Why Are Some White Namibians Angry at the Development of Groot?

Gosh, I can’t wait to be back in Namibia. I’m so tired!

Here is the strange thing though; the development of Groot is causing to make some enemies for me within Namibia, while earning high praises outside Africa. Why?

Some black Namibians just have no clue what is or how things are done, and until they see something standing there already, then they are happy but they still have to find some other things to complain. They don’t become the process, instead they stand on the side line with a bottle of Windhoek Lager on one hand while pointing out the wrong things with the other hand, instead of putting down the bottle and get in the process to help make things right; which eventually will help their communities and the country at large.

On the side of the white Namibians, it’s obvious that the large portion of the Namibian economy is still controlled by the whites since the Apartheid era. White Namibians still own most of the larger businesses in Namibia, hence they control most of the Namibian economy. While the blacks are crying foul over the BEE, because they want to be handed things on the silver platter without ever working hard for them.

How can you ever learn how to successfully make it in life, in your life; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, most of the time you are drunk? You get up in the morning, get to work, spend the whole day barely holding on at work, and your boss dare not saying anything to you about your low productivity.

And then after work, you walk to the nearest and famous Kambashu (informal liquor place) to drink your head off; and get home late, and when the kids cry of hunger since you drink up the money, then you wanna beat up your wife. Yes, that’s part of the story for some of the Namibians. No time for self-development so you can improve yourself so that one day you can start and grow your own business.

All in all, who ever controls the majority of the cash flow in the country, controls the economy. Thus the White Namibians control the economy.

But, most of the white Namibians are not really happy about the development of Groot, because of the way it’s. Groot will make them change the way they normally do their business, it will change the way they do things; meaning that they will have to pay more salaries and offer better fringe benefits for their workers than what they normally do now (the law of supply and demand), and if they don’t do so, then the black workers will be able to go elsewhere where they will get better paying jobs.

Furthermore, Groot will bring in more foreign companies, and that’s the competition that the majority of the White Namibians are afraid of; as this will be taking away their beef; digging into their cash cow. So, for them to survive, they will have to beef up their production output, improve services, and product offerings in order to par up with the competition, if not, then they will be out of business.

Basically the entire Groot development will change the entire face of the Namibian economy, which in general is good for the country; consumers, businesses and the government, because it will bring efficiency and responsibility within the Namibian marketplace.

And those that will be really short affected will be the white Namibian business owners because then they will have to change how they do things in Namibia, and that’s more like disrupting their comfort zone of money making pit; which they have been enjoying for many years.

Overall, competition is good for the economy; for an improved customer service, products, prices, and overall; a better developed and more lean country.


One thought on “Why Are Some White Namibians Angry at the Development of Groot?

  1. Who ever wrote that article is a racist, because not all blacks are like that or does that, and we do have whites namibians who drinks off their salaries or gamble it all and go home and beat up their wifes or caused accident, some of them are bankrupt also we know them, another one commited suicide after embazling people pensions that they invested with him, so problem are every where my brother, wake up and smell the coffee Botha’s beared is burning and i am sure the person who wrote such nasty comment is boer not a real pure white man.

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