Some Wealthy Black-and-White Namibians Are Anti-Economic Development to Benefit the Poor-Majority Black-Namibians.

Why would any individual, organization/institution, or agency in Namibia commit their time and financial resources in order to keep digging in my life and background just because of a development project that we have undertaken to do in Namibia in order to help improve the Namibian economy for the great benefit of Namibia as a country and the Namibian people?

Why go out of your way, spending time, and yes; getting paid under the table secretly for one reason; to destroy me and my character? Well, this is me as I am; everything about me is already known by all the articles and many fake and ridiculous tabloid articles written about me since we started with the development of these industrial projects in Namibia.

What’s so bad what we have set out to do in Namibia? What’s so bad for helping to enhance an economy so that many people who are currently unemployed and underemployed can have opportunities to earn and make decent living?

Why is it so bad that when the population in any economy is well-off in terms of employment and financially; that the population is more healthier, and if more healthier then the costs of health related that the government incurs in medical treatment is down, then the population increases, death decreases, productivity increases, crime rate decreases, and overall, the country’s well-being is better off?

Why would anyone try so hard to stop the projects that we have started which overall are designed to benefit the country, Namibia?

What’s it that you hate about me? What’s it that you hate about Namibia? What’s that you hate the Namibian people who are living in poverty, who most if not all of them, are blacks? What’s it that you can’t stand to see these black people being helped to improve their overall social living?

Are you so heartless that it makes you smile when these people go to bed without food; their kids be without school, their lives being basically shattered and trashed in shanty towns with no basic services; electricity, running water, no toilets, cold and warm zinc roof houses, dusty living, eating awful bad food, just because they failed to be you by their fundamental creation?

What’s that you really hate about Namibia? What’s it that you are really afraid of?

Look, I also have information on many people including you; information that if I post it on here will make you perhaps never be able to earn and make a living ever. But that’s not me; I am not here to fight you or anyone. I am not interested in your personal life, I honestly care less about you; I don’t even not for one second even think about you or what you have done or doing in your life; all that I care about is for me to focus and work tirelessly, 24/7, sacrificing myself to work with our team, our partners, our people for the sake to help contribute my tiny portion to the development of Namibia’s economy.

I am not interested in politics. I am not interested in ever working for any government in any capacity; yes, I can do and I have done some certain consultancy work, unpaid, for certain Ministries in Namibia, just to help improve their certain work flow, but i am not looking for any political position of any kind or in any government position.

All that I am interested in doing is what we have started doing at Groot Group, finish these projects, and go back to my old life; to continue my study and work in my private business.

But just because I said above that i am not here to fight anyone personally doesn’t mean that I don’t get tired; and if i do, trust me, you don’t want me to do what i am capable of doing, and yes I can and able to write and post all your secret information and data that you never wanted anyone to ever know.

For me, all I want to do is to focus on what I am doing now with those who are willing and happy to work with me and our partners for the fast realization of what we have started to do in Namibia; Rapid Industrial Ecosystem Development which is in line and accordance with the Namibia’s National Development Plans (NDPs), Vision 2030, and the SWAPO Manifestos.

Please don’t push me to take irrational measures; because if that happens, it won’t be pretty for you.

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