Namibia Under SWAPO; It’s a Better Country!

If I have to write a book detailing my experience in developing the Groot ecosystem in Namibia, and my travel experience to different countries since I was young, what could I possibly write about?

I look around; in different countries wherever I travel, even here in the US where I’ve been living for the past 20+ years. I can honestly and unequivocally say that Namibia is one of the best countries in the world. And it’s not because it’s my birth country, it’s just a fact.

I only wish that the world’s largest economies actually recognize and applaud what SWAPO, the governing ruling party, has done to Namibia since its independence from South Africa’s apartheid government in 1990.

Yes, I know, my whole family is a die-hard SWAPO supporter and even myself, I grew up as a SWAPO supporter. I was President of NANSO at my high school in Namibia, and I’m still a SWAPO supporter (well, in the US I’m a democrat; liberal), but I’m not writing this because of my support for the Party. I’m writing this from an unbiased perspective.

The country has good infrastructure, from digital fiber communication technology to well-maintained highways, Wireless-Cable and Satellite TV, and more. Yes, some say most of the infrastructure were developed by the apartheid South Africa, well, it’s reasonable to assume so, such as highways, etc., but the SWAPO-government has kept and maintained them well. But above all; Namibian themselves are some of the nicest and peace-loving people in the world.

I have written many blog articles focusing on the current socioeconomic factors in Namibia. And I have highlighted the possible causes of these factors throughout my blog writings and how we can all help fix the economy. But one thing that some people may not always consider is the fact that the SWAPO government has set up all the necessary institutions to help ease with the establishment of good business and governance.

Businesses, small businesses, are the engines for a robust economic growth, and the government has made it easy for anyone to set-up and start a business in Namibia. But the big problem in Namibia is not up to the government to create and set-up businesses, it’s due to lack of entrepreneurship by the Namibian themselves.

More and more Namibians simply rush after government tenders for fast and instant cash, offering services and products that were developed by entrepreneurs in other countries.  That’s a lazy way of earning a living. They don’t produce real products, focusing on developing innovation, that actually add great value to the economy for more job creation. But not all the Namibians run after tenders, there are some awesome entrepreneurs in Namibia, such as Frans Aupa Indongo, etc., but these are mostly older people, not the young generation.

Also, the biggest problem that is raving Namibia is the heavy use of alcohol.  Alcohol use is destroying Namibia, which leads to increased HIV, domestic violence against women. Alcohol yields less productivity, hence lower aggregate GDP. Especially, the young generation or as they call themselves; born-free, they are more into alcohol, than anything. Imagine what will happen to the country if this trend continues for the next 30 years.

But overall, the SWAPO government has continued to keep Namibia as one of the peaceful and safest countries in the world. No wonder Namibia is a household name in Hollywood among the US celebrities.

Did I say Namibia is one, if not, the cleanest country in the world?

As we pursue with the development of our Groot ecosystem in Namibia, we are looking at all the factors that can help improve economic growth fast, but highlighting the good things in the country should be constantly noted to help attract Foreign Direct Investment.

I should also give credit to the Namibia Multiparty System; the opposition parties allow an enforcement of good governance. They help function as checks and balances. Countries with no opposition parties or less political parties tend to be not so well-balanced in terms of governance.

I hope more and more Namibians get to set up and grow their real businesses so we can help contribute to the economic growth and development of the country. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.


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