How to Build a $10 Billion Company in 3 Years?

How do you build a $10 billion industrial, non-tech, company in just 3 years in today’s fiercely competitive global market economy?

The formula is simple; do something completely out of the box; something that has never been done before or just take an existing one and improve it to perfection, but do not be afraid of being ridiculed.

Stay focused, determined, hungry and foolish; foolish that you listen to no one who tells you that your idea will never work; remain resilient and passionate about your idea. Listen to their advice and criticism to help you improve your foolishness, but don’t get discouraged; just stay focused and dead thirsty to realize your dream.

Pray nonstop; ask God for wisdom, knowledge and understanding on how to make your dream the best product in your industry; be faithful and hopeful through obedience.

No one else will do it better than yourself, and if you need assistance, get the best expert to do it for you, but work hand-in-hand with him. You have the vision of how you want it to be, so make it to be better than anything else in the market, and think about its short and long term impacts and effects while you develop it.

Take the risk and accept every shameful and ridiculous thing thrown at you without you losing your cool. Keep doing your thing while they’re mocking you, but in the end, you’d be the one laughing on your way to the bank.

Then later, they’re the first one in line with proposals looking for cash donations from you for their vague and silly nonprofit programs, because that’s their only way to scavenge for cash to fund their personal livelihood.

Never forget those who have helped you realize your dream; do good for them as much as they did for you; but remember those who were laughing and mocking at you but never pity to give them anything. Be vengeful!

Yup, Groot Group‘s valuation is at US$10+ billion, and this is just from the two projects; the steel mill and the power plant.

A privately held startup company, Groot Group has 58 more projects to develop to create sustainable employment opportunities of more than 500,000 direct and indirect new jobs in Namibia.

Groot Group is an entrepreneurial driven company, based on the concept that entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership are the ingredient driving factors for improving, developing and rapidly growing an economy of any country in the world.

At Groot Group, we strongly believe that the government provides security, resources, tools, and procedures for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses, but it’s not the responsibility of the government to venture into entrepreneurship.

Innovations (businesses) by entrepreneurs provide the financial support in forms of taxes, levies, and tariffs imposed on sales, imports and exports by the government for the government to meet its operational and social economic programs.

Also employment creation depends on entrepreneurs who develop innovations and establishing businesses that employ qualified and available candidates within the economy.

However, if the government does the opposite; tries to venture out into establishing businesses that directly or indirectly compete with private businesses, then what will happen is a non-optimal functioning, stagnant economy. And we see this a lot in African countries.

History tells us that there has never been a government-owned business anywhere that has been profitable and at the same time; offering the most efficient and best products or customer care in the world. Only the US Postal System has for years worked, but now, it’s in big ruin. The government should and must support viable business efforts by entrepreneurs but it should stay out of entrepreneurs’ way.

Now, get up and go out there and start your own $100 billion business; Mark, Bill, Steve, etc., did it for their Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, etc. No matter how silly your business idea might sound; if there’s someone who wants your service or product, then there’s a market for it; so just go do it.


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