The World Arm Race vs. The World Peace Race?

Now that India has successfully tested its 2nd long range nuclear missile rocket capable of hitting China, then next is Pakistan. North Korea already wants the same which the 5-permanent members of the UN Security Council already have, the same technological capability.

Israel is in it too, then Iran is drying up to have the same, so as Egypt, then later Senegal and Nigeria will demand for the same ability and so as South Africa. Then soon Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Venezuela, Australia, even Lesotho, Kenya and Zimbabwe would want the same; later on the whole freaking world would have long-range nuclear missiles pointing at one another but each country with a policy of “no-first-use”, but when one schmuck scientist comes to work drunk and accidentally hit the press launch button, then the missile will hit Israel or China or N.Korea “by accident”, then we will have The First Nuclear Missile World War, then all of us, humans and our little animals all go into oblivion – extinction; then after 1000 years when the nuclear radiation has dispelled just a little, then Dinosaurs come back to life.

What a wonderful recycle? So, what the freakin’ happened to World Peace Race?


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