Many Economic Benefits by Tses Glass, No Need for the Land Grabbing in Namibia

When we get our government guarantee within the next few weeks, which is needed by our financiers, a lot of great things would happen in Tses and //Karas Region quickly.

We will start with the construction of our first two glass manufacturing factories; 250tpd container glass and 600tpd float glass factories in Tses soonest, the other three different ones will follow on later.

As such, Tses Glass would cause to create over 7,000 better paying new permanent fulltime jobs in Tses within 2 years. As such, more investors and developers would flock to Tses to grab the many business opportunities there, causing to create more better paying new jobs in Tses.

More than 14,000 new houses would be needed to be built in Tses within 2 years. Retail stores and grocery stores such as Spar, Shoprite, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Woermann block and more, financial institutions such as FNB, Nedbank, Standard Bank, SME Bank, and Bank Windhoek would be forced to open their branches in Tses due to the expected high demands by their customers. New hospitals and clinics as well as schools would be built in Tses to accommodate thousands of the new population of Tses.

Tses would need to have shopping malls, car dealerships, hardware stores, barbershops and hair salons and more, all within the next two years. And Windhoek and other municipalities would be relieved as more people would leave Windhoek and other towns to Tses in search of better jobs, leaving Windhoek and other towns less crowded and hence able to provide basic services to its much reduced residents, and more land will become available as more people would leave their kambashus and houses as they migrate to Tses, leaving plenty of land space in Windhoek and other towns. And as more land becomes available in Windhoek and other towns, then the land automatically becomes less expensive due to less demands.

Hence the need for all of us to work together and develop infrastructure projects such as Tses Glass throughout Namibia to help lower the cost of the land, boost the economic well being of all the Namibian people and grow our country’s economy while making our lives better and well off, for all of us.


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