Economics, I strongly believe that our economy will turn around sooner than we think, and no matter where you are or whatever you are doing, you can make the best out of anything, especially right now.

I am a strong believer, always have been. I believe that each and every one of us have certain God given, unalienable gifts and talents, and it’s up to each and everyone of us to go all the way and explore how to maximize our potential in order to make our dreams come true.

In August 2008, my team and I started working on my new project, Welated (www.welated.com), and it seemed almost impossible making it and developing it to become an actual, viable entity with an actual business model that doesn’t just depend on paid ads like other social networking sites, and I have to say that, with God’s help, I think finally made it happen. Welated is now done, fully functional, and I am very excited about it. We started testing it on January 2009, under a certain code name, and over 8,000 people signed up within just two months, and that was amazing.

We’re now migrating the site from the testing alpha to beta mode, it is a combination of Facebook, MySpace, and Hi5.com, all in one. We combined all the cool tools you’ll find on most of your favorite social networking sites and place them in one easy-to-use Welated platform.

However, Welated has a creative twist to it, that’s, instead of simply offering traditional social networking tools, Welated offers an innovative platform that allows users to keep track of what their lovers are doing at any given time. That’s, a Welated user can instantly know if her or his wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is being unfaithful and more, anywhere. I purposely founded Welated to help people learn more about each other’s dating history, interests, and activities, so that no one can ever say; I wish I only knew.

Please, take some time and check out Welated at www.welated.com, sign up, it’s free, and take a tour of the site, experiment with the tools on the site, and please let me know what you think. You can always delete your account at any time if you decide not to stay registered, and feel free to search for my name on the site and connect with me.

Feel free to Welated me at; http://www.welated.com/profile.php?user=simon