My New Book Filled With New Economic Models, Theories, Formulas, and Touching on Entrepreneurship, Personal Development, Innovation, Leadership and Capital Raising

I’m often asked why am I not writing an Academic Book for colleges/universities.

My answer is; yes, I’m writing an academic book focusing on Economics related issues, but it will not be ready may be for another 2 or 3 years. And yes, I have already been offered a US$1.5 million publishing deal (I announced this on my blog in October last year) by a New York City publisher based on “My Job Multiplier Effect Model“.

In this book, it will be filled with my self-created economic models, and more theories, equations, and formulas. This is based on what I have learned so far by being part of an incredible team that’s doing our Groot Rapid Industrial Ecosystem Development in Namibia, and perhaps I will also touch on introducing a “New School of Thought” based on The 2008 Great Recession (which I dub “Capitalism Transformation”), plus my vast research during my time stay and working in Namibia since August 2010, plus my vast travel around the world, meeting with potential investors, negotiating mega deals and contracts with potential partners, dealing with the hardcore politics of Namibia, meeting and discussing with high ranking government officials, and by developing one of the world’s largest power plants (Sitentu Power Plant), developing Africa’s largest steel mill (Otavi Steel Mill), developing a new township (Groot) from scratch, and more, as well as being often times ridiculed by some news media, and my experience dealing with often times inexperienced news reporters.

The book will touch on self-improvement, personal development, mentorship, innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, and raising capital/investment based on my experience dealing with investment power houses, banks, and venture firms around the world to raise US$1.6 billion for our power plant, and US$210 million for our Otavi Steel Nanomil.

I believe this Book will be an awesome reading.


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