Happy With the Development of Nigeria’s World’s Largest Gas-Fired Power Plant

I’m happy with the process for the development of the Nigerian 4000MW Gas Fired Power Plant. It’s Africa’s largest power plant development, estimated to cost about US$10 billion for its successful development and is expected to power up to 5 million homes.

The development of this project is being embraced by more and more Nigerians living in the US and those back home in Nigeria. And, if you didn’t know, these countries (Nigeria, Ghana, etc) have some of the most educated and successful nationals living overseas (US, UK, etc). Imagine, when they combine their knowledge and resources to help industrialize develop their economies. This project is using that synergy.

The difference between this Nigerian project and the Namibian ecosystem development is that; more and more Nigerians in the US, whom we have met and spoke to at different fair, seminars, and workshops; they are dying to have this project successfully done and completed the soonest. They are embracing it and are doing everything they can to help make it happen; faster.

Whereas in Namibia, some (those who are well-placed) are simply standing on the side line, waiting for us to fail with the development of the Groot ecosystem, so they can laugh at us and say; you see, I told you, it won’t work. But little they know, they are simply standing on the tree-branch while cutting themselves off. Because, if the Groot ecosystem doesn’t live up to its hype, then it’s you, the Namibians, who will still be living like you have been living; living paycheck to paycheck; struggling to pay your bills, at the same time, you must support your entire family who always depend on you for your support, each end of the month, you must divide up your paycheck to help support your parents, siblings, and relatives.

But, if you step up and say, guys, what can I do to help make this Groot project a big success faster, then once we all do it, then we all benefit from it.

Every Namibian will directly benefit from the development of the Groot project. Either you stand on the sideline or you join us and help us make it happen faster, you can only do this for yourself. Because in the end, you will reap the fruits of getting a better paying job opportunity as well have a more industrialized economy, to help realize Vision 2030 faster.

More than 87% of the Namibians are prayfully waiting and hoping for the Groot ecosystem, because they know that this is the ultimate solution to help put them to full employment; more than 54% of Namibians are currently unemployed, and those who are employed, their salaries can nearly meet their cost of living, most of them are living paycheck to paycheck; having a hard time meeting their monthly living expenses; for them as well as for their individual family members and relatives.

As I travel around the world, making connections, getting engineers and financing for the Groot development, I’d appreciate it more, if more and more Namibians are joining forces to help us make this happen fast.

We, at Groot Group, we can’t do this alone; we need each and everyone’s help and support. I’m currently in the US, and next week, I must be in Denmark, then later in Singapore, before I come to South Africa. All, meeting with engineers and contracting companies for the development of the Groot ecosystem.

And, personally, it’s not easy, and it’s certainly not fun at all. To some may sound fun and exciting; traveling and etc., but it’s no fun. It’s tiring, exhaustive, and sickening at times. I’m just looking for more people in Namibia, especially our government, to get more involved, and help make this project happen faster.


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