Our Aim is Job Creation, Poverty Reduction, Strengthen Economy, Better Living

“Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,” JFK

Likewise, as private citizens, our Tses Glass’ project timeline might have changed a little but our aim for Tses Glass remains the same and achieving our goal as originally set is our only priority.

As long as our government and honorable political leaders give us their blessing to give our technical partners and financiers a peace of mind, then we should be able to start with the construction of our two different factories; 250tpd Tses Glass container glass and 600tpd Tses Glass float glass factories this year.

We are honored to have the continued full support of our German, Italian, Ukrainian, Chinese and South African engineers and suppliers. We only now need the blessing of our government and we are working to compile all the documents as requested by our political leaders for us to be compliant.

Obviously, the permanent and long-term effects which Tses Glass is expected to cause are; creation of thousands of better paying jobs in Tses and Namibia, help industrialize our country, help contribute to the economic development of Tses, the //Karas Region and Namibia at large, help boost our country’s GDP by over N$100 billion, and effect a better living standard for many Namibians.

Most of those who already have, whose minority population still controls the Namibian economy who now feel threatened by Tses Glass as it empowers more previously and still disenfranchised Namibians and those who don’t have their hands in Tses Glass are usually the ones who write negative about Tses Glass or cause to delay processing of certain documents for Tses Glass.

When more Namibians have better paying jobs, they would have more money to afford buying a land and build a better home, have better food, and more; a better life reduces chronicle illnesses and diseases, deaths and help boost the birth rate to increase the population and improve the education system, basically to create and effect a healthy population.

These are our aim at Groot Systems to develop and put Tses Glass in operation. We can’t do it alone, we need your support, after all this is for all of us, our country.


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