Facebook IPO’s Valuation Gone Bad?

If Facebook is debuting at the valuation of $96 billion, then I presume that they have done the valuation of the Company based on its active users in developed countries especially in the US and the UK. Because most of the Facebook active users in developing countries primarily use Facebook via their mobile phones and have rarely few or no capacity of making purchases by clicking on the Ads found on Facebook; hence there’s a possible lower ROI for the Advertisers targeting Facebook users in developing countries. I just hope that Facebook’s IPO won’t become the largest tech-IPO burst in the history of the US financial market.


One thought on “Facebook IPO’s Valuation Gone Bad?

  1. It’s not actual valuation that is pricing the stock. It’s “percieved valuation” of future growth, which is neither true nor false at this moment. Only time will tell. But based on market sentiment, most believe the illusion.

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