Are There Any Smart People Left in Africa?

More and more US entrepreneurs are launching companies for mining in space. Apart from the much recently publicized, Planetary Resources Inc., which aims to mine an Asteroid circling near the Sun, Moon Express Inc., is another one of many US companies that seek to mine certain rare minerals on the Moon and it expects to land on the moon by 2013.

Here is the case; some of the serial entrepreneurs in developed countries have almost exploited and exhausted most, if not all, the ideas to turn them into profitable companies, and now are starting to focus on space mining and exploration.

But what are the entrepreneurs in Africa doing? Sleeping, drinking themselves to death, or just loathing around?

Africa countries have some of the most educated people, just like in other developed countries. But some of the factors that may brain drain Africa is that most of these foreign educated Africans never return to their home countries in Africa, they end up staying where they have studied and work for the companies in those countries.

But a few who return to their home countries in Africa, they walk around; bragging and boasting around because of their papers (degrees) and academic achievements, then they get jobs in governments and simply become useless. Because in their job posts, they are not expected to meet any certain quotas or milestones, and mostly after work every day, they go out to drink themselves out. Then the next day they go to work, with a much hangover, and that makes them even more less productive. But at the end of each month, they receive their generous paychecks whether they have done any work or not.

All in all, they rarely do anything impactful to come up with real innovations that could help transform their economies and raise up their communities’ standard of living.

If I am wrong, please tell me even just 5 innovations that were developed in Africa.

Nearly everything that we use today in our homes and at work, from automobiles, planes, electricity, etc., were invented in countries outside Africa; mostly in the US.

My question is this; are there any smart people living in Africa? Are there any entrepreneurs in Africa?

There’s a silly and perhaps racial saying; all the smart people who were born in Africa have left Africa, and only the dumb ones are still living in Africa. Is this true?

So what is really the issue that hinters a rapid economic development and growth in Africa?

Is it perhaps because more Africans become politicians or politicians wannabee instead of engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs (not shebeen owners) who develop real innovations that solve some of today’s intricate problems?


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