Reporter Ronelle Rademeyer Has a Thing for Economist Simon Kapenda?

Could the pair, Simon Kapenda and Ronelle Rademeyer, be the most romantic match made in heaven or in this case, in Simon Kapenda’s World’s Most Famous Chemistry Compatible Formula?

Ronelle Rademeyer

Ronelle has published back-to-back two news articles about Simon and their $5 billion value development in Grootfontein.

Simon Kapenda

Could this be the next beautiful romantic relationship between these two cool people?


What the Heck is Ellen Degeneres Doing on American Idol?

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Ellen Degeneres is a brilliant comedian and a good actress, but what experience in music does she have for her to be a judge on American Idol?

Oh, I forgot, she once produced an album for Bruce Springsteen and Lil’ Wayne. Well, I can see her being a judge elsewhere though, may be for the Amazing Race, oops, that doesn’t have judges. 

How about on America Got Talent? That would have been best for her to judge all those wonderful and talented contestants. But, American Idol? Have Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell gone completely insane?

I’m glad that Paula Abdul has left the show; she has become irrelevant, to the point that she was no longer any use to the show, but to replace Paula with Ellen? She’s is a great comedian but this would be the wrong show.

Great, now the American Idol show has three male judges, what a bipartisan panel…! It would be even better if Perez  Hilton joins the cast of Simon, Randy, and now Ellen, I mean, that would have helped equalize the gender issue.

Adam Lambert, the Next American Idol Winner and Best Selling Rocker of His Generation

From the first day Adam Lambert stepped on the stage in the audition room, looking all weird with his colored hair, like a sick, wet bird, I knew there was something real weird about him, but when he opened his mouth and blared out that high pitch note, I instantly knew he was going to sail all the way through.

Most of us have seen his magnificent transformation, from looking like a silly, surly looking, skateboarding homeless kid, to a unique, star in the making. Since Elvis Presley to Freddy Mercury, there has never been any other rocker, who has the charisma, talent, and all the stuff to cement him as the best and genuine male rock singer than Adam Lambert.

Even the American Idol, since its debut in the US, it has never produced anyone, who is as good as Adam Lambert. And, he’s going to be one of the best selling and biggest rockers since the invention of rock music. He’s got everything needed to be a rock star, he’s got the look, attitude, and the best thing about him is that he’s still humble and down to earth.

As the show progressed. I stopped trying to figure out who’s going to be the next American Idol, because my mind has already been set on Adam Lambert. This year, there were lots of contestants, some seemed to have great talent and some are just stagnant frogs made to make Adam Lambert sound even better.

There is no doubt in my mind that Adam Lambert is going to be crowned the next American Idol. And not only that, he’s going to fill concert arenas, and will become the next biggest and best selling artist, and I’d love to record engineering one of his songs.

So, please, just stop the show now, and give Adam Lambert his prize and send him to the studio to record his new single and subsequently, the next best selling CD.

Making the Best Out of the Worst, Especially Right Now

Someone once told me that the start is always the easiest but is the end that counts the most. So, whatever it is that you are doing, people will always appreciate how you start, but will always remember how you finish.

Well, for me, it’s been a long journey trying to find my pitch, my niche, and I believe I found it now. Since August 2008, I’ve embarked on a project that seemed nearly impossible, in a crowded market economy. But I’ve always believed in myself, and the power of being creative, to find the best out of the worst, even when most of us may seem to be out of luck due to our current economy. But I believe the best is yet to come. I think I can truly say so, because being an economics student here at OSU, and in Spring 2010, I hope to start my PhD program in Economics, I strongly believe that our economy will turn around sooner than we think, and no matter where you are or whatever you are doing, you can make the best out of anything, especially right now.

I am a strong believer, always have been. I believe that each and every one of us have certain God given, unalienable gifts and talents, and it’s up to each and everyone of us to go all the way and explore how to maximize our potential in order to make our dreams come true.

In August 2008, my team and I started working on my new project, Welated (, and it seemed almost impossible making it and developing it to become an actual, viable entity with an actual business model that doesn’t just depend on paid ads like other social networking sites, and I have to say that, with God’s help, I think finally made it happen. Welated is now done, fully functional, and I am very excited about it. We started testing it on January 2009, under a certain code name, and over 8,000 people signed up within just two months, and that was amazing.

We’re now migrating the site from the testing alpha to beta mode, it is a combination of Facebook, MySpace, and, all in one. We combined all the cool tools you’ll find on most of your favorite social networking sites and place them in one easy-to-use Welated platform.

However, Welated has a creative twist to it, that’s, instead of simply offering traditional social networking tools, Welated offers an innovative platform that allows users to keep track of what their lovers are doing at any given time. That’s, a Welated user can instantly know if her or his wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend is being unfaithful and more, anywhere. I purposely founded Welated to help people learn more about each other’s dating history, interests, and activities, so that no one can ever say; I wish I only knew.

Please, take some time and check out Welated at, sign up, it’s free, and take a tour of the site, experiment with the tools on the site, and please let me know what you think. You can always delete your account at any time if you decide not to stay registered, and feel free to search for my name on the site and connect with me.

Feel free to Welated me at;

Are ‘Music’ Record Labels Still Needed?

When coming to the Internet and music, there has been a long history of disruptive innovations, which some have caused controversy in online marketplace, but most of them have changed the music business and its revenue flow model.

In April 2000, Prince, also known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, became the first subject ever, to trade music online, in terms of pay-to-download. He released his remix album, “Rave In2 the Joy Fantastic”, exclusively through his NPG Music Club. That was in the year 2000, and the music industry should have seen this coming, but they stayed asleep, while the online music marketplace moved forward, evolved, and embraced the new business model, a no-revenue generation model as opposed to the traditional brick-and-mortal music stores.

The article, How Much Music is Worth, which was published in the Newsweek magazine, of October 29, 2007, further describes the disruptive online marketplace for the music industry. The article talks about the British rock band, Radiohead, which caused even further controversy in online music marketplace.

The band produced its much anticipated new CD, “In Rainbows”, but didn’t release it in the old fashion way, but made it available for download online. Not for-pay to download, such as what Prince did in April 2000, but for Radiohead, anyone could download its newly produced CDless music from the band’s official web site, and the twist to this was; there was no price tag on it, for what the user should pay to download the music.

The band left the price field empty left it up to the user to decide how much to leave in the band’s eshopping cart for downloading its songs. That’s right, you could download the entire new CD, without paying a dime, it’s up to you to decide how much to pay. But to get an unprotected code, a user is required to pay only $0.90, so you could download and play the songs on any device such as iPods, Zunes, and PCs.

The article reports that in the first few days of the band releasing their new eCD, over 1.2 million visitors to its web site downloaded “In Rainbows”. The article further states that consensus survey found that many customers paid $5 to $15 to download the band’s music, while some paid nothing.

But that’s not the whole story; the music industry has long been faced trouble, with users downloading songs online for free. It all started with the then Napster, which allowed the sharing and downloading of music online by anyone, anywhere. This led to the music industry scrambling to file lawsuits for anyone and everyone who downloaded their music online. To which they had no success, because two weeks ago, the music industry organization RIAA announced that it will no longer file lawsuits for sharing and downloading songs online for free.

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, seemed like he was the long awaited savior of online music, with his introduction of IPod and iTunes Music Store.

However, to make it even worse, Steve negotiated with the music record labels to sell songs on Itunes Music Store for a flat fee of $0.99 per each song and only $10 per each CD download. This price is rather ridiculously low compare to the traditional CD pricing, which can rack up to $17 per CD, but with that, you get a CD with all kinds of songs, even those you don’t like. But, with online music, you get to pick which one you want and don’t want. The music industry went along with Steve’s proposal. However, they became unhappy because they realized that Steve was making more money selling iPods, than they do selling songs.

The article asks if $0.99 is the right price paid for each song on Steve’s iTunes Music Store. The answer is no. But it caused a high price elasticity of demand for online music trading.

“In general, as the price of a good rises, consumers will usually demand a lower quantity of that good; they may consume less of that good, substitute it with another product, etc. Actually, the greater the extent to which demand falls as price rises, the greater is the price elasticity of demand. Conversely, as the price of a good falls, consumers will usually demand a greater quantity of that good: consuming more of that good, while dropping substitutes” (

In this case, as the price of music falls due to the downloading and sharing of songs online for free, the greater the demand, causing the price elasticity of demand to skyrocket. This in part is due to the fact that, even if consumers have no substitute for music, it’s not like, when the price of music rises, that consumers will replace it with something else, they just stop demanding for more. But now, they have more option on where to buy or share their music, or rather, where to download, at the lowest price and sometimes for free. And, free is always better when coming to music.

Newsweek Magazine should not have asked how much music is worth, but whether Record Labels are still needed, given that any artist can now release an album or in this case, an eCD, and make it instantly available to the general Internet users, without involving the Record Labels’ bureaucracy.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Moves to Bart Simpson’s Springfield?

Like most of you, I have been watching and am still stuck with The Simpson since the first episode aired in 1989. It’s the longest TV show ever, and will continue to reign for years to come. However, will its audience dwindle with age? As more and more of the Y Gen starts to grow into watching reality TV shows and more up-tempo shows, who will remain to continue watching The Simpson?

Also, what kind of audience, race and gender, will The Simpson continue to attract? I am not currently aware of the breakdown of its audience by gender and race, but I can guess that in order for The Simpson to continue with its reign on TV rating, the producers need to look elsewhere, to be more creative, and definitely go out of their production-comfort zone.

By saying this, I mean, they have to do something, unthinkable, in order to attract more young people, especially the Hip Hop generation. The Simpson’s producers have to think of a better way to bring the show more to the mainstream, urban community. And the only way they can do so, is to incorporate urban characters, geared toward the hip hop community, both blacks and whites, just look at Madea’s movies ratings and box office income.

There’s not any other character, which can help fill the void within the show, and attract more black audience than Tyler Perry’s Madea. Imagine, cartoonizing Madea into its current character, attitude and behavior, and move her in to Springfield to be the new neighbor of the Simpson’s. She can be made either to be one of Bart’s school teachers, grocery store owner, or a nosy, irritating and annoying neighbor.

She and Mrs. Simpson can even end up being friends; they can go work out together, get their hair done together and just hang out. She will be rallying the kids in Springfield with her disciplinary wit and her loud voice.

Madea is the definite solution for The Simpson, she will help to raise The Simpson’s audience exponentially, and it won’t just be the young adult of the African American community who would be watching the show, but you will see more and more older black folks watching the show. I am not sure how its current audience will perceive the show, but the producers can always do a pilot with Madea and see how it turns out.

I only have one request, if it turns out that you decide to experiment this hypothesis, that I’d appreciate you reaching out to me and just give me a shout out. Just try it, it won’t hurt. With Madea moving in Springfield, I assure you that the show will turn out and will continue to be one of the highest shows rated on TV.

Oprah Winfrey Duped, Again: Holocaust ‘greatest’ love story is Fake

Does Oprah Winfrey need discontinue the Oprah’s Book Club or has to start vetting all the authors of the books she features in the Oprah’s Book Club?

As it turned out, the ‘greatest’ holocaust love story as has been told by Herman and Roma Rosenblat isn’t true. Herman now says that he made it all up. reports that; “when the couple appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show more than a decade ago, the famed host called it the single greatest love story in 22 years of doing this show.” Read more at

James Frey the author of “A Million Little Pieces” also duped Oprah, with his faked memoir which became an instant best-selling non-fiction book, after Oprah selected it as one of her top books for her Book Club. Read more at The Smoking Gun.

It will serve best for Oprah to start vetting all the authors of all the books she may consider selecting for her Book Club in order to help eliminate any further embarrassment. This might be a lengthy and costly process, but this is the only best way to not fall under the same spell of con-artists trying to profit from her global branding power.

Another solution is to completely discontinue and close down the entire Oprah’s Book Club.