What? This Guy Snatched Up 14,962 Domain Names In 24 Hours And Generates $400,000 Every Month?

That “fool” who thought Cybersquatting is stupid doesn’t know Jack!

Domain names are the real estate of the Web. Traditionally, Real Estate Agents buy and sell houses for a profit, and so as domain names buyers and sellers.

So what’s the difference between a Real Estate Agent and Domain Name Agent?

Entrepreneurial geeks register or buy domain names and resell them for a profit or park them to generate passive income from click-ads. Michael Mann is one of the successful examples of buying and selling domain names. According to Business Insider, his domain kick started in the late ’90s, when he paid $70 for Menus.com and was offered $50,000 to sell it.

Mann has since made a multi-million dollar business out of snatching up domains. He created BuyDomains and sold it to Highland Capital in 2005 for $80 million. His newest domain business, DomainMarket.com, generates $400,000 every month. Mann buys roughly 300 domains per day.

If you think this is a foolish way of making a living; then you don’t know jack about business and entrepreneurship. And you’re just a fool!

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