Namibia, Together We Can Do It; Rapid Industrial Development

We now have Danieli and SMS Siemag powering Otavi Steel, and GE, Mitsubishi, Marubeni, and Siemens to power Sitentu Power Plant.

Working with Namibian entrepreneurs and government agencies, we are bringing some of the world’s largest and best companies, technology, and investment to Namibia to develop Namibia’s economy. Yes, entrepreneurship and innovations are the engine growth for every economy in the world.

I’ve been trying to tell you that our Groot Group has the unique ability and capacity to make this happen; bringing and developing some of the largest projects in Namibia by some of the world’s largest companies and financial institutions, but some laughed at me saying it’s impossible, because they looked at my physical approach and denigrated me simply because may be I didn’t come to you walking on a cloud or simply because I turned out to be black (on the phone I may sound like a white man may be, but what if I was white?). Today, those “some” you are regretting for not working with us.

In Grootfontein, after they didn’t sign the MoU for us to do GTC there, we offered the Grootfontein Town Council for us to buy the land that we were signing the MoU for, we asked them how much they want for it, and the Grootfontein Town Council wrote to us, by snail mail, stating that they will not sell us the land. The CEO and their lawyer informed me on the phone that we go develop it elsewhere, and so we moved on and to a private land, for our GTC development. This could have brought a massive economic development to a dilapidated town of Grootfontein.

We have always been constantly linear on what we say that we can do and what we will do, it may not happen at the time we say will happen due to the scope outside our own control at times. However, now we have two different projects in Otavi (Otavi Steel) and Walvisbay (Sitentu Power Plant) with a combined development budget of more than N$37 billion (N$26 billion for Otavi Steel) and N$11 billion for Sitentu Power Plant).

These are some of the largest projects ever developed anywhere, and they are under way now, right here in Namibia. They are not impossible to develop them, because they have been developed elsewhere before.

These two projects have massive economic tentacles touching nearly every industry, every sector in Namibia, to offer economic development and good sustainable employment opportunities for the Namibian people.

We, as a country, Namibia, all of us, we can make this happen faster if we are working together regardless of our political, tribal, ethnic, and religious differences, we can make this happen for the greater good of Namibia; and our future generation.

It’s not about who or what, the focus should be about what each one of us are doing to help develop Namibia. Our Independence was not as a result from just one individual member but by the heroic efforts of all of us, the Namibians, united as SWAPO members and led by our Hero, Founding Father Nujoma, and we all together have overcome to defeat the mighty South African Apartheid government.

If we are united still, just as we were united then, then no one in Namibia will be going to bed hungry, no one will be with nothing; we can all live the Namibian dream, not just by the 3% Namibians, but all of us, everyone.

This can only happen once we start to believe in ourselves, in our capacity as humans, in our institutions, in our government, in our own people.

I am blessed to have lived my life around the world, but with the little that I have gained in terms of knowledge and experience, academic skills, business acumen, and my connection to the world’s largest companies, I am dedicated to sharing it with you for the greater good of Namibia. We as individuals at Groot Group and partners cannot do this alone, but with you, together, it is all possible.

And, instead of looking and focusing on my claimed past shortcomings, look at my present, because I too don’t look or judge at how you have lived your life, I look at what you can deliver. With me, it doesn’t matter if you only have Grade 5, if you can do something better, then I will work with you. It’s not about your  class, status, education, family background, color of skin, religious or whatever, it’s about what quality you can deliver as an individual.

We can do this together, or we can sit back and just watch life passes us by; always in great need, always in want, always in pain, always in distress, always begging for the world’s aid, just because we refuse to think outside the box and do things that other world’s economies are doing for their own well being.


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