The World vs. the US Culture: Are You Getting Confused?

Those who try to mimic the US culture or politics, you may want to do it with a clear understanding so that you don’t confuse your mind, belief and ability to make an informed living style.

In the US, the political sphere is divided into separate groups; the right, the left, and the middle. And then you have the string knots in the middle. Each sphere whether left, right or anywhere else can easily influence how you may see things, from a US perspective.

Such as some of the US news media or TV and Radio commentaries and analysts; they may say or write certain things, such as The News Fox Channel, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, etc will likely never to say or air anything that may compliment President Obama or the Democratic Party, since they tend to lean toward the far right.

Likewise, those who lean to the far left will likely never really say anything good about a Republican President or The Republican Party.

Each political sphere tends to fight against (not literally) the other on whatever many different issues. And for you, it’s important to listen, read, and watch the news that are more balanced and objective such The New York Times (if you read The New York Times, you may become smarter, because The New York Times is written scholarly). NPR, The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC (financial), Bloomberg (financial), The Los Angeles Times, and a few more that are some of the US news media that tend to be not leaning to either side, and reading them could help offer you how you think or perceive the US culture or politics.

Believe it or not, the US influence is all around us; the products you buy in stores; Coca Cola, Movies, Music, Medicine, Food stuff, Education (Colleges), Technology (Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, etc). Hence if you aspire to understand your surrounding and environment, it’s best to always know the real truth, and not letting yourself misdirected and or lied to some sources of what you hear, read or watch on TV.

Even this writing, if I am a Democrat or Republican, I can easily try to influence you with my own opinion, and then you may actually believe what I wrote, but it’s just my own opinion.

Be careful of what you feed your brain, what you listen to, what you read, and what you watch can directly or indirectly influence your thinking ability and belief.

Don’t be a moron, read, listen, watch, but decide for yourself what it is that you want to believe.

Advertisements, a Social App to Help You Remember, Honor, and Cherish Your Loved Ones

Wrisen LogoWrisen ( was launched on July 27, 2009, and it’s live now exclusively on Facebook at Wrisen, a social app for social networks lets you easily create profiles for all your loved ones, post and share eulogies and condolences, upload their pictures, videos, and memorial gifts.

Wrisen enables you to share sympathy about your loved ones with your all friends and family members on Facebook.

The application is a Facebook-like by itself within Facebook, it’s free, easy and simple to use, and each eulogy, condolence or comment posted on any profile and on the profile wall is instantly distributed and shared among all your Facebook friends.

You can basically create and post a profile for any person or pet that you may have admired and adored. It could be anyone from the past, such as Princess Diana, Gandhi or anyone you want to eulogize.

Wrisen is a cool social application that I created to help make social network users feel better and forever remember their passed loved ones.

Try it out and please let me know what you think about it.

A Success Story: Guided by an Angel

I grew up on a farm with my mom. My dad always lived in a city where he worked and only came home rarely, on weekends, not every weekend, but may be twice a year. I was the oldest male-child in the house, after my older brother went in exile and joined SWAPO, a political organization that fought to liberate Namibia from the South African apartheid government.

Since I was the oldest son left at home, with two of my young brothers and youngest, baby sister, and my mom, I had to take on the tasks, which were generally handled by adult males, usually the fathers, the heads of household. Tasks such as plowing the field during the rainy season, looking after our farm animals, and simply maintaining the exterior and interior structure of the house and the sprawling, long and high, fence that covered our farm of more than 75,000 acres of land.

These kinds of tasks had to be dealt with constantly on a daily basis, every day of the week. And since I was just a little boy, in addition to helping my mom at home with all these tasks, I also had to go to school and keep up with my homework and study. Most parents then discouraged their children from going to school, so they could stay at home and work. However, I had and still have a wonderful, the best mom, not only that she never asked me to stay out of school, she actually helped me study. She actually taught me how to read, even before I started school. For all of us, her children, to get an education was her first priority.

In order to stay on top of all the household chores and school homework, I made a deal with my mom. That we’d go to school three days a week, and stay to work at home on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On the days we had to go to school, we would get up at five in the morning, and work in the field before leaving for school. And then after school, we would go to work in the field some more and attend to our farm animals.

That was my daily life, everyday of each week, except on Sundays when we had to go to church and rest up. In my whole neighborhood, I was one of the very few kids who went and stayed in school. Most of them stayed at home, and probably never even passed standard 5, let alone finish school.

In primary (elementary) school, I was smart, but not the smartest kid. Luckily, there was this girl in my first grade class, standard one. Her name was Katalina Asino, and she was so beautiful. She was so beautiful that she took my breath away each time I looked at her. I have to say now that I had fallen in love with her the very first time I laid my eyes on her on the first day of class. However, Katalina didn’t come from my neighborhood but from the opposite side of our school. I was from the east side and she was from the west side of the school. So, the only time I could get to see her was if I had gone to school.

Not only that Katalina was the most beautiful girl in the whole school, she was also the smartest kid in class. I immediately befriended her, the very first day of school, the very same day I met her in class. However, if I had to be her friend, or maybe I could now say, her boyfriend then, then I’d have to be smart like her as well. So I had to push myself harder, study harder, just so I could keep up with her in class, and still be able to play together outside of the class, during the school recess.

At home, when I was not at school, I missed her a lot, and so I had to talk to my mom about me going to school every school day, instead of just a few days a week. Basically so I could see Katalina. Of course I didn’t tell my mom why I really wanted to go to school every day, but my mom perfectly understood the need to be at school every day regardless of the never ending house chores. So, she let me go to school five days a week, but so as long as we would work on our farm before and after class.

At school, I was able to see Katalina every school day, but I was also able to keep up with her academically. That was the whole thing about being her friend. It wouldn’t have looked good to be her friend and not be smart. Because in quizzes and tests, so as in the exams, Katalina was always the first student and I was second in class. There has been times that I was also either the first and she was second. It was beautiful. I was able to do my chores at home and be the second best student at school.

Times went on like that for years until we got in standard four (grade six). We had also gotten a bit older, and Katalina started looking and talking to other boys, other than just me. And when she did, her school work started to slack too, to the point that she barely passed standard four. In standard five, she was slacking far behind. We weren’t even talking as best friends by then, as she was seeing and dating another guy, Gottlieb, who was one of my best friends. I was devastated when Katalina and I were no longer friends. I couldn’t sleep at times at home, nor could I do anything else, because my mind and thoughts were about Katalina. I wrote her several love letters and most times, she would throw them away, letting the whole school read them. That had hurt me so much that I felt like quitting school. But I never did, because I am not and have never given up on anything that I’ve wanted in my life, and at that time school became my only priority.

Gottlieb knew that Katalina was my girl, and he would tell me about all the fun things they’d be doing, him and Katalina, just to shove it in my face and then laugh at me, which to him was just a big joke, but to me, even if I didn’t show it, deep down inside of me, I was horrified. However, instead of looking down on myself, I lifted my head up high and I studied hard, more than ever. Standard five (grade seven) was and may still be one of the hardest classes in Namibia and South Africa. Most students in Namibia back then never even passed it. Also, most of my classmates in standard five were repeaters, those who were taking it over. Some students were repeating it for their 3rd or 4th times.

While Katalina was struggling with the rest of the majority of the class, I was thriving. I made up my mind that I would not flunk the class and especially that Katalina was not talking to me, I had to show her that I was the best man for her, that I was smart, and not only that, I played soccer, was on school soccer team, and cross country. In my mind, that’s all I had gotten used to, getting A’s and B’s in any class at that time. Even though Katalina and I were no longer best friends, I couldn’t let myself get any grades less than A’s and B’s.

At the end of the year, after the final exams, I was only one of the 3 students who passed standard 5, out of more than 40 students in our class. Two of those students were repeaters. Katalina and Gottlieb both flunk the class, they stayed behind, and I moved on to a secondary (high) school at Iipumbu Secondary School, then to Jacob Marengo Tutorial College.

I believe that certain things happen for very good reasons, and that Katalina was my angel, purposely sent by God to help me with my early years of school, she was the main reason for me to go to school and study hard in order for me to pass all my primary classes. If it was not for her, I don’t think that I would have been able to pass my classes with A’s, let alone go to and stay in school. I’d have ended up just like some or maybe, most of the students in Namibia who never even finished standard five. So, if I could go back in time at my primary school days with Katalina, my true guided angel, then I would try to encourage and make her realize how silly it was to give up on something so important, education, instead of just focusing on some other things, especially boys, some who may not have had her best interest.

At home, there were never days that we went to bed hungry. My mom and I worked very hard to keep our house afloat, and it was one of the best fields produced in the area. We produced lots of food products, from corn, watermelons, black-eye peas, peanuts, rye and more. At the same time, my older sister Jenny, whom I’m forever indebted to, was working for the Retail Magnate, Mr. Aupa Indongo at Continental #1, so she was able to financially support the whole family and my school fees. Thus we were very well off compare to other families, and, in addition, we were never hungry and were never in need of anything. I was able to comfortably help my mom and work at home, in our farm, while maintaining good grades at school. This was and still is an achievement I will always alone cherish. And it didn’t go unnoticed, because when I left for the secondary school, I was told that most parents in the area were pushing their children to go to school so they could one day be like me.

Excelling in school, while at the same time helping my mom at home, just made me feel very proud of myself. Thanks to my mom who never stopped me from going to school, even when most other parents wouldn’t let their kids go to school every day or even some days in the week as I did.

A few years ago, I tried to find out what had happened with my God given angel, Katalina and to my great sadness; I was informed that she might have died of AIDS. And, that just sadness me more, because I never even kissed her, and mostly, I never had a chance to say thank you to her for helping me realize my academic potential early in primary school and for helping me go to school every day and passed all my classes with high grades.

Angels come in many different ways, shapes, and forms. She or he might be the guy next door, or perhaps someone who tried to talk to you in the hallway or street the other day, or may be the person who was standing on the corner begging for some change, but you’ve ignored him, or perhaps, your best friend who tried to warn you about a mistake that you were about to make.

Angels come in many different ways, forms, and shapes. Try to explore and discover yours, and try to listen to him or her. You may just make the right decision as I did, by going to school and finish my primary school education, and eventually college – which is the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life. Now, I’m going to pursue my MBA at INSEAD and PhD in Economics at Harvard University, with focus on Economic Development, Macro and Political Economics.

Adam Lambert, the Next American Idol Winner and Best Selling Rocker of His Generation

From the first day Adam Lambert stepped on the stage in the audition room, looking all weird with his colored hair, like a sick, wet bird, I knew there was something real weird about him, but when he opened his mouth and blared out that high pitch note, I instantly knew he was going to sail all the way through.

Most of us have seen his magnificent transformation, from looking like a silly, surly looking, skateboarding homeless kid, to a unique, star in the making. Since Elvis Presley to Freddy Mercury, there has never been any other rocker, who has the charisma, talent, and all the stuff to cement him as the best and genuine male rock singer than Adam Lambert.

Even the American Idol, since its debut in the US, it has never produced anyone, who is as good as Adam Lambert. And, he’s going to be one of the best selling and biggest rockers since the invention of rock music. He’s got everything needed to be a rock star, he’s got the look, attitude, and the best thing about him is that he’s still humble and down to earth.

As the show progressed. I stopped trying to figure out who’s going to be the next American Idol, because my mind has already been set on Adam Lambert. This year, there were lots of contestants, some seemed to have great talent and some are just stagnant frogs made to make Adam Lambert sound even better.

There is no doubt in my mind that Adam Lambert is going to be crowned the next American Idol. And not only that, he’s going to fill concert arenas, and will become the next biggest and best selling artist, and I’d love to record engineering one of his songs.

So, please, just stop the show now, and give Adam Lambert his prize and send him to the studio to record his new single and subsequently, the next best selling CD.

Tyler Perry’s Madea Moves to Bart Simpson’s Springfield?

Like most of you, I have been watching and am still stuck with The Simpson since the first episode aired in 1989. It’s the longest TV show ever, and will continue to reign for years to come. However, will its audience dwindle with age? As more and more of the Y Gen starts to grow into watching reality TV shows and more up-tempo shows, who will remain to continue watching The Simpson?

Also, what kind of audience, race and gender, will The Simpson continue to attract? I am not currently aware of the breakdown of its audience by gender and race, but I can guess that in order for The Simpson to continue with its reign on TV rating, the producers need to look elsewhere, to be more creative, and definitely go out of their production-comfort zone.

By saying this, I mean, they have to do something, unthinkable, in order to attract more young people, especially the Hip Hop generation. The Simpson’s producers have to think of a better way to bring the show more to the mainstream, urban community. And the only way they can do so, is to incorporate urban characters, geared toward the hip hop community, both blacks and whites, just look at Madea’s movies ratings and box office income.

There’s not any other character, which can help fill the void within the show, and attract more black audience than Tyler Perry’s Madea. Imagine, cartoonizing Madea into its current character, attitude and behavior, and move her in to Springfield to be the new neighbor of the Simpson’s. She can be made either to be one of Bart’s school teachers, grocery store owner, or a nosy, irritating and annoying neighbor.

She and Mrs. Simpson can even end up being friends; they can go work out together, get their hair done together and just hang out. She will be rallying the kids in Springfield with her disciplinary wit and her loud voice.

Madea is the definite solution for The Simpson, she will help to raise The Simpson’s audience exponentially, and it won’t just be the young adult of the African American community who would be watching the show, but you will see more and more older black folks watching the show. I am not sure how its current audience will perceive the show, but the producers can always do a pilot with Madea and see how it turns out.

I only have one request, if it turns out that you decide to experiment this hypothesis, that I’d appreciate you reaching out to me and just give me a shout out. Just try it, it won’t hurt. With Madea moving in Springfield, I assure you that the show will turn out and will continue to be one of the highest shows rated on TV.

Webware Finally Credits TechCrunch

I recently wrote on here about Webware kind of living in the shadow of TechCrunch on nearly every story they report. But, the good news thereafter is that Webware seems to have heeded my writing, that today in their Daily Tidbits, they finally credited TechCrunch on their report that, “Charles River Ventures, a venture capital fund that focuses on Web start-ups, and is trying to find a hot company through Facebook”.

It’s good to see Webware finally crediting TechCrunch on their tech news reporting, because for a while now, all they have been doing is report on whatever TechCrunch reports without at times crediting TechCrunch, and that was kind of boring and annoying, not to say, lack of news reporting and creativity.

Speaking of Facebook hot Apps, I am working to launch, Wrisen, which is poised to be one of today and tomorrow’s hot and fast growing social apps on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5 and other social networking properties.

Due to launch in January 2009, Wrisen is poised to be the emotional comforting social application for everyone including pets anywhere, but with an actual revenue business model, and is not mostly depended on sometimes under-performing social revenue ads.

The Most, Very Unique Invention Idea to Make Billions, Only for You?

In today’s competitive global economy, it’s all about finding your niche’. Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Google (Page & Brin), and many other entrepreneurs have magnificently excelled at doing this very same thing, they found their niche’, which they have and continue to exploit while making tons of money. You can also find your niche and proprietarily develop it, market it globally, and make a fortune.

However, in this age, it’s nearly impossible for you to come up with a completely unique invention to capitalize on it. Because, nearly every unique invention that you could come up with, has already been invented by someone else.

Here is the best news for you, but only if you hurry and grab this idea now. This was an idea proposed by my Evolutionary Biology professor, Dr. Taylor, at the Ohio State University.

The idea is; most of us know that most amphibians, such as Frogs, lay their unshelled eggs in shallow water. Their mating process is unique too; the male frog grabs the female frog from behind, and then the female frog squirts out the eggs, lots of them, and all the eggs are sprouted in the water, no nest, just wrapped up in a clear jelly like liquid that keeps the eggs together.

Since their eggs remain alone, unguarded and unprotected, they usually become a meal for most other amphibians. The result is the decrease in their species growth, for such as frogs and other amphibians, which may eventually extinct, as their population continue to evaporate due to slow reproduction.

Now, imagine if you come up with a new invention, an invention that can help amphibians lay their eggs better, protect them, and eventually cause their reproduction to increase. Not only that you’ll make gazillions, but you will also help save most of the amphibian species.

Well, hurry up, and grab this new great invention idea. And when you successfully develop it, please don’t forget me.