What are the Socio-and-Macroeconomic Impact by Otavi Steel and Tses Glass?

The development of the Tses Glass Manufacturing Plant in Tses, Southern Namibia and the Otavi Steel Mill in Otavi, Northcentral Namibia, are estimated to have an exponential positive impact on the Namibian macro economy, as they will each cause to affect nearly every sector; from energy, water, roads, railway, shipping, mining, human capital, medical clinics, agriculture, education, and more.

These two industrial projects alone, are economic ecosystems by themselves, as more downstream developers and investors are expected to flock to the Tses and Otavi area to setup new interlinked businesses in order to offer diverse products and services for the Tses Glass and Otavi Steel workers.

Tses Glass and Otavi Steel have an estimated combined development and construction budget of US$9 billion (N$73.8 billion). The total estimated employment creation to be effected by their implementation is 58,000 direct jobs and 290,000 indirect sustainable job opportunities throughout Namibia.

Namibia currently has a population of about 2.2 million with an estimated workforce of about 33% or 729,000 of the population. The total current unemployment rate in Namibia is estimated at about 54%, which is about 393,700 of the Namibian workforce. With the development and upon the implementation of Otavi Steel and Tses Glass, these two industrial projects alone are projected to overall reduce Namibia’s unemployment from nearly 393,700 to 103,700, which is about 14% of the estimated 54% unemployment rate.

Now take the total value of the final products by these two projects alone per their planned annual gross production capacity, which the value is easy to determine as these products; the steel and glass, are traded openly on the market, hence the market price for each industry (glass and steel) is readily available, then they will add about US$37 billion (N$300 billion) value to Namibia’s GDP.

And this is a very good thing for Namibia.

The soonest we can all work together in our different capacity, the sooner we can help make this happen for Namibia and the Namibian people.


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