Sitentu Power Plant, the Solution for Namibia’s Electricity Shortage

We’re a consortium of companies, who have carefully appointed and specially selected the world’s most experienced and best team for the successful development and on-time commissioning of the largest power generation station in Namibia, Sitentu Power Plant, a 900 MW Combined-Cycle Turbine Power Plant (CCGT) which is upgradable to 4000 MW.

Sitentu Power Plant has been specifically and solely designed to efficiently supply a clean, safe, reliable and more cost-effective electricity to Namibia’s national electricity company (NamPower) for the  distribution to all of Namibia’s rural and urban areas.

For the first time in the history of Namibia, the country will no longer be a net-importer of electricity but it will produce its own electiricy for the domestic and regional consumption.

Sitentu Power Plant is a joint-venture project between Groot Group and SDS Group, both are Namibia-owned and based companies, who have carefully selected and appointed the best and most experienced engineering team and partners from around the world such as South Africa, UK, US, and Asia, for the development and engineering of the Sitentu Power Plant.

We are more excited and look forward to its completion and commissioning by mid 2015. Please visit the Sitentu Power Plant’s Facebook Page with live updates on the related news and information.


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