Africa’s Largest Glass Manufacturing Plant Coming to Tses, Namibia

Our next exciting industrial project in Namibia is Tses Glass, a glass manufacturing plant being planned and organized for development in Tses, Southern Namibia.

This glass manufacturing plant is expected to become the largest dynamic glass manufacturing factory in Africa focused on producing glasses for your home, office, car, glass bottles, touch screen computing (for Apple’s iPad, Microsoft Surface, etc), and smart phones devices (for iPhones, etc).

Tses Glass seeks to partner with some of the world’s largest glass manufacturing equipment makers and technology providers such as Siemens for its planned dynamic glass manufacturing plant, which aims to help rapidly transform the local and regional economy of the Tses community, to make it one of the fastest growing areas in Southern Namibia.

Tses Glass is a joint-venture between Groot Group, Nissi, the Tses Community, and partners and is expected to employ more than 3000 new employees at its planned manufacturing plant in Tses. Tses Glass is part of the Groot Group ecosystem development in Namibia.

Please follow Tses Glass on its Facebook Page for the live updates and information and to learn more how we are doing in setting up this innovative glass manufacturing factory in Tses, Namibia.


One thought on “Africa’s Largest Glass Manufacturing Plant Coming to Tses, Namibia

  1. Its great to hear that we are soon going to have our own glass company at to say that its going to be the largest in Africa is causing excitement in my mind and I hope that its something that was studied for a long time and not just a few years cause we know what happened to Ramatex and I need not say more .

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