Don’t Give Up, You Can Do It, I’m an Example!

I’m a living testimony. Everything about me is self-made. I was not born in wealthiness, riches and thriving lifestyle (but I was always the happiest kid) my mom is a hardworking peasant farmer, my dad (RIP) never cared for us financially, the only best thing that I had – was my education and the love of my Mom.

I knew that education was my only way out of poverty – so I set myself up with the help of my very good friends and the people who believed in me because of my passion to learn, the spirit to explore beyond my limits – I set out and traveled around the world, going from country to country, learning as much as I could from the best people, the best at what they do.

I didn’t give up simply because there was no way out for me, even when I didn’t have money to pay for my grade school education. I just kept praying (I used to pray 3 times a day, even in classes, I used to pretend that I was going to the bathroom but I would just go and pray), and God heard my prayers.

The only best weapon I had then and even now, was and still my education – that’s all I have up to today – my life skills, my spirit of endurance, perseverance, and my never-give up attitude no matter what I am going through, even when most of the times I didn’t have food to eat, clothes to wear or place to stay, I never gave up on my dream to getting my education.

You too can do it, perhaps education is not your best and God given talent, perhaps there’s something else you can best do other than what someone else is doing already, just focus on what you can do best and make the best of it, and don’t give up on your talent – that’s your dream.

You can do it, just believe, trust, and obey through obedience.

Go out there and make it happen, don’t worry about the loud mouths, just do what you do best – it’s your life, make the best of it, no one can do it for you better than yourself.

May God bless you, may God keep you, and may the good Lord Jesus Christ be with you in all what you try to do.

Just believe, nothing is impossible!


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