Is Steve Jobs Dying?

Steve Job’s sudden resignation as CEO of Apple may signal something more personal, perhaps something about his personal medical that he knows that he might be near death. He hasn’t looked healthy in months. His face looks dehydrated and pale. I believe there’s more to this than what he’s making us to believe. Only time will tell.

As for Apple’s current stock price; it’s gonna nose dive for the next few weeks before it goes up again. If you’re a day-trader or short-term investor in Apple’s stock, sell now, until it reaches a concave-up, the lowest point it can go down, due to whatever the strain factors, until it goes up again.

Yes, Steve has been molding Tim Cook as his successor and the market has always been prepared for him, but not for this sudden, not right now. So, the market will have to feel comfortable with the new Apple’s CEO before it can go up again, but it will never be the same in its stock pricing, ever again.


4 thoughts on “Is Steve Jobs Dying?

  1. Unfortunately, I believe that Steve Jobs is days/weeks away from leaving this world. I do not think he would resign unless that was so. So sad.

  2. Yes, @Noodles, please never follow any stock tips from me.

    But, the morning Steve Jobs announced his resignation, Apple’s stock lost $5.5 billion but by the end of the trading day, it lost only 1%, cutting down $2.3 billion of what it had lost. Apple has products developed under Steve which are in the pipeline only for the next 5 years. After that, then Tim has to show the market what he can do. So, please let me know what happens to Apple’s stock after 5 years.

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