Professionalism in Journalism Cut Short in Namibia

Here is what you should know; when you pick up a newspaper each morning to feed your curiosity, you’re basically feeding it with the ill-thoughts and opinions of the one who has written and published the news article that you are reading.

Now, the worst thing is that; obviously journalists in Namibia do report on news stories and events but most of the time they simply narrate and write the news stories based on their own selfless understanding on the subject matter without ever consulting to get second opinions of an expert on the subject matter. And that’s called unreliable, biased and poor journalism.

An experienced journalist will do the in-depth analysis at the news story; he/she then will not just rely on her/his own limited knowledge, because for credibility, he/she will go to an independent expert, someone with authoritativeness of the subject matter for his or her expert opinion.

For example, a journalist writing about an electricity issue in Namibia or economic related news, who perhaps has studied or not having studied the issue in college, then tries to write a news story on fiscal policies or electricity distribution in Namibia, but without ever consulting an independent expert on that issue for an independent and unbiased expert opinion, then he/she publishes the story in the local newspaper for your morning reading.

Now, as you read the story, you believe it’s reliable, and real news because it’s reported in your local respected newspaper, but what you really don’t know is that you’re simply reading the lowness and stupidity of the reporting journalist. In the end, because you believe you now have the right information and more knowledgeable on what’s happening around you because you read newspapers each morning, so you go brag to your partners and friends of what you know; but basically all you know and now have become an expert is the stupidity and foolishness of the journalist who wrote and published that news article that you have read and now believe it’s actually a newsworthy.

I used to work in the news media; as a Sound Engineer, responsible for engineering and conducting live news, news interviews with some of the world’s renown personalities with some of the most experienced reporters and journalists in the world. And also, due to my academic achievements, I guess I expected the same quality news or more from some of the Namibian news media but I guess I was wrong?

It’s just too sad, real sad of the quality of the news reporting by some of the newspapers in Namibia.


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