I’m sorry; but I love writing!

My biggest problem that I have and it’s getting me in deep and big trouble is that I write; I love writing just about any thing and everything; issues that I care about.

I should never have studied Economics because now I understand a little about how the world works, and hence I write what and how I feel about certain issues, and that’s a big problem to some, if not many people.

I’m sorry; but I love writing.

I can’t write about “flowers are red, and the sky is blue”. I’m sorry, I tried doing that, and I just can’t get no satisfaction in doing so.

I only want to write about how I understand and perceive whatever is happening around me.

I don’t write in support of any one or anything, I just write; critic and analyze world’s events, current news and events, politics, finance, entertainment, economics, etc., basically, the things that matter to me dearest, and to me alone.

We all have our own different opinions on how we see and understand things. We all see and perceive whatever issues depending on how we independently see and understand certain things. And we all have our own God’s given way of articulately express ourselves in whatever ways and methods, how we perceive and understand whatever is in our surroundings.

And for me, I just like writing. If I was a singer, then perhaps I could write and sing songs, but I’m not that, I’m just one who finds pleasure in expressing my views through writing. But I am not a writer, writer per se; I’m not a professional writer, and my writing should never even be regarded as factual or let alone be regarded as significant because they are just my private and independent opinions only backed up by own academic understanding, wisdom, and knowledge.

I don’t write to influence anyone, or let alone cause to change anyone’s mind. I just write. I write and publish my own writings on my personal blog, which so far has been seen by more than 117,000 people, who by my own views; they must be lost when they surf to my blog to read, if any, my blog articles.

I’m sorry; but writing is my hobby. It helps me relax, it helps me tell myself how I feel, it helps me to speak to myself when i have no one else to speak to. Yes, I promised to turn down my writings, I promised you that i will keep it low and down, but this is like telling myself to stop drinking water.

I hope you understand. Again, I don’t write anything as a politician, but as an unbiased analyst, and I don’t write to favor anyone or anything; I just write whatever it is as how I see it.

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