Martin Mwinga’s Current Unemployment Rate for Namibia at 28% is Flaw; the Real Current Unemployment Rate for Namibia is Around 55%.

Last Friday’s newspapers in Namibia were planted with news articles about Namibia’s real unemployment rate at 28% per Economist Martin Mwinga’s claim, and not 51.2% per the government’s figure.

Mr. Mwinga’s figure is completely flaw; wrong, and I strongly disagree with his theory of defining the factors that make up his conclusion of the “unemployed” and “employed” Namibians, and I wouldn’t mind having a deep discussion with him and with other economists in Namibia over this subject.

Overall, he underestimated or overlooked the real factors that make up the “underemployed” and “employed” in Namibia plus other key factors, which if included could bring Namibia’s unemployment rate to as high as 55%.

I’m writing an analytical research article on this subject and I will post it on this blog soon.

Also, in The Namibian newspaper of last Friday, Quana Angula, wrote an article that states that Namibia’s TIPEEG will fail. Yes, I agree with his views, as I’ve also written on this subject when it was first announced, see and read my blog article on this.


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