Let Me Annoy and Offend You; My Time in Namibia!

This blog may annoy or offend some of you, but I am posting it any way.

Firstly, I’m a Christian and I’m happy that I am.

The end of August will be 12 months since I arrived back in Namibia in nearly 20 years. And for that, it has not been easy for me to fully adjust. Firstly, I had to get used to a lot of things again, even crossing a street for me has been hard as I always have to look at the wrong side of the traffic as I cross the streets, just to find cars coming fast towards me from the other side.

My body has to get used to the weather here and my stomach has to also get used to the food. I had to get it in my system again to get used to seeing more and more people walking by foot, walking long distances coming and going to work. The first day I arrived here, when my brother and friend picked me up from the airport, when we got to Katutura, tears just started rolling down my eyes, just by seeing how some people are living; some with no running water, no electricity, no toilets, and mostly, just too much alcohol.

I had to get used to seeing people loaded in the back of trucks like animals, being transported from and to work. I have to get used to seeing people working doing hard manual labors, such as fixing roads but digging with handpickers, etc., instead of using machinery to do the work.

As time goes by, I eventually got used to how some things are; but the most difficult thing for me, is to work on this Groot project. It has been like hell. Firstly, most people just didn’t and still don’t understand how and what it is; I always have to explain everything; word for word. It’s as though we are inventing a new system whereas, we are just copying what is happening in other countries. Even the airport, Heathrow, in England, it’s nearly developed similar to what we are doing here in Namibia, but because it’s never been done here before, it’s such a mystery to most people. But then the question is; what will it take to bring down the unemployment rate from the current rate of more than 54% to about 4%?

All the days that I’ve been in Namibia now, everyday of each week, I have to explain how things work. I sit down with government officials on regular basis, news reporters, etc. Initially, news reporters used to write garbage and junk about me and our project, but after I have spent a lot of time educating them on how this economic and rapid industrial ecosystem development stuff work; now you rarely read anything about me in their newspapers. Because now they somehow understand how things work, not like they used to do; go through our Facebook page and my Facebook profile and just copying what we write and then try to put in their so ‘well-uniformed’ commentary.

And then I have to face some politicians and those politician-wanna bes; who question me and continue to question me behind my back about what “my real motive” for working with the Americans to develop this project in Namibia. “Why the Americans, what do the Americans really want”, all these stuff. Like now, with the Groot O League in the North, more and more ‘politician-wanna-bes’ in the North are questioning ‘my real motive’ for us to host the Groot O League Tournament. My question is; when will Namibia be able to beat South Africa’s Bafana Bafana or even Angola? How can we develop Namibia’s sports from the grassroot level?

Why can’t one just do something good and unique for his or her country, Namibia, without being judged or questioned about his or her motive? I thought Namibia is a market-driven, capitalistic system, and free enterprise market economy where anyone can start and operate a business, any business? What if the investors or contractors are Europeans or Chinese? “No man’s an Island”. If you want to develop your town, region or country’s economy and you have no outside linkage but only rely on your local investments, then think again, because it will never work. Example; why is Africa and even anywhere else in the world; coastal cities and towns are more developed than the interior of the continents? Answer that for yourself.

And by the way; our contractors and investors are diversified; made up of the Africans, Americans, Europeans, and Asians. There’s no sinister here when coming to our Groot development, it’s just pure business and to help our government, our people, and our country. “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”.

It has been very difficult for me adjusting myself to being here again, even driving in Namibia, especially that I don’t know how to drive a manual car, has been a lot of pain, and driving on the right-hand side is even more painful for me.

So, for me; everyday since I’ve been here for the past 11 months, has been a miracle. God has been awesome to me; and if I have to testify how God has been gracious and merciful to me, it’s amazing. He has always provided and cared for me; and He continues to open doors for me, He’s making things more easier for me. He’s given me a spirit of patience, humbleness, understanding, and obedience.

I’m very thankful to my Aunty, my friends (you know who you are, all of you and I will never forget all that you have done for me), and my family (I’m so thankful for my family). More and more, I’m more than grateful because, Jesus is awesome, everyday is a miracle, it’s a testament for his Goodness. For me, it’s like I’m one of the people of Israel, brought out into the desert and each day, God has provided for me, just as He provided for the Israelites in the desert.

I’m a living testimony of the goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He has blessed me and has given me so much, I can never ask for more. I sometimes wonder, why me? Such as this pending deal, it’s one of the biggest deals in my life. I’m grateful, because God, the Maker of all things, has bestowed me and abundantly blessed me.

Yes, He has loved me first, even before I was born and love myself. He has fulfilled every desire of my heart and much more. And for that, I thank Him and I will forever Praise His Holy Name.

If there’s anything that I can ask from the Namibian people, it’s for them to just take a day off and pray. Just to pray and ask God to help speed up the process and make ways for issuance of all the permits and licenses needed for the development of the Groot Town Center ecosystem. Because, in reality, as you have read throughout my blog postings and our Facebook page, our Namibia’s ecosystem development is the ultimate and only solution to help with the rapid reduction of the high rate of unemployment in Namibia now; boost the well-being of all the Namibian people, and help fast track the realization of Namibia’s Vision 2030 in about 5 years instead of 19 years from now.

If you’ve not already done so; accepting Jesus Christ as your Personal Savior could be the best thing that has ever happened in your life. For me, it’s more than awesome!


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